Saturday, September 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Mia!

Three years ago today in a beautiful city across the world in Nanning, China a little girl was born! Her birth momma tried as hard as she could to care for her for nine short months.  She knew the baby needed medical care that was almost impossible in China. She did the best thing she could have done for her and left her in a place where she would be found quickly with a note that had the baby's birthday on it.


Three years ago right now the Lord started stirring up something in my heart that I didn't even know was there. First, he broke my heart for the orphan. As much as I love kids this wasn't very hard to do. But THEN he took me from, "I don't want any more kids, four is plenty" to "Someone is missing in this house, in this family and we have to find her NOW". He also made sure my husband would be on board the very first time I brought up adoption because He knew I couldn't handle it if he wasn't.

Is that not amazing? Little did I know that when she was born, He started working on me to prepare for her.

Happy Birthday to you, Mia Faith! I love you forever!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Nine Months with Mia!

Nine months ago today we got our Mia!

Right now we're getting blood. We went four weeks between transfusions again but this time her blood count was way lower than we'd like. We are going to try one more time and if she's low again, it's back to every three weeks for little missy!

It's going to be a super long day for us. We got here at 7:30am and it's currently 12:00pm. We JUST got her blood started and it's going to take 5 hours. She was ready to leave an hour ago. Yikes!

I mentioned last month that she started school. Yea, that didn't go well at all. She did a lot of crying. I did a lot of stressing. Doctor's did a lot of trying to tell us what and how to do it. In the end, I listened to my mommy instinct and guess what?! Mommy instinct was right, again! About a week or so ago she quit crying. Now, she waves bye to me and shoves me out the door! haha!

Mia still loves the food. I've decided that's never changing. She has started drinking milk, finally!

I haven't said it officially on here but she's a daddy's girl! Those two have it real bad for each other! She loves me but he's her jam! And, that's ok!

That's about all I have to report on Mia this month. She's really just been a busy little bee keeping up with all her sibs and their after school activities. Speaking of, Reece is cheering this year and Mia LOVES watching her and doing the cheers with the big girls! :)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Another Broken Bone

I think it goes without saying that life is always crazy at our house. Always. We have been SUPER busy since school started back!

On the day that school started back Griffin and Peyton got into a fight outside(at home) with each other. Whether they were horsing around or actually throwing punches I don't know. I'm sure the latter. They are teenage brothers who are 15 months apart and this happens.

A few days later Griffin came to me and showed me his swollen hand. The top of his hand was pretty swollen. Side note: They were horsing around in one of our hotel rooms in China and Griffin hit his hand on a door and it was swollen up the same way it was this time. It was fine a few days later(We weren't about to do anything about it there unless it was REALLY bad.) so we thought it would be ok. He could move all of his fingers and wasn't in any pain at all. But he has a really high pain tolerance so...

We gave it a few more days and decided to have it x-rayed. If you recall, when he broke his foot to pieces almost a year ago I just KNEW from the get go it was broken and lost my mind with guilt a few days later when we found out it was broken. I didn't feel that way AT ALL this time so I grabbed Griff and off we went to the doctor and I fully expected them to tell us it was not broken. They did the x-ray and a few minutes later the doctor came in and told us it was broken and displaced. My jaw was on the floor. We failed AGAIN. When the doctor left the room tears filled my eyes and Griff was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO...I am FINE! It's fine. I'm ok.!"

We paid a visit to his orthopedic surgeon yesterday who walked in the room and was like, "DUDE what now!?" So, tomorrow he will have surgery to place pins. Sigh.

We also talked with the doctor about him breaking another bone so soon and he thinks it's just bad luck. Since all of his breaks have been cause by something high impact. I agree.

It's the middle finger, in his hand.

 Say a prayer for him please! At least he isn't on crutches this time! :)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Eight Months with Mia!

Mia has been all ours for eight months now! Time is flying and I'm working on her 1st, 3rd Birthday Party! Yep, you read that right. It's her very first birthday party but she's turning three! Of course we plan to blow it out of the water! It's only fitting!

Currently, she's sitting in my lap getting a blood transfusion. This time we were able to go four weeks between transfusions instead of three like we have been. Thankful for that but keeping in mind Thalassemia is a marathon not a sprint!

Mia started preschool last week! She is going to the same school that Brooks goes to, which is the same one that the other kids went to as well! It went as well as I expected it to. I'm hoping this week is better! We only left her for a few hours a day each day last week to help her adjust.

Last week we had her follow up with the International Adoption Clinic. Everything went well there! She's doing really well in all departments! One of the therapists suggested she start speech therapy. As soon as the other kids get settled into a new school year we will start that! She is doing really well with English, especially since she was only introduced to it eight months ago! The speech therapy will just be to help her catch up to other kids her age.

She still loves food. BUT, several times in the last few months she will say, "I done" without a clean plate. She FINALLY realizes food is not going to be taken away. This is not the same with drinking, but we are still working on it!

