Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let Freedom Ring!

We just returned from a fabulous time at the beach! My most favorite place to be on the 4th of July! Or anytime, really!

The first thing we did we we arrived was get my sister engaged!!! SO glad not to be keeping THAT secret anymore!!DSC_1029She said YES! ;)DSC_1073The next few days were spent on the beach! DSC_1126 That’s Griffin, Peyton and Reece playing on the kayaks! Their new favorite thing to do!DSC_1107 So, there’s no better place to watch fireworks than ON the beach!

I brought 30 glow thingy’s for the kids to play with while we waited…that was a great idea!DSC_1154 DSC_1144 I heart my Lover Lover!20140704_193838_resized20140704_193835_resized20140704_194251_resized

Sister Love!IMG_20140704_164820 These five people make me SMILE!IMG_20140704_183850

We only took ONE picture of all the cousin’s together while we were there! Boo. But that’s how it goes when you have six kids to manage! haha!20140706_091518_resized  20140705_122445_resized 20140705_120121_resized 20140704_114443_resized20140704_114455_resized20140705_102917_resized 20140705_120115_resized Cason didn’t like the water AT ALL!! He’s still cute so we’ll keep him! 20140705_101738_resized 20140705_101034_resized 20140705_101056_resized Little nappy nap on Papa!20140704_143052_resizedLittle booty shot!20140704_141808_resized 20140705_171854_resized     A little worky work with Paw Paw!20140703_172250_resized Ring..ON IT! Word.IMG_20140704_194058   IMG_20140703_121548 IMG_20140702_182647

   Blurry, but I don’t care. Yes, I am on my tip toes and still only that tall next to him! haha!2014-07-04 08.02.45_resized20140703_132802_resized  I guess that’s enough of a picture overload for one day!! More pics tomorrow!

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