Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have alot to talk about!

Update: Baby Girl seems to be better, no fever since this morning! I think she just wanted to play hooky and get some time for herself with her daddy! Big Mama is good, she woke up from surgery and said, "I missed The Young and The Restless!" My kind of woman!

First things first....Please pray for my grandmothers. My MawMaw E. has been in and out of the hospital/rehab for a few months. She's back in rehab now and she is pretty homesick. Big Mama is having her knee replaced right this very second. She will be in the same rehab MawMaw E. is in in a few days...maybe they can be social butterfiles! Nonnie has been sick for many years with Lupas and several other things. MawMaw Betty as far as I know is fabulous right now...but she does have to put up with, pray for her too! I know that's ALOT of grandparents for a girl to have, but you should be jealous!

My sweet Griffin is next on my list today. There was a little boy in his class that was from Korea. He was only here for the first part of the school year. His name was Min Geon(gun) and he spoke no English, whatsoever. Griffin looked out for Min Geon and helped him with his classwork and somehow, someway Min Geon and Griffin could communicate and they became the best of friends. A few months ago Min Geon had to go back to Korea. Griffin was so sad that he had to go. He talks about him all the time. Yesterday when I got home I was looking through Griff's work for the day and there at the bottom there was a little sentence that broke my read, "By Min Geon you wer mi best frnd." Translates to "Bye Min Geon, you were my best friend." Talk about breaking a momma's heart! I wanted to jump on a plane with G and take him to see his friend!!!! I think we have Min Geon's email address so we are going to try and email him soon! I know he still has family here in town so maybe he will come and visit and Griffin can see him!

Baby Girl is sick today...not sure what is wrong with her...possibly teething, possibly hand, foot mouth...please be the teeth! I hope she feels better soon!

Peyton's preschool graduation is May 14th at noon at the church where he attends preschool...I figure if you know us enough to be there, then you know what church that is!

Griffin's Kindergarten graduation is May 22 at 8:30 am at Allison and Brad's church...again, I figure most of you know where that is, if not, let me know!

Now, on to TV. Dancing with the Stars last night freaked my freak! Melissa didn't get to perform Monday night because she broke her ribs and so the judges had to judge her on her rehearsal from earlier in the day. Of course, she wasn't even really trying, just marking. She was at the bottom of the leader board and trailed by 5 points! It came down to either her or Chuck Wicks getting sent home and thankfully, her fans pulled through and she was not sent home! I loved Chuck and Julianne, but Melissa has done way better throughout the season! And can I just say that I love Ty Murray...I could stick him in my pocket!! American Idol---I lurve Danny and Kris....but I really think that Adam will win. I like him know, he's kind of strange!

Guess that's enough blah blah for your day!

I just heard from Big Mama...well, not her.....she is out of surgery and in recovery! YAY!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog Family

If you aren't part of the blog world, you may think us blog people are nuts. I can't really explain it. But, it's like a whole other family to be blessed with. I worry about people's kids that I don't even know and pray for them every single day...Stellan, Gaines and Abby are the top three, but there ARE others. I guess it has something to do with my huge heart for kids. Gaines is the biggest one I worry about right now. His family(The Daniel Family) lives in Alabama. His mom was in Washington, DC on a business trip, she was around 24 weeks pregnant with him at the time and her water broke while she was there. She was immediately hospitalized. Her husband flew to be by her side and their parents took care of their other little boy back here in Alabama, flying him up to Washington on the weekends to visit his parents. The hope was for Gaines to stay with his mommy as long as possible....he was born last Friday at 29 weeks and 3 days. Please visit their blog and add them to your prayers because Gaines is a very sick baby!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Baseball Pics

My little pitchers are not belly itchers!

Getting some practice in!

My other child.

He's almost as tall as me! Notice the puppy peaking in the door?!

Sweet doggies!

