Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Roll Tide!

This past Saturday we took the boys to the Alabama Game! We had tickets on the 8th row on the 50 yard line! We were so close I sometimes couldn’t see over the players in front of us! I wanted to take Reece but I knew my time would be spent in the bathroom and at the concession stand! If I realized how close we would’ve been to the cheerleaders we would have taken her. She babysat Noah and had way more fun I’m sure!

Griff spent most of the game laying on my shoulder. Which is FINE with me! He also spent a lot of time worrying where we will put our new National Championship flag! This really stressed him out! HAHA! I think he’s got it figured out! ;)IMG_20120922_181114

Peyton was just a cool daddy the whole time!20120922_181007



I love spending time with my three(or maybe four!) favorite boys!!

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