Monday, July 28, 2014


Most of you know by now that the Hubs is a police officer! He works midnights(DON’T even think you are about to come kidnap me or my babies. We have a Doberman and umpteen chickens, remember?) Once a month he has training during the day, so he is off work the night before. This happened last week. Peyton was sick and I had an alarm set on my phone for midnight so that I could check on him. Our room is pretty far from his so if he was sick I wouldn’t be able to hear him. When the alarm sounded it also woke Brooks up. Of course it did. I sat in bed for a second and then this crazy feeling came over me…something wasn’t right…something felt weird. I handed B off to the Hubs in bed and ran to check on Peyton. As I was walking down the hallway I could see headlights shining into the living room. We live off of the road and there is no way for this to happen unless someone is actually IN the driveway. I turned around to run and get Hubby when the doorbell rang!! Cue the freakin my freak!! And then a big KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on the door!! This terrifies me!! I wake up Hubby and send him to figure it out. He walks out the front door and I went to the kitchen to turn off the alarm. As I was walking that way I saw a Sheriff’s Deputy walking towards the back of the house. I knew he saw me because our back doors are glass but at this point I was just letting Josh handle it. So I just stepped back in the living room…for all I knew they were searching for a murderer in the woods around our house. I was just standing there with B on my hip and I glanced back at the back doors and he was just standing there looking at me! FREAK MY FREAK. I ran over to the back door and he was all like, “Are you ok?” Um yes, other than you just scared the bejesus out of me! Then he said, “Where’s Josh??!!” I told him that he was in the front waiting on him and I asked what the heck was going on! Surely there was something major. “Josh was supposed to be at work an hour ago and they couldn’t get y’all to answer the phone so they sent me to check on y’all.” I explained that he had training the next day…he shook his head and went to talk to Officer Hubby.


I mean I am glad that they checked on him. I really am. But we were up for like 2 hours after that!

Someone dropped the ball on that one! But, thankfully, there were no murderers on the run that night! haha!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Brooks – 15 Months!

Brooks is now 15 MONTHS OLD!!!! Goodness gracious! IMG_20140722_071633

Just a little update about what he’s up to!

-He now has THREE teeth! That’s it…three! Two on bottom and one on top…little snaggle! He is cutting three more teeth right now so soon he will have plenty! He is completely eating table food and how he manages this I don’t really know without having many teeth but he has no problem. He wrapped up nursing right when he turned one and then starting eating ALL the food! He will eat his meal and then go around and eat off of everyone else’s plate in the house! He signs “more” and eats and eats and eats!

-He says dada ALL THE TIME, mama when he feels like it, tata(thank you), he waves and says bye bye, ball, he points his finger “no-no”, he says Uh-oh, he will follow commands…let’s go find daddy, where’s brother?, throw the ball, etc. I took him outside yesterday and the dogs started barking…he looked at them, put his finger to his lips and said, “shhh.”

-He started walking right at 12 months and now full blown runs everywhere. His mission in life is to get into the dogs water!

-He is pretty much staying at school all day now. Sometimes when I miss him extra I go get him early! I’m so thankful I can do that! He LOVES his teachers, especially Ms. Barbara!! When I drop him off in the mornings he runs to his crib, throws his pappy in it, kisses me and points for me to take him to Ms. Barbara! And then he waves bye! He’s like see ya! haha! Ms. Barbara gives him snacks! HA!

-He gives THE BEST sugar! Oh I love his kisses! He also blows kisses!

-He mostly sleeps with me! Sometimes it’s ON TOP of me with his arms around me like a monkey! He can sleep there forever! ;) IMG_20140601_062506 IMG_20140603_155810 First Summer Snow!IMG_20140603_152043Playing in the rain!IMG_20140528_162031Helping Mommy check on the chicks!IMG_20140527_193053Summer swim!IMG_20140526_150232I love my babies!IMG_20140511_094742Checking chickens again!IMG_20140430_192035Bossing at the gym!IMG_20140428_102319

Brooks is such a sweet little man! I don’t remember what it was like before we had him! Can he stay little forever?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Zipline Fun!

The last time we were at the beach Griffin and Peyton went and rode the zipline with Paw Paw! They had tons of fun! I’m jealous because I didn’t go!IMGS3523Rule Follower….IMGS3383Rule Follower….IMGS3428 RULE BREAKER!!!!! Always a rule breaker…IMGS3396IMGS3391  IMGS3416  IMGS3442IMGS3511   They had tons of fun!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meet Foxy and Roxy!

Foxy and Roxy, our new baby pygmy goats!!


On Saturday, Hubby and I ventured over to the little town of Gordo and brought these babies home! I don’t have the best pictures YET and I don’t have bows on them YET because they are a little shy right now. But everyday they like us a little more so I’m sure in no time they will be sitting in our laps! 2014071295163703This is when they were checking out the chickens. Our coop is actually inside the goat pen so that we can let our chickens roam during the day. The goats like to go inside the chicken pen and jump around on top of the little coop that the silkies are in!2229_resized

Oh my word!!! They are SO CUTE!! AND FUN!!! We just thought chickens were fun!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A little more beachin’

I try to make it a point to take family beach pictures once a year. We didn’t do it last year and I regret it TERRIBLY!! B was an itty baby and I just couldn’t think it through. REGRET IT. However, this year it was ON! B fell asleep on the way to the spot where we took them so he was a little cranky, but he’s still cute so it’s cool. ;)DSC_1160 DSC_1172 We definitely aren’t as sophisticated as you may think. HA! Green shoes. DSC_1173 DSC_1174 DSC_1177 DSC_1182 DSC_1189 DSC_1191 DSC_1193 DSC_1199 DSC_1201 DSC_1203 DSC_1211 DSC_1232

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let Freedom Ring!

We just returned from a fabulous time at the beach! My most favorite place to be on the 4th of July! Or anytime, really!

The first thing we did we we arrived was get my sister engaged!!! SO glad not to be keeping THAT secret anymore!!DSC_1029She said YES! ;)DSC_1073The next few days were spent on the beach! DSC_1126 That’s Griffin, Peyton and Reece playing on the kayaks! Their new favorite thing to do!DSC_1107 So, there’s no better place to watch fireworks than ON the beach!

I brought 30 glow thingy’s for the kids to play with while we waited…that was a great idea!DSC_1154 DSC_1144 I heart my Lover Lover!20140704_193838_resized20140704_193835_resized20140704_194251_resized

Sister Love!IMG_20140704_164820 These five people make me SMILE!IMG_20140704_183850

We only took ONE picture of all the cousin’s together while we were there! Boo. But that’s how it goes when you have six kids to manage! haha!20140706_091518_resized  20140705_122445_resized 20140705_120121_resized 20140704_114443_resized20140704_114455_resized20140705_102917_resized 20140705_120115_resized Cason didn’t like the water AT ALL!! He’s still cute so we’ll keep him! 20140705_101738_resized 20140705_101034_resized 20140705_101056_resized Little nappy nap on Papa!20140704_143052_resizedLittle booty shot!20140704_141808_resized 20140705_171854_resized     A little worky work with Paw Paw!20140703_172250_resized Ring..ON IT! Word.IMG_20140704_194058   IMG_20140703_121548 IMG_20140702_182647

   Blurry, but I don’t care. Yes, I am on my tip toes and still only that tall next to him! haha!2014-07-04 08.02.45_resized20140703_132802_resized  I guess that’s enough of a picture overload for one day!! More pics tomorrow!