Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I sit here once again mourning the loss of a grandparent. My MawMaw passed away yesterday. Two days before my birthday. ugh. That's two grandmothers in 5 months. Life sucks sometimes. This time it's way harder. I was much closer to this grandmother. Growing up I was either with her or Big Mama, especially during the summer. I would stay with her and PawPaw during the day while my daddy and step-mom were at work. We'd clean the church, go to quilting, go swimming at my aunt's house, grocery shop, she would fuss at PawPaw. Best memories of my life!

I'm really gonna miss her. But she really missed PawPaw and now they are together again.

I'm thankful for the time I had with her. I'm thankful that she got to love my babies, her great-grandbabies!

Griffin took the news pretty hard. This is the first time he has really had to deal with death, or the first time he has understood. I sat him down yesterday afternoon, just me and him. I told him I needed to talk to him about MawMaw that lives by Gigi and Papa. He said, "yeah, the one that loves us so much!" I about broke. I told him that she didn't feel good, she was sick and she went to be with Jesus and PawPaw in Heaven. He lost it. Big, huge crocodile tears. I told him that she missed PawPaw and now they were together. I told him that she would also take care of Mako until we got to Heaven one day. I finally had to call Josh in the room because I lost it at that point and didn't know what else to say to him. That's tough.

I'll try to post again in the next few days about what all happened to her at the hospital. For now, I'm drained.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Working with Auntie A!

I love working with Auntie. She snuggles me all day long and gets all of my sugar! I really like her...I don't even pee on her! I think she is fantastic! She looks kinda tired today because it stormed here last night and she didn't sleep very well.

Love, Noah

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How it all began, part 4!

If you missed parts one, two and three....go here, here and here! I think this will pretty much sum up the birth stories!

Ladies that don't have kids yet, read with caution!

My pregnancy with Peyton was not so peachy. NOBODY told me that after you already have a baby, each pregnancy after that you have A LOT more aches and pains! I had trouble with my heart and ended up having to go to a heart doctor who couldn't find anything wrong. I know something was wrong because I would just be sitting or lying down and my heart would just start racing like it was about to pop out of my chest! It was crazy and scary!

When Griffin was 15 months old he had tubes put in his ears. That afternoon after his surgery I had my 38 week check up. Josh was in the academy at the time and really couldn't miss any class and Mom stayed at our house with Griff. I went to my appointment and Dr. R asked if I wanted to induce the next week. Of course I jumped at the chance. He left the room to call and schedule with the hospital. When he came back he told me that they didn't have any openings the next week but they had the next day if I wanted to do that! Ummmm, I said YES! (hind sight I would have said no, for the record!) Dr. R said that if I changed my mind to just call him that night and let him know. I told him that I would see him bright and early the next morning!

I raced home so excited and when I got there I came barreling through the door, "TOMORROW!!! We're having this baby tomorrow!" Mom and Josh didn't believe me! They really seriously thought that I was joking! We still hadn't even decided on a name yet!! I think I've blogged about that before....long story short, we thought we wanted to name him Peyton but were still undecided, I packed my baby name book and we actually picked out his full name while I was in labor. Of course I got exactly what I wanted! :)

The next morning we strolled into the hospital and got settled in a room. Labor was pretty uneventful. Around 3 or 4 it was time to push. I pushed and pushed and pushed for what seemed like forever and made no progress. It's not that I didn't know how to push because I had just done this 15 months before. I started to think that something wasn't right. Mom kept saying that she thought the baby was face up instead of face down like he should be. My nurse kept saying that no he wasn't. Ding dong she was SO wrong. I was getting worn out fast and Dr. R came in to check on me. We told him that we thought he was face up, he checked and baby was face up or sunny side up as some call it! Little did I know that sunny side up would make for a way more traumatic birth than I had had before. I had to have an episiotomy...which I felt him cut...hurt like I can't even tell you. Not sure why I felt it because I had an epidural and he numbed it. He had to basically shove the forceps in and turn the baby himself. And he had to use the vacuum. If I hadn't pushed so hard before we realized that he was indeed face up, I would have had to have a c-section. At 6:21pm, Peyton made his very grand entrance weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces and he was 21 1/4 inches long! So, in the end it was all worth it but it was no fun. And definitely NOT easy. Poor baby Peyton had a huge bruise on the top of his head for a few days. :( But he was still perfect to Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother Griffin!

