Monday, February 24, 2014

Brooks – 10 Months!

Sweet little man, you are 10 months old! I’m not sure how, but you are! Time to start planning a PAR-TAY! DSC_0528

- You are crawling everywhere! You mostly stay in the living room at home, you just started venturing into the kitchen the other day. At the office you have learned to crawl from office to office!DSC_0486 – You are still in a size 3 diaper and 9 –12 month clothes.DSC_0523- You still don’t have a single tooth!! You are still eating well! You are still nursing, eating baby food and eating a little bit of table food. You WILL devour that smash cake! I know this! DSC_0490  - You are pulling up now! You’ve let go once. I can’t believe you will be walking soon!DSC_0500 – You and Daisy are starting to play. Well, you crawl around and try to get her!DSC_0536 – You LOVE to play “Super Brooks” almost every night with Griffin!IMG_20140218_181939 – You are such a flirt! No matter where we go, you are flirting and talking to everyone you see! From little ole grandma’s to big burley biker dudes, everybody loves you!

- Griffin, Peyton and Reece have really surprised me when it comes to you! I thought by now that they wouldn’t help out and would be over the “new” of having a baby in the house. But, no, they LOVE pretty much anything to do with you. They are such a BIG help!!

I love you sweet boy!


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