Thursday, February 9, 2017

Airport Homecoming

I just realized that I never posted our pictures from our airport homecoming! We ended up getting stuck overnight in Detroit due to one of our flights being delayed. It was a complete bummer because we were SO ready to be home. And also because we didn't have our luggage so I only had the bare minimum of makeup and we didn't have enough clothing for the inches of snow. YUCK. We ended up being gone a total of 17 days.

None of it mattered when we arrived in Birmingham and b-lined it off the plane and straight to our friends and family waiting there for us! We were SO happy to see our people!!!!


These two missed each other SO much!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Two Months with Mia!

Wow! Two months already! After looking back at the "one month" post, I feel like we have made STRIDES in a short month! I didn't start these posts for myself but man, that helps me feel so much better! It's hard feeling like you are doing the same things over and over and not feeling like you are getting anywhere, but we are!

Food is still Mia's absolute favorite thing. She LOVES to eat. I did find a few things this month that she doesn't like and, just last night, she wouldn't eat dinner! We had hamburgers and I politely told her that she's an American now, she better learn to love them! haha! She is doing better with not eating anything and everything she can find. That's good because she's starting to realize that food is always close by and she'll never go hungry again! She's not doing the "grazing" thing she was before either, so that's good.