Friday, May 12, 2017

Five months with Mia!

Mia has been with us for FIVE whole months now! Thinking back to the day we picked her up in China blows my mind. She's come SO far in five short months! I was looking through our gotcha day pictures and video the other day and it's crazy what a difference there is. Even her little cry is different. It was like a baby cry the day we got her and now she doesn't cry like that at all! (Yes, I will share the video soon!)

We moved Mia to sleeping in her room this month! It has gone SO well! She cries a little when we put her to bed but soon falls asleep and sleeps all night!

Food is still her all time favorite thing in the history of ever. Give the kid all the food and she's happy! haha! Here she is eating a quesamia! That's what she calls a quesadilla!

Her English is making huge strides! We were just shopping for groceries earlier today and we were in the fruit section...every time I would put something in the cart she would say what it was! Apple, banana, grapes, strawberries, etc!

Not sure if I have mentioned it on here but Mia goes with me to work everyday! :) She pretty much runs the office. Bossy little lady!

She's really spoiled. Oops. Like, to the point that when we pull up to get a coffee at the Heritage House drive through she starts yelling, "Tookie" because she knows she'll get a cookie! haha!

She's also SUPER smart. I know everyone thinks that about their kids but um, she's gifted. Case in point, we had a little incident in my car last weekend and there is some significant damage. I had to meet an insurance adjuster this morning to get things started and had Josh meet us there. Because he knows all the things about cars. We pulled up to the place we were meeting and she saw Josh's truck and started saying, "Dadley truck!" We had to meet up with the adjuster later in the day to pick up a check. We pulled up and she said, "Dadley truck not here." We went there ONE TIME and she stayed in my car the whole time and remembered where we were. She's TWO. :)

Mia is doing pretty well health wise. She's still going every three weeks for blood but it is what it is. It's not fun. It's a long day. She needs it.

We went to the beach this past weekend and it was finally warm enough for some beach time! I kept thinking to myself about this time last year. I was hoping and praying that this year we would be sitting in this exact same spot that we love so much with our brand new little girl and well, here she is!

I was finally brave enough to get a friend who is a photographer to try and get some pictures of Mia! She still can be a little standoffish and shy and moody so I wanted to just see how it would go! At first she wasn't sure, but then she warmed up and we had fun!

That sums our Mia up for this month!