Friday, September 28, 2012

10 weeks!


How far along: 10 Weeks!

Size of the baby: According to Baby Center, baby is about the size of a kumquat. What the crap is that? Hold on, let me google.

Well, there you go! Looks kinda tasty!

Total weight gain/loss: I haven’t weighed.

Maternity clothes: No, but if I don’t wear super low waist jeans I’m not comfortable!

Stretch marks: Old one.

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. I finally don’t feel like I am about to crash as soon as I get home from work. So that’s grand!

Best moment this week: My best moment this week was flushing the scorpion and not having a heart attack! HA!

Movement: I wish!

Food cravings/aversions: I still can’t eat eggs. I tried, took two bites and wanted to puke. As far as cravings go…I’m not really craving anything in particular this week. Although now I want to try the kumquat. HA! I heart water but that’s no different than before.

Gender: Find out in April! :)

Labor signs: NO, thankfully.

Belly button in or out: In

What I am looking forward to: Date night with the hubs tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD! I’m also looking forward to my doctor’s appointment on Thursday so we can get our first peek at this little jellybean!

Weekly wisdom: I thought this would be my healthiest pregnancy….and then I got pregnant and quickly realized it wasn’t about eating’s about eating whatever doesn’t make me sick! Hopefully I’m getting past this and can start eating better soon!!!

Milestone: 10 weeks=1/4 of the way there!!!!

Another thing to note is that I can not remember a dang thing! It’s like I have no brain. It drives me bonkers!!!!

Also, lots of people have been asking me about names. We finally talked about names for the first time since being pregnant for like 2.5 seconds last night. Neither one of us is in love with anything yet. Reece’s middle name if she was a boy was going to be Brooks. We both still like it. I have a few boy names that I am mulling over but no girl names yet! You should expect something different since the other three are! I’m sure we will share as soon as we figure it out!

Bring on the belly!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Roll Tide!

This past Saturday we took the boys to the Alabama Game! We had tickets on the 8th row on the 50 yard line! We were so close I sometimes couldn’t see over the players in front of us! I wanted to take Reece but I knew my time would be spent in the bathroom and at the concession stand! If I realized how close we would’ve been to the cheerleaders we would have taken her. She babysat Noah and had way more fun I’m sure!

Griff spent most of the game laying on my shoulder. Which is FINE with me! He also spent a lot of time worrying where we will put our new National Championship flag! This really stressed him out! HAHA! I think he’s got it figured out! ;)IMG_20120922_181114

Peyton was just a cool daddy the whole time!20120922_181007



I love spending time with my three(or maybe four!) favorite boys!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Freak my freak!

This baby is making me sleepy! This morning I slept about 30-45 minutes later than I normally do! I am known to hit the snooze a time or two since having kids but 45 minutes? That puts me in a full blown rush to get myself and three other people out the door on time! I am NOT complaining! Just stating facts.

I woke up and realized what I had done and made a b-line for the potty. Our potty is in a water closet(I prefer potty room but whatevs!). As I sat there, I looked down in front of me and staring me straight IN THE FACE was a…


Shut the front door!!!!!!!!!!

It was on the trim right in front of me. It was about an inch to two inches long. Big enough to EAT ME ALIVE!!!!

I jumped up and ran to get my cell phone to call Officer Hubby-who was at work.

Hubby: “Hello.”

Me: “Holy crap!(‘cept that’s not really what I said. oops.) There’s a scorpion in our bathroom!!!”

Hubby: “hmm. That’s weird.” Just as calm as a napping cat.

Me: “what do I do? How do I kill it?”

Hubby: “With a shoe.” Like I was dumb.

Me: “What???”

Hubby: “Actually catch it in a cup because I want to see it!!”

Me: “for real? You want me to catch it??????”

What the what??? Why can’t this happen WHEN HE IS AT HOME??? Lucky for him there was a cup in the bathroom. Meanwhile it ran up under a t-shirt that was in the floor. So I had to pick the shirt up and try to get the thing off. It didn’t want to move. Then it jumped off the shirt at me like spiderman.

Just kidding! It fell in the cup! :)20120925_060616And then I flushed that sucker like nobody’s business!

The pest control man will be sent to our house TO-DAY! Yes sir.

Monday, September 24, 2012

More Pictures!

This is more of a post for the grannies! :) Sorry to overload you all with pictures but this will make their Monday! New GFG Spokesman…


May this go down as my new fav!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh Baby-9 Weeks(or so)


How far along: 9 weeks or it may be closer to 8. We’ll find out on Oct. 4th!

Size of the baby: According to Baby Center, about the size of a grape and weighs less than an ounce!

Total weight gain/loss: I’m going to say none. But, I look a little poochy in that picture…that’s probably from the 4 or 5 biscuits I ate last Saturday. oops.

Maternity clothes:Well no!

Stretch marks: I have an old one from Reece. No one knows it’s there except for Josh!

Sleep: Like a baby! And beware if you wake me from my slumber!

