Thursday, March 31, 2011


We had an offer accepted yesterday on a house that we LOVE! :) So exciting! I don’t want to say too much until I have the keys in my hands, but I don’t see any reason for this to not happen and I do this for a living! :)

This happened a year to the date of my Maw Maw E. passing away. I woke up sad and it was raining. I got the call just after lunch that it had been accepted. You can’t tell me that she didn’t have anything to do with that! After all we’ve been through with this house stuff! Months and months of searching, falling in love with something and nothing going through.

AND AND AND tomorrow is my birthday! So I got an early birthday present!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I’ve wanted a Maltese for a LONG time. In fact, I was going to get Bella before Allison did but then changed my mind and we decided to have Reece instead!(best decision ever!) So I talked Allison into getting her! AND we bought her sister for my Mom!

My Mom already had one, she’s like 13 years old now, my grandfather has one…they’re everywhere in my family. They are just the best little dogs and they are hypoallergenic! No shedding whatsoever! They are also super smart and kid friendly!

Sooooooo, Allison’s groomer called her last week and told her she had someone who had a three year old female that is potty trained AND fixed for FREE! Her name is Daisy. My mom happened to be with Allison when the groomer called and my mom thought my granddad would want her. And he did. But no one was thinking about his 11 year old SPOILED FREAKIN’ ROTTEN Maltese(JJ) that he already has! So he took her and well, JJ was super jealous and Daisy would not mind! That really stressed Granddaddy out and he told mom to find her a home. Meanwhile I told Mom that I needed one. And she said that I should take Daisy. Sounded great but I had to talk to my boss, aka Officer Hubby!

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was going to say no. I KNEW IT! So I had to make sure he was in a good mood, and that the timing was just right! bhahahahaha! This is really funny to me now, but this really was my thought process! Hubby is very laid back and easy going so I knew that if he knew I really wanted it he would let me get it. I bit the bullet and asked him..after chewing off every single nail I had. I told him it was completely up to him. He said, “I mean, I don’t want her.” So I said, “ok.” Then I just sat there watching him play on the computer and he said, “Well if you want her then get her!” I said, “OK” as I was running out the door. haha! I told him I was just going to run down to Granddaddy’s to see if I wanted her. He laughed and knew I’d be back with another dang dog! ha!

That makes 4 for those of you counting. One is his.

Here she is…


I mean, who COULD resist that sweet little face?!?!? She loves to cuddle and she slept with the boys last night, all on her own! They LOVED it!

I was a little worried about how Chippie would react because she is the Queen and always will be! She likes her too! So there.

And just when you thought you were done with this little story…there’s more!

After hubby got home from work this morning(the rest of us were already gone) he was sitting in the living room petting Daisy. She ran over to the front door and whined. So he thought she needed to potty. So he opened the door and out she went like a bat outta hell! GONE! He chased her barefoot in the rain around and around our neighborhood! He finally had to call me to come home from work and help him catch her! I went flying home and as I whipped it into the neighborhood I saw her running towards the entrance! I stopped and she ran from me!!!!Thankfully one of our neighbors stopped to help and she jumped in his car with him! I really don’t know what would have happened had she not done that!

Josh was SO SO mad! I would have been too. He literally chased her about 15 times around our neighborhood! So their relationship has gotten off to a rocky start! eek!

Hopefully that won’t happen again!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Go Lucy Go!

Little people really melt me! I LOVE kids. Just in case you hadn’t noticed! If Josh and I could afford 50 kids, we’d be the next Duggar family…no doubt in my mind.

I came across this blog about 3 weeks ago. Sweet Lucy has brain cancer. She stays on my mind all the time. I think of how their life was “normal” just like mine…kids running around the house, baseball practice, gymnastics…every day life until one day when all of a sudden Lucy couldn’t walk or use the bathroom. In a day their lives were turned upside down out of nowhere. As a mom I can tell you that this is EVERY parents worst nightmare. I can not imagine having a sick baby and not being able to “fix” it.

You should visit Lucy’s Mom’s blog if you haven’t already and add her to your prayer list! Read back and you will be SHOCKED at all the things this little 5 year old baby girl has gone through in just a short 20-something days. You can click on her picture above and it will take you there!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Pure Sunshine!

We had a relaxing, fun time at the beach! We did a little house talking on the way down but after that neither one of us mentioned it until we were on our way home! Made my brain feel better! ha! I was almost to the point of just choosing a house as long as it had five bedrooms and a toilet. I kid, but I was SICK of it!

Other than the kids watching movies we(me and Josh) didn’t watch TV or even take a computer with us! That means no Twitter, Facebook or blogs for four days! It was NICE! I am so out of the loop but I don’t even care! ha!

We just did a whole lot of playing on the beach and a whole lot of eating! Y’all know I got me some Cuban Nachos! Twice!

The first day we were on the beach we went to one of the busier areas. The water was crystal clear and knee deep pretty far out. The boys were out playing in the water and there were a few teenage boys out there too. We were just sitting there watching G and P when we saw one of the teenagers tell G and P to go up on the beach. Griffin and Peyton ran up to us and told us that there was a shark in the water! Keep in mind this is mid-day, not a typical time for a shark to be eating. Everyone jumped up to try to see it but it was gone. After about an hour we decided, along with the 500 other people on the beach, that the water was safe again and we let the boys go back in the water. A few minutes later Griffin came running up to me and said, “MOM I JUST SAW A HAMERHEAD SHARK IN THE WATER!” Well, there was a log out there at the time and Josh has super duper eye sight and was watching the boys like a hawk and said that it was just the log… I wanted Griffin to not be afraid and so I said to him, “it’s ok, there are no hammerhead’s in this water.”

