Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Griffin’s Party and Halloween!

Way back on October 30th we celebrated Griffin’s 13th birthday by throwing a party at our house! We had a big bon fire, ate smores, hot dogs and cake and ice cream! The kids all had the best time just hanging out with each other and acting crazy!

DSC_0196 IMG_20151031_070756He had lots of fun!

The very next day was Halloween and it was a rainy one! Boo! We hung out and ate with my sister and her fam and then decided to trick or treat at the mall….well we were late apparently because the stores were out of candy! Thankfully Big Mama had stocked the kids all up so we were good to go!  DSC_0200 I heart them!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fair Fun & a New Farm Friend!

On Friday night, we went to the fair! It was lots of fun! We ate fair food, rode fair rides and played fair games! :)IMG_20151023_18243320151023_201805_resized 20151023_201752_resized His first gum…20151023_201744_resized 20151023_193011_resized There aren’t many pictures of G and P because they spent their time riding rides like this…20151023_190953_resized There was also a petting zoo there! 20151023_173953(0)_resized They had a baby zebra!!!! It was SO cute, 8 weeks old! 20151023_173942_resized And this guy was my fav!IMG_20151023_182201

AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday after church we headed to north Alabama for this little guy…

   Meet Tuck!IMG_20151025_143325 Tucker Hamilton! :)IMG_20151025_182354UM, how cute is he? So VERY!

I have been wanting a piggy for a while. I wanted one a very long time ago and then decided that we have enough animals! About a year or so ago my sister started trying to talk me into it and I told her she was bat cray. A few months ago I finally decided that we needed one! haha! So, since then, I’ve been researching and researching! Finally, last week I came across this fellow and couldn’t resist! We are working on litter box training so we’ll see how that goes! He also already has his Halloween costume! :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Griffin!

Thirteen years ago on this very day at 9:04pm I became a mommy! All my life I dreamed of being a wife and mom and the moment that this became my reality made me feel like this was exactly what I was meant to be!

Happy Birthday to you, Griffin Lee! I can't believe you are a teeneager now! Please don't kill me and your Dad through the teenage years, take it easy on us! K?

I love you more than you will ever know! Well, until you have kids, then you'll get it!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Big Mama!

IMG_20151008_110648Today is Big Mama’s 87th birthday! I love her more than anything! I call her anytime I need advice on anything and everything…she knows it ALL! We had a fancy lunch at Kozy’s and then I’m sure she was off to Walmart! My sister and I picked a card that said, “Happy 21st Birthday!” so she got a kick out of that!!

Happy Birthday Big Mama!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

We had a wonderful Saturday at the Griffin Farms Pumpkin Patch! This was the same one we went to last year and it’s great! I’m so glad that we finally have a pumpkin patch in our area! We went through the corn maze, played in the corn cribs, played with the animals, visited with Mickey Mouse, played in bouncy houses, stepped on a bee in one, slid in the giant culvert slide 975 times, ATE PUMPKIN PIE FUNNEL CAKE!!, rode the zip line, climbed the rock wall, rode the hay ride to get our pumpkins…I’m sure there’s something I’m leaving out but you get it…we had a blast!20151003_102242_resized 20151003_123020_resized20151003_103520_resized 20151003_103904_resized 20151003_104430(0)_resized 20151003_110632_resized 20151003_121253_resized Stung by the mean ol bee! :(IMG_20151003_134435  IMG_20151004_123801  20151003_124045_resized  Seriously…I don’t do pumpkin flavored stuff but this was SO GOOD!20151003_113449_resized  20151003_120316_resized 20151003_120424_resized 20151003_110758_resized  And we ended the day with a big Bama win!!!! Roll Tide!IMG_20151003_193212

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peyton the Trombonist!

Back when Peyton was so sick with Mono, he missed instrument selection night for band at school. Supposedly he wasn’t contagious at the time but he still felt HORRIBLE and I just didn’t feel comfortable sharing instruments with a bunch of other kids just in case. Because mono is the devil and we didn’t want to share. The band director is fabulous and he said he would just test him in class. He wanted to play percussion because what boy doesn’t? But that was full, he sounded really great on the trombone(per the director, he is so excited about this!) so the trombone it is! 2015-09-30 12.58.13 If you hear scary noises coming from our house at night, no worries, we’re just learning to play! #forrealthough #scary

Before we know it, he’ll be playing some tunes!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mary Poppins and Roll Tide!

We had another fun and busy weekend! On Friday night, Reece and I went to see Mary Poppins at the Bama Theater! It was SO good! We knew several of the actors so that made it even more fun! It was a late night for us, we didn’t get home until after 11, which is WAY past our bedtime!

 IMG_20150925_170049IMG_20150925_224652On Saturday, Hubby and I had tickets to sit in the Regions Bank Skybox at the game! Fun fun fun! :) Regions has one of the nicer skyboxes so we had a great time! And helloooo air condition! IMG_20150926_210443

Roll Tide!