Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Patch & Indian Mounds!

It happened. Two of my babies had field trips on the same day. Boo. Peyton to the Indian Mounds and Reece to the Pumpkin Patch! In the county that we live in, it is the County Board Policy that siblings are not allowed on field trips. Since Brooks stays with me, this means I couldn’t go. Double boo. I can’t leave him for more than a few hours since he’s nursing so leaving him with someone else was not an option. I probably could have talked to the principal and she would have let him go but really the logistics of taking him would just not have worked out. I mean, I’m not going to nurse in front of a bunch of kids! I understand the rule completely and I wish that ALL schools in the system would follow the rule! It stinks that I missed out BUT nursing my babies has always been top priority for me so it’s just something to deal with right now!

Thankfully, it was Gigi’s birthday and what better way to spend it than with a bunch of kindergartners? HAHAHAHA! She’s a trooper and Reece had fun!IMG_3441Josh went with Peyton to the Indian Mounds! They had a great time also! It’s so pretty there, we need to take a family trip soon!20131025_115412

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Brooks – 6 Months!

Our sweet little love celebrated his 1/2 birthday yesterday! I can’t believe he is 6 months old! His little personality is really starting to show, and he’s a cool little dude!

Here’s what you’ve been up to B!

You weigh 18 pounds 7 ounces and are 27 inches long! 75th percentile on both!

You are SUPER close to sitting up all by yourself. Actually, when we took pictures last night, as long as nothing distracted you, you were sitting up perfectly!  You are mobile. You roll EVERYWHERE! Just roll, roll, rollllll!DSC_0855You are such a happy, good baby! You rarely cry at all. There are some days that you don’t cry not one time ALL day. You have your routine and I know when you will be ready to eat or nap so we just handle things before you get irritable! You aren’t even crying in the car anymore! YAHOO!DSC_0854You are still nursing like a champ! I feel like 6 months is a big milestone for breastfeeding! 6 more months to go! You are eating three meals of solids a day as well. You eat rice cereal for breakfast, one jar of food at lunch and two at dinner. You’ve tried out all the stage one foods; apples, bananas, pears, peaches, green beans, sweet potatoes, peas, prunes, carrots…I think that’s all. You REALLY like carrots! You like most of the fruits…you don’t really care for pears, got that from ME! DSC_0851You are sleeping ok. Some nights it’s routine and you are up at around midnight and then back up at 3:30ish. I feed you a bottle of pumped milk at midnight and you are right back to sleep. When you wake at 3:30 you nurse and we both sleep through it.  For some reason the past couple of weekends you haven’t really slept good at all. That definitely made for one tired mommy trying to keep up with four kids! I think it was just because we weren’t on the routine!DSC_0847You still love bath time! Sometimes you draw a crowd, everyone in the house thinks you are so funny in the tub!

You are reaching for people! And you also started trying to reach for Daisy! She’s very curious about you also!DSC_0848We moved up to the size 3 diapers and they are HUGE. So, you are kinda in between sizes again. You wear 6 month and 6-9 month clothes! DSC_0850You still have baby blue eyes and super long eyelashes. Seriously, they keep getting longer and longer!  DSC_0858

You like to give kisses! Like, you hold us down sometimes and just kiss and kiss and kiss! It’s presh!

Our little photo shoot would not have been possible without the help of your favorite sister! You LOVE Sissy! And, the feeling is mutual! Actually, you think your brothers are awesome too! I most definitely have lots of help!DSC_0861 DSC_0864 DSC_0865 A few pictures from my phone from this month…

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Olivia. I meant to do a post on her, but haven’t had the time. She went to high school with my brother…they were both seniors. At the football game the Friday after her accident everyone wore purple for her! It’s kinda hard to find a way to dress a boy baby in purple(especially when everyone already thinks he’s a girl!) so we made a purple do-rag. IMG_20130927_174814 Brooks and Cason are ready for Halloween!IMG_20131021_091305 Cute little toot!IMG_20131022_132508 Happy 6 months sweet lil fella! We love you!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday Griffin!