Let me just say that after this game I am so glad we have not been blessed with twins! Sheesh! We couldn't even watch the game for Reece and Taelor Brooke trying to outdo one another! That added to the fact that for some crazy reason Reece didn't take a nap at school and you've got a recipe for a disaster! They were good girls though....they just weren't in the mood for baseball!
Now, onto doggie talk! We are in need of a name again! When the female dobie pups were smaller, we called them by the color of their collars. That way, we didn't get so attached by naming them! SO there was Pink, Purple and Green. Well, now that we've decided to keep Green, we can't keep calling her Green, that's dumb! So we need a name! Right now our dogs are ahem....Molly, Daisy, Ben, Sadie, Lola(grr) and Green! Lola is on the next flight outa here! She has been given chance after chance to behave and it's not happening! She jumps on Molly everytime she gets the chance and well, Molly is our first born! We got her right when we got married and so you don't mess with her!
Please let me know if you have any name suggestions!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A little funny for your Thursday!

I realized on my birthday(the 1st) that my driver's license was going to expire on the 9th of April. I made a mental note(haha!) and told myself to do it in the next few days. I didn't remember until the 17th! So, I was driving around with no license for several days. I headed off to the license office as soon as I realized it was expired and there was a huge line! So, did I stand there, heck no! I figured if I did get pulled over my Fraternal Order of Police license plate would help me! Josh threatened to give me a ticket(he would never do that!) and so I finally made it down there on the 20th!

A couple of days ago Griffin fell off of his Razor Scooter and scraped up his little elbow. :( He was picking at the scab on the way to school yesterday and so I said to him, "Griff, if I were you I wouldn't pick at that, it may start to bleed." With no hesitation he innocently said, "well, you're not!" I know it sounds kind of "smarty pants" when you read it on here...that wasn't how he meant it!

Mimi picked him up from school yesterday and he had gotten a happy face, but no sticker nose. He told her that he was doing "gooder". She told him that he should say better because gooder isn't a word. He told her that he didn't understand why everyone keeps telling him that because gooder is a word to him!

I talked with Griffin's teacher Mrs. Siemers at the ballpark the other night. I asked if she could get Peyton next year and she said that she thinks she can handle one more C(our last name). So, thankfully he'll start Kindergarten with the best teacher in that school! We love her! This is her 36th year of teaching! Yes, you read that right! She is going to teach for 2 more years and then retire so Baby Girl will have someone else.(Maybe Leslie?!?)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Confidence is EVERYTHING! Have you ever noticed? I really noticed last night while we were watching the boys play baseball. You see, we were dealt some sucky things this season. Not only were all the details of this post sucky, but none of the boys on our team(except for Peyton and one other little boy) had EVER played baseball before! So Josh had his work cut out for him. Not only did he have to help our boys perfect things, he had to teach all the others. Frustrating to say the least! We've had a few games so far and the team wasn't doing so hot. Finally, at practice last Friday something clicked and boy did that give them confidence! And at last night's game against the West Side Boys(that's not their name, I'm sure!) we kicked their booty! Our team was slugging the ball to the fence and playing the field like it was nobody's business! Needless to say, we won 7-1, with my little ones scoring 2-3 of those points! :) I must say that my absolute favorite part was when Griffin was on third and Peyton was up to bat. I gave him a mommy talk while he was on deck and told him to knock his brother in...and he did! :) Now they all have confidence and confidence is EVERYTHING!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shimmy Shimmy

Did you feel it? The earthquake? It happened around 5:15 this morning, apparently! Officer Hubby called me this morning to see if we felt it. He was in his patrol car just minding his own business when the car started shaking! He thought someone was actually shaking the car! A few minutes later dispatch called to ask him if he had fallen in the crack, and then he realized what had happened! It measured a 3.somethingorother....

Are you wondering why this post is in orange? It's because Stellan is in surgery right now. He likes orange and so in honor of him and to remind you to pray for him I decided to make it orange! His surgery is supposed to last around 3 hours or so. Just visit
Mckmama for the details...apparently Stellan had a rough night last night.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I missed the memo.....

Why are all these people putting their initials on their cars? I don't get it. Is it like when you go to school and you put your name on things so you don't get it mixed up? I'm confused! I don't get the RIP's either! That kind of creeps me out a little.

