Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Freakity Freak Freak Freak!!!!

I got a text picture from Josh yesterday afternoon.....

You probably can't tell from the picture because I couldn't either but, it's a freakin' rattlesnake! He killed it in my neighbors backyard right beside our fence! He shot it four times! I'm sure it didn't take that many, but you know how boys and their toys are! hee hee!

Here's it's fangs!

ahhhh!!!! That's too scary! The boys were outside playing and ran inside and told Josh that there was a snake out there! We(not we, Josh!) have killed two around our house since we've been there. The first one was a baby copperhead that came into the garage one night when Josh left for work. The other one was a baby rat snake that was squished by our garage door, remember?? This one, my friends, is by far the scariest! For Josh to use the pistol instead of a shovel should tell you that! He said it was a Timber Rattler. It had SIX rattles or whateveryoucallthem!




Beverly said...

You have the worst luck on freaky animals!! It seems like anything that makes your skin crawl seeks you out!!

Cherish and Adam said...

Oh my gosh! I would have died!!! That gives me the hibby jibbies!!