Thursday, August 28, 2014

Middle School – What NO ONE warned me about!

Y’all! This whole Middle School/Puberty thing is freaking my FREAK! We’re almost two weeks in to being in middle school and I have at least 10 extra gray hairs! No THREE weeks, helllur. See what I mean!!!!!!?

I fully expected this time in his life to be different but I had NO CLUE how fast things would change for Griffin. Kids change so much when they start kindergarten, I didn’t really realize they would change again when middle school started. That may not make sense to any of you who don’t have older kids like us, but trust me, one day it will!IMG_20140815_191546

He has a girlfriend!

On the third day of school he got himself a girlfriend!!!!

Exsqueeze me? Um no.

Please know that they only see each other at school. I do know that she is super cute though. How do I know this if they only see each other at school? Because I stalked down her facebook like a MOTHER, duh.(no, he doesn’t have facebook)

Yea, I’m THAT mom.

I didn’t know that in 6th grade he would even be looking at girls like this yet. NO ONE warned me. I thought we still had a few years. I don’t like this one i-oda, as Big Mama says.2922_resized

He’s just so much more like a grown up these days. BUT he still plays with Lego’s so thankfully he’s not all the way grown just yet! ;)

This morning he got braces! Yay for pretty teeth! This is something that is important to me, not so much to the hubs or him. But pretty teeth are IMPORTANT and he will thank me later! He was anxious and it took 40 forevers to get them on but he survived!

He was joking here, but he really was not excited!20140828_083038_resized20140828_110014_resized

Before and After20140828_080906_resized 20140828_110228_resized

The best thing after getting a mouth full of braces is a dozen hot and now doughnuts!IMG_20140828_125828  And one more just for fun! DQ date with my boys!IMG_20140823_140811

I’m so thankful for my Griff-man!

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Lindsay Pavkovich said...

He looks so grown up with those braces! And I could for real eat an entire dozen of KK doughnuts for dinner right now!