Best moment this week: Ummmmmmm…it’s been a rough week see the blog post yesterday. Also we found out yesterday that our maltese has cancer. Best moment? I’m just thankful my family is healthy!

Movement: I wish!

Food cravings/aversions: Well, when I feel sick I want bread or crackers. I have been craving pizza and hot dogs. Go ahead and laugh because y’all know I didn’t touch those things with a 10 foot pole before! I do not want to even smell an egg right now…how ironic is that?! HA!

Gender: Find out in April! :)

Labor signs: NO, thankfully.

Belly button in or out: In

What I miss: Nothing. I think this one is dumb.

What I am looking forward to: My little brother’s football game tonight…where I watch him kick the fool out of a football and eat nachos! :) And going with my three favorite boys to the Alabama game tomorrow!

Weekly wisdom: Having three kids and being preggo is no joke! You better have a good hubby in place if you do! ;)

Milestone: I can’t think of anything!

I’m feeling pretty decent. I am dang moody though! I feel for people around me in my everyday life. I get ticked off very easily. Like even hearing someone unwrap something makes my blood pressure rise! I have been a little sick. I haven’t thrown up but I definitely have felt like it. This is how I felt when I was pregnant with Reece. I promise to keep you informed of how I felt when I was pregnant with the other three in comparison to this one so you can make an educated guess on what the sex is! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Melissa Jones

For those of you that don’t live around here OR you’ve just been under a rock all week, let me fill you in a little!

Melissa Jones is a mother of six who was on her way to the birth of her first grandchild when some idiot 16 year old boys(two of them) thought it would be fun to throw a brick from an overpass on the interstate hitting Melissa’s van. The brick went through the windshield and hit her directly in the jaw and chest. One of her sons(14) was able to get their van to the side of the interstate. Thankfully, a trucker that had been hit with some debris pulled over to help. She was drowning in her own blood and if he hadn’t stopped to help, she would have died right there in front of three of her children. Her twin daughters were in a separate car and pulled up shortly after the accident.

Anyway, Melissa is self-employed and does a lot of cleaning for us. She works her butt off, let me tell you, for her children. Her youngest son has cerebral palsy and is always on his momma’s hip(not when she’s cleaning, just when she’s visiting!) and loves to flirt with us girls in the office!

Melissa has been in ICU since this happened on Sunday night. She has had several surgeries and has more to come with a very long recovery ahead of her. She has no health insurance.

I just know how this town came together after the tornado and how everyone was there for each other. Let’s keep that up and help Melissa! My step-dad has set up an account at Alabama One Credit Union. If you can donate please send checks to the credit union at 1215 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404, Attn: Doug Killough. Please put Melissa Jones in the memo line.

Thanks so much!

And PS-If you come by the office or gym before she’s back on her feet grab a mop, I’m sure we won’t be able to keep things as clean as she does! ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Our Weekend!

We had a pretty fantastic weekend! Our Tide rolled and beat the pants off of Arkansas 52-0. I kind of feel bad for Arkansas. Kinda. I feel like our football program is getting to the point of how it was a long time ago. My Mom has told me in the past that when Bear Bryant was here you really didn’t even have to watch the game, you just found out how bad we beat the opponent later because we always won! I like winning and I’m ready for some competition!

Towards the end of the game we had a family photo shoot! My cousin’s wife, Pamela, has started a photography business. You can find her here! We met her downtown at the River Walk for a little session! I LOVE how they turned out!

Poor Griffin looks off because he was. He was having chest pains. More on that later.Josh looks hot as always! I look like I’m going to puke because I was. Let’s also note that that is not baby pooch, that is bloat. Gross.The most beautiful little girl ever!I.LOVE.THIS!

We love fun family pictures! I will post the rest of them when she gets them to me! I may or may not have paid Griffin and Peyton to kiss Reece on the cheek for a picture! :)

Back to Griff. He complained that his chest hurt a lot on Saturday. Josh convinced me(not so easily) that it must just be a pulled muscle. Which makes sense. Well yesterday he woke up with it still hurting and had a fever. So I dropped Pey and Reece off at my parents and met Josh at the emergency room with Griffin. I would rather be safe than sorry. Griffin doesn’t really complain much so I knew it was bothering him. Well he got all checked out…x-rays included…and the doc seems to think he is just getting sick. Um no. This momma is not convinced. You don’t run a fever AFTER you start hurting when you are just getting a cold. So I’m watching him like a hawk! He seems better this morning!

I think that about sums it up!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Telling the Kids!!

We waited until after our first doctor appointment to tell the kids about the baby! I know some of you would have waited longer but that’s just not us! Our boys are older and would have caught on anyway!

I wanted to do something fun to tell them so what better way than with a cookie cake?!

They had NO clue!

They were surprised! The reason that Griffin said that he gets an x-box is because I told him that if and when we have another baby he would get the X-box and Peyton would get the Wii because they are in the game room which now becomes the nursery! :)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peyton’s Paw Paw Day!

