Friday, September 19, 2014

Life is Good, Life is Busy!

FIRST of all we are so proud and excited to announce that Peyton was asked to be an Ambassador for his school yesterday! It’s a big accomplishment and he is so excited! So happy for him and SO PROUD! IMG_20140918_171432

Good golly we are SO busy right now! Lot’s of moving parts with this clan! I wouldn’t trade it for anything though!

We snuck off to the beach for a little break. It was good to get away and clear our heads. I purposely didn’t even take my good camera! 

Photo bomber…IMG_20140912_181223We had a Roll Tide Saturday at the beach!IMG_20140913_151126 GOOF BALLS!IMG_20140913_200048 Griffin and Peyton each found a message in a bottle! More on that later!IMG_20140914_104629 And just for fun…How stinkin’ CUTE is my baby nephew? He was my lunch date one day last week.IMG_20140908_115227  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!