Oh, and I forgot one little part! Allison was not allowed to stay in while I was pushing because I was afraid of what happened when I had Griff would happen again. She could come in periodically to be the mediator between us and the waiting room. The very last time she came in before he was born, remember I had been pushing FOREVER, she walked in the room and said, "Everybody sent me down here to get an update." I said not so nicely, "YOU TELL THEM THAT EVERYTHING IS THE EXACT SAME AS WHEN THEY SENT YOU DOWN HERE 15 MINUTES AGO AND I WILL LET THEM KNOW WHEN THE BABY GETS HERE!!!!" She ducked out of the room, she knew I wasn't yelling at her and she knew that I wanted her to tell them exactly what I said. And she did. And I still haven't lived it down! :)

HA HA HA! Things come flying out of your mouth when you are trying to have a baby!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Not us. Thank the Lord! I guess Molly didn't get knocked up when they pulled the great escape after all!

Big Mama came by the office a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't there. She left a note on my desk saying that she had the two most beautiful little babies at home! Now, you should know that Big Mama is a LOVER of animals! Especially Chihuahuas and Dachshunds. She has three Chihuahuas and one Dachshund, or she did. Well, Chihuahuas don't normally have many babies and she thought when she left that morning that was all she was going to have.

And then she got back home where SIX babies greeted her! SIX!

She wants to keep them all. That would mean she would have TEN dogs! Now, you all know that I love Big Mama more than anything else but, I had to put my foot down! There is NO WAY she can keep and take care of THAT many dogs! That being said, I'm selling them for her!

There are three females and three males. I know that someone has claimed at least one of the females already. Selling them for around $150-$200. Let me know how many you want! :)


Monday, March 22, 2010


I had a rough couple of days at work Thursday and Friday. Nothing really out of the ordinary just slammed! I was dead tired when I got home on Friday, I mean almost couldn't function dead tired! The boys were at baseball practice so it was just me, Reece and Yo Gabba Gabba. As I sat there watching I remembered that I had stashed my latest bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs on top of the refrigerator! Oh yay! I ran to the kitchen and peeked on my tip toes to grab the bag....but it was not there!! I almost had a mini meltdown until I got the bright idea that maybe, just maybe one had fell out of the bag and onto the top of the refrigerator. So, I climbed up onto the counter--yes, shorty does have a step stool, but this was an emergency people! No time to grab it!--and there one sat just patiently waiting on me to eat it! yummmmmmmo!

The boys had NO IDEA what happened to all of mom's peanut butter eggs.

Yesterday afternoon as I was sweeping the kitchen I decided that I needed to sweep between the refrigerator and the cabinet. This is what slapped me in the face....
Ha.Ha.Ha. Well, that was FIVE of them.....I wonder where they hid the rest of them!!!

xoxo and I will find another hiding spot!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How it all began, back it up!

As I was getting ready to write part four of this little series I realized that I left out a fun little story in part two, Griffin's birth!

I was 20 when Griffin was born so that would make Allison 15. At that point she wanted to be a nurse when she "grew up" and really wanted to be in the room when I delivered. I didn't mind at all, plus she had just started dating Brad and I thought it would be fantastic birth control. Or rather, don't have sex 'til you're way older control! ha!

Turns out that was a pretty good idea of mine!

As I was pushing Allison was holding one of my legs, Josh was holding the other, my mom was taking pictures and Josh's mom was helping me hold my head up!(told you I pushed for a long time!)

Sidenote: It may seem gross that my mom was taking pictures. At the time I was thinking, "What the heck is she doing taking pictures of this?!?!" But I am so glad that she did. I obviously couldn't see what was going on and it all happens so fast when the baby comes out. Afterwards I had those to look back on. It really is a beautiful thing when your child is born!

Anywho, back to Allison. I was pushing and pushing and pushing when all of a sudden I heard someone saying, "Are you ok? You need to sit down. Sit back here in this chair and I'll get you a cold rag." I looked up to see my wannabe nurse sister about to pass out, white as a ghost, eyes rolling back in her head!

I do not kid!

As her dream of being a nurse went flying out the window I continued to push, with one eye on her. I couldn't concentrate until she was ok. After a few minutes she was fine, but she wasn't about to be responsible for holding my leg anymore! LOL!

And that, my friends, is the reason that I just now got a nephew out of those two!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oooo La La!

How about this new look?!?! It's fresh and clean and I LOVE it! I've been dying for all of you to see that picture of the kiddies! I'm proud of myself for holding out! hee hee!

Leslie always does a great job! Visit her and get her to redo YOUR blog too!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Life Right Now...

VERY hectic, but we love it!

We are very busy bees. The boys started baseball practice last weekend. We are playing at the park close to our house this year(I don't want to say where but I want you family members to understand!) It appears that they both got on jam up great teams! I'm thankful for that! Two different teams this year...that's how it will fall every other year due to their ages! It makes it more hectic having double of everything but I think it's good for them to have their own teams and have their individual time!

