Monday, February 24, 2014

Brooks – 10 Months!

Sweet little man, you are 10 months old! I’m not sure how, but you are! Time to start planning a PAR-TAY! DSC_0528

- You are crawling everywhere! You mostly stay in the living room at home, you just started venturing into the kitchen the other day. At the office you have learned to crawl from office to office!DSC_0486 – You are still in a size 3 diaper and 9 –12 month clothes.DSC_0523- You still don’t have a single tooth!! You are still eating well! You are still nursing, eating baby food and eating a little bit of table food. You WILL devour that smash cake! I know this! DSC_0490  - You are pulling up now! You’ve let go once. I can’t believe you will be walking soon!DSC_0500 – You and Daisy are starting to play. Well, you crawl around and try to get her!DSC_0536 – You LOVE to play “Super Brooks” almost every night with Griffin!IMG_20140218_181939 – You are such a flirt! No matter where we go, you are flirting and talking to everyone you see! From little ole grandma’s to big burley biker dudes, everybody loves you!

- Griffin, Peyton and Reece have really surprised me when it comes to you! I thought by now that they wouldn’t help out and would be over the “new” of having a baby in the house. But, no, they LOVE pretty much anything to do with you. They are such a BIG help!!

I love you sweet boy!


Friday, February 21, 2014


IMG_20140213_082146Baby Brooks has been SO sick. For 9 days now it’s been rough. I can’t remember any of the kids ever being sick this long. He started out having a cough last Tuesday. The next day my little nephew was diagnosed with RSV and a double ear infection. That same night Brooks started to wheeze. I will say I am a pro at knowing the wheeze and knew very early that Brooks was wheezing because Griffin had HORRIBLE breathing issues when he was a baby. We have a nebulizer for this very reason. So the next morning I went ahead and took him in to the doctor. He tested negative for RSV but he was, in fact, wheezing. The doctor told me that the RSV test may be wrong and he could still have it, if not he definitely had some sort of respiratory virus. We got our prescription for albuterol and were on our way.IMG_20140214_050400 Up until this point he had no fever. Well, that afternoon the fever started and by the next day(Friday) it was 102.4. The weekend was BAD. Tylenol/Motrin ALL weekend. And when they wore off, the 102 fever was back. IMG_20140214_182953First thing Monday I had him back at the doctor annnnnddddd, you guessed it, double ear infection. And they looked “horrible” said his doctor. We received our very first antibiotic(I’d say that’s pretty good at 9 months old!). I started him on the antibiotic that day. Over the next two days he maintained the fever. Seriously. On Wednesday morning it was 103.3. IMG_20140219_103341Off to the doctor AGAIN to find out that his antibiotic was not working. His ears looked no better. We got an antibiotic shot and a new antibiotic to take by mouth. His doctor ran a test that takes a few days to process to find out for sure if it was RSV, the flu or something else. She called last night to say that he does have RSV. IMG_20140221_094843FINALLY today I think he’s on the mend. He seems to feel better, although he is SUPER ill which is not like him! Hopefully he’ll be all better SOON!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Meet Mittens!


Y’all know I don’t like cats! Y’all also know I love my kids more than anything! Griffin LOVES cats…the other kids do also but Griffin LOVES LOVES LOVES cats. We’ve tried three times to have a kitten. All three came up missing. We live in the sticks so there’s no telling what happened really. Sad, I know. Circle of Life. I have been looking for an adult cat thinking maybe it will last since it already can take pretty good care of itself…so, meet Mittens! G is in love and is constantly sneaking her inside. The day after we got her she killed a mouse outside, so she’s earning her keep!