Early Sunday morning, one of Peyton’s Paw Paws surprised him and picked him up for a fun day! They spent the day at Desoto Caverns and may or may not have worked on spitting spit balls at Logan’s Roadhouse. Cringe.IMG_4207 EBF3103A-1BF9-47B2-8550-9FC55EC0839EAB24F0A5-C0F3-426A-B0A2-0ED356C6D0CFThey had a super fun day!

I love it when the kids get one on one time! I will say, the house was SO quiet without him there. It was so strange! Griffin was lost all day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Telling Hubby!

I wish I had a super fun story on how I told Hubs the news! I could barely even wait until he got home from work to tell him, I could have never come up with anything fun or waited any longer!

I had taken a pregnancy test a week earlier and for a second I swore I saw a faint line. I convinced myself I was crazy and decided that I wasn’t pregnant. So the next week rolled around and still no period. I decided that if this was still the case Saturday Morning I would test.

Saturday morning came and I was awake SUPER early. I had to convince myself to test. I was terrified of it being negative. TERRIFIED. Mainly because I didn’t want to be sad all weekend.

I had to pee SUPER bad so I decided to pee in a cup. I really didn’t want to wake the kids up because I didn’t want any distractions. I quietly went to the kitchen and got a plastic cup. And hurried back to my bathroom. I was shaking like a leaf, y’all! I couldn’t even get the plastic off of the pregnancy test box. The one I had had two tests, one digital and one with lines. I popped the one with lines in and before I could even get the cap on I saw that +. Ahhhhhhhh! I was SO excited! Just for fun I did the digital one too. I tucked them neatly into a drawer.

I was really shaking at this point. I texted Hubs to make sure he would be home on time. I think I would have died if he would have been late. He texted back and said he was on his way and “why”. “Oh nothing, just wondering.” HAHAHA.

Meanwhile, the kids woke up and I was cooking breakfast when I heard Hubs pull up! My heart started racing!

I.COULD.NOT.WAIT!!!! to tell him!

It took forever for him to come inside because he was feeding the dogs or something. Finally he came in and said hello, then talked with the kids for a second. Then I saw him head down the hallway to go change clothes. I ran back to the bedroom and into the bathroom!

“GUESS WHAT!!!” as I opened the drawer to show him!

The biggest, sweetest smile came across his face!

Yay, we’re knocked up! ;)20120825_073508 My due date as of right now is April 26th. That may be pushed back a little because my cycles were long while we were trying. 35 days or so. We go in for an ultrasound in a few weeks and then we will have a more firm date!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Fabulous Five PLUS ONE!!!!

Guess what friends!!!!!!DSC_0096



Details VERY soon!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Community Helpers

Reece is studying community helpers right now! Her class took a field trip to Publix yesterday. Josh went with them…I was at work!

Side note: They took pictures of the kids dressed up as community helpers. Of course Reece had to be the police officer. In her picture she has on a uniform and has a little boy on the floor in hand cuffs! They said she called for back-up! :)

20120906_101423 20120906_11030820120906_111112 This is Reece’s BFF, Mattie! They are joined at the hip!20120906_110648Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Roll Tide!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Meet Honey!IMG_20120904_202200

Not to be confused with Honey Boo Boo.20120904_181637

Our other kitty, Oreo Cookie Little Tongue Kitty Cat(if THAT’S not a name I don’t know what is!), has been missing for a little over a week. And get ready for it….I miss her. I’m a sucker but she just was the best little cat, even hubs loved her! So I came home with this little girl yesterday. She’s a sweet little thing, she loves to just sit in your lap. And, of course, the kids are in love!

She was only inside for a little while. I lost my mind for a half a second and thought about letting her stay inside! Like I said, lost my mind. So she’s outside!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a fun weekend! Friday we went to watch my little brother play football! I LOVE high school football, almost as much as college! Noah learned to say “Go Bears!”.IMG_20120831_221252Saturday we hung out playing with the chickens waiting for the big game! Oh, and this is when we discovered a stray chicken hanging out around our coop!! Griffin the chicken whisperer caught it and put it inside the coop with our other chickens. IMG_20120901_153219I know you can’t see that very well but it’s the best I could get! She likes to run. All.the.time! run run run run I started calling her roadrunner because she is always in a full blown sprint!  Later that day we went to check on her and the other chickens were picking on her. I decided to let her out of the coop because I was afraid they were going to kill her. But, she’s still hanging around in our yard! I figured between the dogs chasing her and the chickens being mean she would leave. But, no.

Also, the rooster flogged Reece on Sunday. (didn’t hurt her, just scared the crap out of both of us!)So he’ll be someone’s winner winner chicken dinner very soon! I am very shocked that I didn’t kill him as many times as I kicked him.

Ok, so back on track here. We beat the holy crap out of Michigan! Roll Tide! I’m ready for #15!

Since the boys had to go to school yesterday, Reece and I had a girls day! We shopped and shopped, then picked up the boys from school and shopped some more! It’s been a LONG time since I have shopped that much in one day! HA! I hated the boys had to go to school but I love one on one time with my girl! :)IMG_20120903_100029