Reece is about to start swim lessons. That girl is a total fish, she'll probably be swimming this year. Not even kidding you!

Allison came back to work on Monday, Noah in tow. THANK THE LORD. I was strung out around the office! The timing of her coming back couldn't have been better for me because the day she came back we got slammed with a whole bunch of new construction houses to build! YAY for that but, it makes me slammed just with my normal job! We also had several people move out of our rental houses and they needed to be turned....SO her job! I no likey! Noah loves sitting in his Auntie's lap all day. I'm his favorite! hee hee!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swimsuit Anxiety

It happens to me EVERY year. When it comes time to buy a swimsuit I start wanting to puke. I have the most HORRIBLE time trying to find one to fit. To the point of pissed off in the dressing room and giving up. Ask Josh.
My boobs are gianormous. People ask me on a daily basis,"Can I have your boobs?" YES, take them. I'm getting those puppies chopped off when we are done making babies! :) They are the main reason that I have so much trouble finding a bathing suit to fit because I'm small everywhere else!

So last night when I was lying wide awake because it was thundering SO loud I psyched myself up to go to Old Navy today and see what I could find. Well, you are not gonna believe it!!! I did not only find a bathing suit that fits perfectly.....I found TWO!!!!! Yippeeee!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How it all began, part 3!

If you missed parts 1 and 2, you can go here and here!

Josh and I adjusted very well to life with baby Griffin. He was our world. Such a sweet baby! When he was about six months old I was having some trouble with my neck and took a Lortab when Griffin went to sleep for the night. About an hour after I took it I started throwing up and threw up pretty much every hour on the hour all. night. long! I've never been so sick. The next day Josh ended up taking me to the emergency room because I was so dehydrated. At the ER they of course asked me when my last period was, it had been about 3 1/2 weeks. So, they didn't tell me, but when they drew blood they went ahead and ran a pregnancy test just in case. Meanwhile I was doped up with morphine because I was so dehydrated I was in pain! After a full bag of fluids I was a new woman! Josh left the room and went down the hall or something. The doctor came in with TWO nurses while he was gone.

Dr. D: "Ms. C., since you were so sick Dr. M ran a pregnancy test."
Me:"Uh, ok."
Dr.D: "And, um, it was positive!"
Me: "WHAT? But I have a six month old!"
Nurse: "Same thing happened to me honey. I promise you will survive!"
Me: "ok, y'all go get my husband!"

Josh came back in the room and all I could do was smile and he was looking at me like I was nuts!

Me: "I'm pregnant!!!!"
Josh: "Again??!?!?!?"

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That still cracks me up to this day! I guess my body was just trying to get the Lortab away from the baby by making me throw up because I didn't throw up anymore the rest of the pregnancy.(I never threw up at all when I was preggo with Griff!)

I was on the pill and not taking any antibiotics this time around, never missed a pill or anything!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boys and their toys!

I have the best hubby on the planet! I'm so thankful for him. HE IS FANTABULOUS! I could go on and on, but you get the point!

So, hubby deserved a toy! And a toy he did get....

I admit I really didn't want him to get it. Mostly because it scares me! I'm not worried about him driving it, I'm worried about other people seeing him. And I definitely don't want my babies on that thing! Maybe JUST around the neighborhood!

Now that he has that toy, he needs to sell his other toy!

If you are interested, let me know!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jakey Poo, take two!

Whatever. I don't get it! It's fine if he knows she's the one for him, blah, blah, blah. But am I the only one that thinks they just don't match? She's not so cute. Gross. I don't think she should be receiving this bashing in the tabloids, but she IS way immature for him. Just my opinion.

And, now he's going to be on Dancing With The Stars....AS MUCH AS TENLEY LOVES DANCING! What a slap in the face!

That's all I've got today folks I've been a sick puppy and don't have the energy today!


PS-I Hate Green Beans has posted her recap!

Monday, March 1, 2010

We love Noah!

When you are cooped up in the house you get a little stir crazy! Allison and Brad were itching to get out of the house and were really missing church so I volunteered us to keep Woah(that's what Reece calls him still!) yesterday morning. He was a perfect angel! I know y'all think that he's going to give me baby fever but, actually he's kind of cured my baby fever for now! I already had it before he was born and now that I can love him and give him back I'm good! But I did figure out that having another child would be a breeze! We can definitely handle another one! There was really nothing to it, it was like he's here all the time!

My gorgeous assisstant!