Friday, February 12, 2016

We're Adopting!

We are super excited to share our news...

We are adopting a little girl from China!!

We feel like the Lord has called and we are simply saying, "YES!" I'll blog more as I have time but we really thought our family was complete with our four awesome kiddos! Apparently, He had other plans all along! haha!

We've spent the past year praying and researching and finally feel like it's time. We started the process in January and we are in the beginning stages of our home study! I might as well be pregnant because I am a nesting MACHINE right now. If it doesn't bring me joy, it's gone! haha!

Please pray for us! It's very overwhelming, especially when you also have 4 children to care for. There's paperwork, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. Classes, classes and more classes. SO.MUCH.TO.DO.

And, you know me, gotta make it a little more complicated than it already is. We are taking all 4 kids with us to China! (By the way, they are super excited to have a new little sister, especially Reece!) There are several reasons for this...for one, I can't be away from my babies for that long. I.WOULD.DIE. Second, we want them to be there for that moment when we pick her up...I want them to be able to experience that. Third, I really think it will be easier on the little girl we adopt to have other children around her because that's what she will be used to. Fourth, not many people can say they have been to China! What an awesome thing to be able to do! There are many more reasons but those are the main points!

So, how can you help?

It's EASY! We are funding our adoption mostly through flipping houses! If you see me, Josh or my sister post a house for sale on Facebook...SHARE IT! :) That will help us sell the houses! The more times they are shared, the more people will see them and the faster we will sell them!

Also, we will be having a t-shirt fundraiser very soon! We want a party at the airport when we return home and want all of our peeps matching in a super cool shirt we have designed! :)

We know it's going to be SO worth it when we have her in our arms and can kiss her sweet cheeks!

More details soon! :)

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