I just found out that our blog is going to have to be changed again....I'm kind of sad because I LOVE it right now, but I know Leslie will make it cute again! So stay tuned for that!

This post is full of randomness, I know! I'm so tired I can't even think! Reece woke up every 2 hours last night once's like having a newborn! And she is 16 months old today! Let me tell you other momma's that have kids that sleep really well.....don't brag, ever! My first two slept through the night pretty much from when they were like a month old! And now, let's just say that I think Reece may have slept through the night five times! Sheesh! I do secretly like getting up once a night with her though, because that is time with just me and her! And, I can call and check on Josh during that time too!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Zoo pics...

Here are the zoo pics! Peyton's class went last week and Josh went with them...I wish I could have gone...but I had to work!

Zebra favorite! ha!

My cutie patootie!

How beautiful is he?!

I could really just pinch him! And sometimes I do!

Peyton and his BFF Baines!

Freak my freak!

And, no, she doesn't belong in the zoo(unless you consider our house a zoo, which...most of the time is!) but I couldn't resist her sweet face!
FYI - we don't keep the dogs in the house...they just come inside every now and then when I don't feel like sweeping up crumbs after supper!
Have I told you I love my new blog?!?!!?
If you read my sister's blog then you know that she and Brad are in Las Vegas which means....I have to manage property by myself--with the help of BB, of course. I no likey working without my sidekick! But, I sure hope they make me a niece or nephew while they are there! :)

Oh My!

How cute is this new look?!?!?! My FABULOUS friend Leslie Lambert is making us over! She is not quite finished, but it's going to be so cute! I'm sure she would love to makeover your blog too! You can visit her blog to contact her!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jacked Up

Yep! I jacked it up AGAIN! Geeze...I'm trying to fix it...bare with me!

Update: That'll do pig. For now. I'm tired of dealing with it!

Three Columns...

This blog needs another column! I can't figure out how to do it! I have tried and tried and it always ends up all jacked up! So, if you know how to help, please please let me know!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


What are we gonna do about all these pirates??? I just heard that they hijacked 4 more ships.

On to more important things....not that the pirate situation is not pictures!!!!

We'll start off with the very few Easter pics that I took....

I was also going to post the pics from the zoo, but blogger decided to be dumb and won't let me upload anymore right, later taters!

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Credit is Whack!

Guess I should've gone to baby....isn't that the commercial? I'm so mad right now! Josh and I decided that we might refinance our house. So, on Saturday, I contacted our mortgage company to ask some questions. The lady was super nice and pulled Josh's credit..."It's perfect!", she said. Duh..we know that! Then she pulls mine and I sat there expecting her to say the same thing about mine....wait.....wait...the longer I waited the longer I thought, " oh shit, something's wrong." And it was. Surprise freakin' surprise!

"Mrs. C, you've got some things coming up on your credit."

"WHAT? Like what?"

"Looks like a couple of medical bills, a comcast bill and a bill from West Bay Acquisitions."

"West Bay what? We don't even have comcast...and medical bills.....what????"

Meanwhile I thought about my favorite purse that was stolen a few years back.....insert the puking here....

The lady at the mortgage company was very nice and helpful to me and gave me all the phone numbers to all the collection agencies and then we talked about the house. I really couldn't even listen to her for thinking about how violated I felt...

Today I sat down to call all these straighten things out....first I called the West Bay Acquisitions collection agency and here's how that went:

Collection Lady WITH an accent: Tank yo fo calling ABC Collection Agency thi is a collection agency and yo call is being recorded my name is Ms. Smih how can I help you?(and there was ALL kinds of background noise)
Me: I'm sorry, I couldn't understand you....

Collection Lady screaming at me:Thank you for calling ABC Collection Agency this is a collection agency and your call is being recorded my name is Ms. Smith how can I help you?
Me: Yes, Ma'am. I am calling about something that is coming up on my credit.

Collection Lady: What's your name?
Me: April C.

Collection Lady: Yes you owe West Bay Acqublah 94.72.....

