Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome to the world Noah!

There's nothing like a newborn baby! And you haven't lived until you've seen a baby born into this world! It's so amazing! And it was even more amazing for me this time because I wasn't the one having to push it out! ha! Allison is doing really good, she says it was a piece of cake! I have decided that if you are going to be induced, the ticket is waiting until as close as you can to your due date. My water broke with Griffin at 38 weeks and I had to be induced because of that, then I was induced with Peyton at 38 weeks as well. Those were two HARD labors! With Reece I was induced right at 39 weeks and here is Allison being induced days before her due date and those two were easy! So, there you go! Just my take on things! Allison will have her birth story up as soon as she can muster up the energy....and as soon as I get to the hospital to hog my nephew! :)


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Brooke said...

He is precious! I know yall are all so proud!

It was good seeing you yesterday! I miss our talks :)