Happy Griffin Day! Our sweet boy is eleven years old! Time please slow down! We had Griffin’s birthday at Super Skate over the weekend. Not my favorite place to partay but it’s not my birthday! Plus there’s NO where to have an eleven year old party around here. I DO have an awesome idea for next year’s party though…going to be SUPER FUN!  DSC_0765Why, yes, that is spit up on my arm! HA!DSC_0776 DSC_0778 DSC_0784 How it really is…DSC_0786 DSC_0774 B took himself a great nap!DSC_0789 Cake time!DSC_0797 I can see all of these boys at our house all the time in a few years…DSC_0806B still napping on Paw Paw! DSC_0801  Family pic! No, they aren’t taller than me…YET! They have on skates and I don’t! :)DSC_0815 Sweet peas!DSC_0821Me, Griff, MimiDSC_0823 DSC_0826Happy Birthday Griff-man! We love you SO much! Thank you for making me a mommy!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pirate Baby

This morning before we came to work Brooks scratched himself in the eye. (YES, his nails are trimmed, he just happened to catch it just right.)  I know from experience that the eye usually heals quickly. (Griffin scratched Peyton in the eye when they were babies accidentally one night and by the time I got him to the doctor the next morning it was completely healed.) Once we got to work I could see the spot in his eye. As the morning went on he got fussier and fussier, he’s pretty much always a happy baby so I knew he was in pain. Tylenol didn’t help and well that’s pretty much all he can have at this age. I called the pediatrician and they wanted to see him right away. Only catch was we had to see the only doctor in the practice that I don’t care for. But, I knew he needed to be seen quick so off we went.

By the time we arrived at the doc’s office it was starting to swell and was red…

20131011_104353Breaks my heart. ;(

But after waiting an hour on the doctor we looked like this!!!


MUCH better! The doctor came in(I really tried to have a good attitude about it before I went since I already didn’t care for him) and of course he ticked me off right off the bat. “It looks fine. Doesn’t look like anything is wrong.”

Let me tell you something Mommas!!! NO ONE, no doctor, no nurse, no friend, no granny, NO ONE knows your baby/child like you do. YOU have intuition like no other and if you feel like something is wrong, you fight on!

So I did! ;)

I told him that I SAW a scratch and I KNEW it was there. Even though it wasn’t as visible as before to the naked eye. So. We, as in me, a nurse and the doc, had to hold my sweet baby down for like 20 minutes to numb his eye and put dye in it so that the doctor could look at it. And guess what…there is an abrasion. Well, no crap. He was very sweet to B while all this was going on though. I will give him that. We all three really just wanted to cry with him. Oh and he kept calling him “her'” but we’re all used to that at this point. HA!

And now we have a really special glowing eye! His tears glow, his snot is glowing, etc. HAHA! Bless it. We have to put a prescription gel in it for 5 days and put a patch on if we go outside! Oh, and we now weigh 18 pounds!

20131011_154147  Argh, mateys!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Big Mama!

Happy 85th Birthday to one of my most favorite people EVER, BIG MAMA! If you’ve read here long or if you know me in real life…then you know who Big Mama is! I’m convinced she is THE sweetest, most kind, gentle hearted, Jesus loving woman on the planet! And funny, she’s SUPER funny! She comes by the office regularly to make sure we are busy working and most of the time she has us all in tears from laughter! You can also find her working out at the gym three days a week! BAM! Gosh I HEART HER! 20131008_113153photo My sister, Brooks and I took her to lunch at FIG. It was yummy! We also got her a cake from Celebrations. We usually don’t get her a cake because she is a diabetic, but you know what? SHE IS 85!!!! LET THE WOMAN EAT SOME CAKE! She said it was the first birthday cake she’s ever had!20131008_112956 She WILL have a cake every year from now on! AMEN!