Monday, February 22, 2016

New Farm Babies{AGAIN!} and an Adoption Update!

Last Wednesday was an exciting day around our house! When I arrived home from work Josh was feeding all of the animals so Brooks and I went to "help"! I noticed something about Trixie, one of our pygmy goats, that may indicate she would have a baby soon! (Trying to keep it PG here!) We weren't even 100% that she was pregnant and if she was we thought it would be a while because she wasn't very big at all. Last time she had babies, back in July 2015, she was huge! After being around her for a few minutes I realized that what I saw only indicated that she had already had a baby. They were not in sight, so I just KNEW I was going to walk around the goat yard until I found a dead, stillborn baby goat. :(

I went to their little goat house and peeked inside and didn't see anything...then I looked over to the right and there was a tiny little black baby sleeping! Then I looked a little further and saw another little tan baby sleeping! EEKKSS! SURPRISE! I scooped them up and all the kids and the hubs came running to see!

Two little baby GIRLS this time!

Meet Pixie and Tink!

They are the sweetest little things!

This is one of the older ones that was born in January, but I just love this picture of him with Reece! He's the best little goat! He loves to be held or just sit in your lap!
And now for a not so great adoption update.

We received an email Friday that the home study agency that we were using has had their Hague Accreditation put on hold and we need to switch home study agencies. This means nothing to you, I know. But for us, it's huge. Our first big bump in the road. I've done A TON of paperwork that now has to been redone and some other things that will have to be redone. It's all very time consuming and now to start over? UGH!


Amy Faulkner said...

So glad you are closer to the beginning of the process with having to switch to a new agency! I can't imagine the horror for families who are deeper into the process who may have to switch and start all over. Can't wait til we get to move out to the country and get some farm animals! I miss having chickens.

The Howards said...

Hey! My sister found your blog through a click of a click etc. you know how that goes. And she shared with me. We are also in the adoption process of a little girl from China. We are in the home study process as well- still early. I would love to connect with you. We designed a tshirt and its funny because it looks so similar to yours :) probably the same company. My email is We live in Birmingham. Look forward to chatting with you sometime. Maybe you have some wisdom to share with me :)