Ha ha ha hahaha.

Oh about 20 minutes later Peyton made a girl friend(girl friend NOT girlfriend!) and was swimming with her. All of a sudden Josh jumped up out of his chair like a bottle rocket and yelled for them to get out of the water…about 10 feet away from Peyton, swimming TOWARDS him was a hammerhead shark.


It was only about three feet long so it surely wasn’t going to try and have him for lunch! It was obvious it was very young.

A few minutes after that the little fellow swam up on the beach! I guess it was just lost?!?! I don’t know. It made for a very exciting day though!

But it freaked a momma out.

The remaining time we were there we went back to our secret spot! We love it there because there aren’t many people there at all!

But this spot did not disappoint when it came to sea life! We had action there too! There were several really big jellyfish-basketball size, tons of fish, Griffin caught a cute little fish with his bare hands AND he caught a star fish! Hubs also caught a little baby crab. Oh and we ALWAYS see dolphins at this spot and they are my FAV! G studied the oceans and sea life earlier in the year at school so he knows everything about everything! :)

So here are the pics because I’m sure that’s what you came here for in the first place!

DSC_2545 DSC_2544DSC_2475 DSC_2476 DSC_2478 DSC_2481

I swear on a Mt. Dew that he DOES eat!DSC_2495 DSC_2500 DSC_2501 DSC_2513 DSC_2514 DSC_2516 DSC_2518 DSC_2519 DSC_2520

I LOVE this man! Do y’all here me?!?!?! DSC_2525

Uh caught! DSC_2527This picture really cracks me up… DSC_2531

…because this is how we normally are! DSC_2532 DSC_2533

I could have sat here for days! DSC_2537 DSC_2538 DSC_2539 DSC_2540It may sound cliché, but I fall more and more in love with my little family anytime we get out of town for a few days!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zulily, Part 2

If you didn’t see my first post read it first.

A few days after I sent the ugly email asking what the heck was going on I received an email stating my order had been shipped and it included a tracking number and stated that UPS would deliver my package…

I tried to track the package and the UPS website said that it wasn’t “trackable” yet and to wait 3 days and if it still wasn’t trackable then to contact the shipper…

so I PATIENTLY waited the three days and guess what!!!! Still not trackable!

Can you buuulllieve it???!

I emailed them and explained things AGAIN…

Then I got a little irritated and started doing a little digging and guess what I found out…

they gave me a freakin’ bogus tracking number!

Who’d a thunk it?!

Meanwhile I got an email back saying that they had to wait like 14 days to consider it lost in transit…


I was SO ticked at this point. Enough is enough. So I composed myself as much as possible and sent them an email back and told them that I WAS NOT waiting 14 days because they never shipped the dang thing in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRR!

I got an email the next day saying that they were “so sorry” and that I should see a refund in 3-5 business days…so I’m waiting on my refund!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Break!

It’s Spring Break around here! I won’t be off work the entire week but there is NO traffic in the mornings! LOVE IT! And I love that the boys get to sleep in every day!

We are heading to the beach for a few days later in the week and that can NOT come soon enough! Momma needs a break! Daddy needs a break! Mostly from stressing about our next house. FYI it’s WAY more stressful to buy/build your second home. We plan to get somewhere and STAY for a long time. That being said, if we stay for a while we need 5 bedrooms. That’s alot. Enough said.

Being stressed out makes me want to bake. And so I did! I made YUMMO Oreo cupcakes yesterday!!!

I put a half of an oreo in the bottom…Oh yes I did!DSC_2466

And then I put crushed up oreos in the batter! Oh yes I did!DSC_2467

And they turned out SUPER YUMMY!


Oh yes they did!

Monday, March 7, 2011

In the Line of Duty

So far in 2011 there have been 35 police officers killed in the line of duty.


There have only been 66 days in this year. That’s practically one officer every other day.

That is INSANE and makes me want to puke.

I try so hard not to think about something happening to Officer Hubby but dang. When those numbers slap you in the face you can’t help it.

I feel like I was doing much better with this, but for some reason I’m worried all over again.

I really truly do NOT know what I would do with out him.

Dang, I’m crying.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ok guys, I feel it’s time for this post. I don’t like to bash companies on my blog but I see SO many of you on Twitter and other people’s blogs raving about how wonderful Zulily is and I am going to share my experience.

I ordered a swimsuit for Reece on February 9th from them. My debit card was charged that same day. My confirmation said that I would receive my order in 10-14 business days. While I think that is a long time when you order something online nowadays I understand their process is a little different. I knew that going in. BUT the 14 business days were up on the 28th and my order is still being “processed”.

I emailed them yesterday to find out what is going on. If I didn’t really really want this swimsuit for her I would just ask for my money back. They explained their process(which I already knew) and said normally it’s 10-14 days but on this particular bathing suit it was 3 weeks. But they told me when I ordered 10-14 days…

This is my first time buying from them and I don’t know if I just got a bad deal this time or what but I really doubt I will be ordering anything else from them.

They have SUPER cute stuff but what good is that if you get screwed around?!?!