Hi there! You clicked the little about me button so I guess you want to know more about me, huh? Hee hee! Well, my name is April. Obvious. I am married to my best friend, Josh! We met in MIDDLE SCHOOL! It’s crazy to think back to Coach Perry’s 7th grade science class not knowing the cute boy sitting next to me would one day be the love of my life! 

We live the most blessed life! We have five beautiful children; Griffin is 14, Peyton is 13, Reece is 9, Brooks is 3 and Mia is 2! We recently adopted Mia from China.

We live out in the country surrounded by lots of trees! I am trying my best to start a farm! Haha! Kidding, but we do have 4 dogs, a cat, a pig, a whole bunch of chickens, fish, rabbits, ducks and lots of little baby goats!!

I own a real estate investment company with my sister, Allison. It’s called Property Queens!!!! J We also own a gym, GFG Fitness, here in Tuscaloosa! Speaking of Tuscaloosa, we're big fans of the Tide!

That’s about all there is to know about me, obviously you can keep up with us following along on the blog! Thanks for stopping by!

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