Monday, July 28, 2014


Most of you know by now that the Hubs is a police officer! He works midnights(DON’T even think you are about to come kidnap me or my babies. We have a Doberman and umpteen chickens, remember?) Once a month he has training during the day, so he is off work the night before. This happened last week. Peyton was sick and I had an alarm set on my phone for midnight so that I could check on him. Our room is pretty far from his so if he was sick I wouldn’t be able to hear him. When the alarm sounded it also woke Brooks up. Of course it did. I sat in bed for a second and then this crazy feeling came over me…something wasn’t right…something felt weird. I handed B off to the Hubs in bed and ran to check on Peyton. As I was walking down the hallway I could see headlights shining into the living room. We live off of the road and there is no way for this to happen unless someone is actually IN the driveway. I turned around to run and get Hubby when the doorbell rang!! Cue the freakin my freak!! And then a big KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on the door!! This terrifies me!! I wake up Hubby and send him to figure it out. He walks out the front door and I went to the kitchen to turn off the alarm. As I was walking that way I saw a Sheriff’s Deputy walking towards the back of the house. I knew he saw me because our back doors are glass but at this point I was just letting Josh handle it. So I just stepped back in the living room…for all I knew they were searching for a murderer in the woods around our house. I was just standing there with B on my hip and I glanced back at the back doors and he was just standing there looking at me! FREAK MY FREAK. I ran over to the back door and he was all like, “Are you ok?” Um yes, other than you just scared the bejesus out of me! Then he said, “Where’s Josh??!!” I told him that he was in the front waiting on him and I asked what the heck was going on! Surely there was something major. “Josh was supposed to be at work an hour ago and they couldn’t get y’all to answer the phone so they sent me to check on y’all.” I explained that he had training the next day…he shook his head and went to talk to Officer Hubby.


I mean I am glad that they checked on him. I really am. But we were up for like 2 hours after that!

Someone dropped the ball on that one! But, thankfully, there were no murderers on the run that night! haha!

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