Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How it all began, part 2!

This may get a little graphic and may have more details than you would like to hear!

After the wedding was over we quickly settled in and enjoyed the little time we were going to have together alone! October rolled around and we anxiously awaited our little bundle of joy! There are LOTS of October birthdays in our family and the bets were on to see who's birthday he would land on! My Granddaddy's birthday is the 1st, and that came and went with no baby, Aunt Janna's birthday is the 2nd-still no baby, Big Mama's birthday is the 8th-no baby, my little brother Kody's birthday, the 11th-no baby! And then Aunt Katie's birthday rolled around, the 13th. It's funny because at the end of that day I was like, "Well, dang! At this rate it's gonna be on Gigi's birthday and that's at the end of the month! UGH!" So, I took a long walk, then a warm bath, then ate spaghetti, then Josh and I you know.

Welllllllll, at 2:45 the next morning, October 14th and Uncle Matt's birthday I woke up and thought I peed in the bed! I jumped up and ran to the bathroom and peed, a lot. Then it hit me! There's no way I could pee that much if I peed all in the bed! My water was broke! I stood up from the toilet and it just came pouring! whooo hooo! I ran back in the bedroom, yanked back the covers, woke Josh up, "My water just broke!!!!!!" He jumped up straight out of bed still butt naked, I am not even kidding you!!!!! So, I called my Mom. She and Allison both answered at the same time like they were just sitting by the phone at 3am! I told them that my water just broke and Mom was all calm and said, "ok, well just wait for your contractions to start and start timing them." "Heck no! Dr. R told me to call him as soon as my water broke! Bye." Then I called Dr. R and he told us he would meet us at the hospital.

Officer Hubby got to the hospital in about two seconds like this child was going to come flying out before we could get there. ha. ha. ha. No such luck. My contractions never started so when the 7 o'clock nurses came in we got things started. I get the star treatment at that hospital because my grandmother helped get the women's pavilion started there and worked in labor and delivery until the lupus was so bad she couldn't work anymore. It's sad now because she isn't here to boss them around and tell them how to do things with her granddaughters! They are doing a special thing over there where they plan to name one of the operating rooms after her or something so stay tuned for that post!

Anyway, back to G-man! After I was about one cm dilated I got an epidural. I can't stand pain. There was NO WAY I was going to try to prove anything by going natural! The day progressed really normal and by evening I was ready to push. I don't remember how long I had to push, a couple of hours I know! By the time he was born, my epidural was no longer working and even the extra medicine they give you in it wouldn't work, so I FELT EVERYTHING! OUCH! But, at 9:04 pm, sweet baby Griffin made his grand entrance! 7 pounds 2 ounces and 21 inches of sweet baby boy!
A few weeks later my mom was keeping Griffin and was at the mall with him. Remember that nurse that kept telling me my birth control wasn't going to work? Well, Mom and G ran into her at the mall! ha! Mom told her that her talk with me did NO good, obviously! :)



Cherry Berry said...

Great story! We have a lot of October birthdays too. My brother is the 6th, my niece is the 14th, my dad is the 15th, and my nephew is the 27th. That's just my side. I can't remember if there are any on Adam's side.
Cute pic of Griffin!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

You are the only person Ive ever heard that sex worked! Too funny! What a great birth story for when Griffin is..uh..older!