Monday, June 12, 2017

Six months with Mia!

Well, six months have flown by! Last week marked six months since we FINALLY got our hands on our Mia! She's come so far since that day!

Mia is such a sweet girl! I think my favorite thing right now is that when she wakes up in the morning she tells everyone "Good Morning!" and the way she says it melts me!

I feel like this month she's finally "getting it". She knows who her people are and where they are at all times. She knows all about our routine! She knows that after we take Brooks to school in the mornings we are headed to the office. She knows after we go to the gym we are headed to eat lunch and then probably Target! haha! She knows at the end of the day when we leave the office we are headed to get Brooks at school! She knows when we pull up in our driveway that Daddley(yep, still calling him that!), Griffin and Peyton are home waiting for her. She knows that after dinner it's bathtime! See, she gets it!

We spent more time at the beach this month! She LOVES it! She plays and plays in the sand! She loves the water too! We got our kayaks out for the first time this year a few weekends ago and she went on her first ride and LOVED that too!

I can't think of anything she doesn't love except for sleep and time-out! haha! She DOES sleep all night like I have said before but she doesn't like to be put in bed. (What kid does?) And nap time, well, she might take a cat nap.

For the most part Mia is a really easy kid, but I don't want anyone to ever think it's all peachy and rosy. Adoption is HARD. It's full of good stuff but don't think it's easy ALL the time! :) Her coping skills when she gets in trouble are not so great. Josh mentioned that it's kind of like a baby and he's right! But, it's getting much better!

Mia finally realized just the other day that when I leave her, I AM coming back! Momma's not gone forever and I'm never going to leave her for good! That's a major milestone! :) It happened Tuesday. I was headed out the door to spend some time with some girlfriends. I carefully(and quietly!) told everyone else bye and that I would see them in a bit. I kissed the hubs and told him bye...Mia was eating supper and I kissed her little head but didn't say bye because that causes her to freak the frick out. Well, she looked up and said, "Bye Mommy!" CUE THE HAPPY DANCE RIGHT ON OUT THE DOOR! :)

She's still all about the food. Even after she has eaten, if someone else in the house is eating she will just stand in front of them and stare at them to see if they will share. We are working on that! Also, we have to really pay attention to her when she is drinking something or she will just drink whatever is in her cup non-stop until it is gone. Most of the time she prefers to drink water so that's not really a problem as far as drinking so much of it, we just need to get her to the point that she realizes she will always have it so she doesn't have to drink it all at once!

We are still pushing through in terms of her health. It's a lot, really, but I feel like we are getting into a routine with it as much as we can. Last time she went for blood she and I went to Birmingham the day before to get labs drawn and since we had to be back super early the next morning we got a hotel and spent the night! She was excited to have me to herself but we were both a little bored with it so quiet! hahahaha!

Mia and Brooks had a little cuddle time before bed one night and his little arm around her MELTED us!
Our first Mother's Day! :) Watching Paw Paw skydive! Mommy's going to skydive VERY soon! Eeeks!

It seems like 6 months warranted a comparison picture! On the left, gotcha day and on the right 6 months later! :) We sure do love our girl!