Me: What in the world is that?
Collection Lady: Some sort of book club.
Me: Ummm...I'm not in a book club, I don't even read!
Collection lady: Well, it's says you ordered a book on history and a book on 20 minute crafts. You can settle today for $72.15.

Me getting a little irritated: Um, I'm not settling anything or paying for anything because I didn't buy anything! How do I get in touch with these people?

Collection Lady being a total biatch: We just collect for them, I have no idea how to get in touch with them, but you obviously are going to have to pay for them unless you can prove that you didn't get them.....

Me being a tiny bit ugly: Listen, I am not in a book club. I don't like to read nor have the time.....what was the name of the place again, maybe I can find them online...
Collection Bitch: They couldn't have put it on your credit if you didn't order them.....
Me: GRRRRRRRRRRRRR..........the name was what again?
Collection lady: WEST BAY ACQUISTIONS, you do realize that this is hurting your credit, right.
Me: I KNOW that. That is WHY I am on the phone with YOU right now trying to figure out what to do!

Collection Lady: Well, I guess you'll just have to tryandgetintouch.....blah blah blah blah......
And then I slammed the phone so hard the entire office shook.(No tenants were in here, no worries!)

So, there you go, just a little smiggon of MY monday! It's been a great day!

As promised, I will try and post pics tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bad Blogger

I know! But, we've just been SO freakin' busy! Baseball, Baseball, Baseball, Reece has been sick, sick, sick, we are trying to find a new maintenance person at work, work, work....the list goes on and on and on! But, we love every minute of it!

Have you seen Allison's blog today? We have interviews ALLLLL day today and I walked in the door to the office looked at her and just laughed....we have on the exact same shirt! Nice. And, there's no time to run home and change or to be blogging for that matter!

There will be baseball pictures soon. Josh and Peyton are on a field trip to the zoo to come on that one too! I wish I was with them!


P.S. Don't forget to pray for Stellan.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Batter Up!

It's that time is here! The jamboree is this Saturday and the boys play at 12:30 and 1:30. We are so excited! I think Coach Josh may be a little nervous, but it'll all work out! :) Speaking of Coach Josh, did I mention that he DID NOT want to coach this year and was basically forced to? Grr! Our boys were purposely put on a team that had no coach in hopes that Josh would step up to the plate(no pun intended!). He still told them no and so they found one of the other players' dad and talked him into it. That little boy ended up moving up to the 7-8 year old group so that again left us with no coach. So, dang it, here we go again! I'll post a full schedule when the hubby/daddy/officer/coach gives it to me! :)

By the way, the Blue Angels are here for the weekend. They are practicing outside my window right now! Sounds like they may come through the window, actually! Since, we have baseball right in the middle of the day, we probably won't make it to the air show.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to.....

ME!!!! Let me tell ya, on this my 27th birthday, I'm feeling a little bit O.L.D. Not that 27 is old, it's not. But I feel 30 coming and I feel it coming fast! 30? What? Can I put the brakes on and stay right where I am? I don't know about all this getting older nonsense! Allison and I are eating lunch at La Gran. The hubby and I have a date tonight and I have no idea what we are doing! Friday night Allison is taking me and Reece to PF Changs! Yummo! (no, we are not leaving out the hubby and the boys, they have baseball practice!) BB(aka Beverly, our fabulous leasing agent!) had a Snickers cake on my desk when I got to work this morning! YUMMO again! And I heard that Allison got me a strawberry cake from Celebrations.....YUMMO x 10! Who counts calories on their birthday anyway? 27 also reminds me that I want to be finished having children by the time I am 30....And speaking of babies, my friend and hair stylist, Rissie, had her little one while we were at the beach! (he was due April 2nd and she was supposed to wait until today...but I guess I will forgive her! haha!) I went to visit and meet the little guy last night, he is the most precious little thing! Ahhh...babies! I wanted to sitck him in my pocket and keep him for myself! Isn't he so cute???
I could just eat him! Yes, it gives me baby fever, but I will just wait on my sister! The other night Reece was jumping on my stomach and I said without hesitation, "Reece, you are squishing your baby sister!" The look on Josh's face was priceless! funny stuff.