This baby LOVES to SING! and DANCE! She loves the movie Trolls and the movie Sing!

Now for some random pics from the month!

Our power was out one morning so these three made a tent with Reece's gymnastics mat, her practice beam and some sheets! haha!

 Still can't keep his lips off her cheeks...

 Mia likes to take one of her siblings with her to get labs drawn, this time it was Peyton's turn!

Daddy's turn to take Mia for blood!

 I have no words for this...

Celebrating EIGHT months with our girl!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Potty Trained!

I totally missed posting a 7 month update on Mia. Just never got around to it and now we're almost at the EIGHT month mark! But I DID want to drop in to say that this girl... potty trained! YAY YAY YAY!

I literally put her in panties on a Saturday a few weeks ago and SHE HAS NOT HAD ONE.SINGLE.ACCIDENT. Not one. Nada.

Boom Shakalaka.

That's what happens when you are the 5th kid. Plus, she's a genius. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Life Lately

Sigh. This space has been neglected. Again. But the kids haven't so I call it a WIN! Here's a big ole dump of Life Lately for ya!

Our summer has consisted of beach, work, beach, work, beach, beach, beach, Six Flags, football practice, gymnastics, doctor's appointments, me being sick for TWO weeks, more beach, a few blood days for Mia and fireworks on the beach! haha!

People often ask why we go to the beach so much...which is weird to me because why not?? We love the beach and so do all five of our kids! I can clear my mind there like no other place on earth. We connect together as a family best when we travel anywhere. And, let's face it, sitting on the beach is one of the few places our kids are all happy at the same time! They get along and love being there. One of them LOVES to explore and collect things on the beach, one of them loves to play with his siblings in the water(he won't admit that!), one of them loves to get her tan on, one of them stays in the water the entire time we are out there and one of them loves the sand but begs Dadley to take her out in the water! hee hee!

Lap full of love! 
Mia's first Summer Snow!
Our Walmart Market FINALLY started offering grocery pick up! Friends, this is HUGE for me with five kids! Here we are at our pick up the very first day it was offered! :) 
 Josh's first Father's Day with Mia! However, I was SUPER sick. I started getting sick the Thursday before Father's Day and was sick for two weeks. So, hubs spent his father's day taking care of me and everything else on God's green earth.

Just another blood day!
 Peyton and I are super competitve and got into a little air hockey war! I won, of course! haha!

Love my lover love!

I'm telling you, there's no better place on earth to watch 4th of July fireworks than on the beach!

And to end the longest post of all time, a picture with my sweet boy! This was right before he crunched up all the chips in the chip basket onto the floor and I didn't even notice! HA!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Six months with Mia!

Well, six months have flown by! Last week marked six months since we FINALLY got our hands on our Mia! She's come so far since that day!

Mia is such a sweet girl! I think my favorite thing right now is that when she wakes up in the morning she tells everyone "Good Morning!" and the way she says it melts me!

I feel like this month she's finally "getting it". She knows who her people are and where they are at all times. She knows all about our routine! She knows that after we take Brooks to school in the mornings we are headed to the office. She knows after we go to the gym we are headed to eat lunch and then probably Target! haha! She knows at the end of the day when we leave the office we are headed to get Brooks at school! She knows when we pull up in our driveway that Daddley(yep, still calling him that!), Griffin and Peyton are home waiting for her. She knows that after dinner it's bathtime! See, she gets it!

We spent more time at the beach this month! She LOVES it! She plays and plays in the sand! She loves the water too! We got our kayaks out for the first time this year a few weekends ago and she went on her first ride and LOVED that too!

I can't think of anything she doesn't love except for sleep and time-out! haha! She DOES sleep all night like I have said before but she doesn't like to be put in bed. (What kid does?) And nap time, well, she might take a cat nap.

For the most part Mia is a really easy kid, but I don't want anyone to ever think it's all peachy and rosy. Adoption is HARD. It's full of good stuff but don't think it's easy ALL the time! :) Her coping skills when she gets in trouble are not so great. Josh mentioned that it's kind of like a baby and he's right! But, it's getting much better!

Mia finally realized just the other day that when I leave her, I AM coming back! Momma's not gone forever and I'm never going to leave her for good! That's a major milestone! :) It happened Tuesday. I was headed out the door to spend some time with some girlfriends. I carefully(and quietly!) told everyone else bye and that I would see them in a bit. I kissed the hubs and told him bye...Mia was eating supper and I kissed her little head but didn't say bye because that causes her to freak the frick out. Well, she looked up and said, "Bye Mommy!" CUE THE HAPPY DANCE RIGHT ON OUT THE DOOR! :)

She's still all about the food. Even after she has eaten, if someone else in the house is eating she will just stand in front of them and stare at them to see if they will share. We are working on that! Also, we have to really pay attention to her when she is drinking something or she will just drink whatever is in her cup non-stop until it is gone. Most of the time she prefers to drink water so that's not really a problem as far as drinking so much of it, we just need to get her to the point that she realizes she will always have it so she doesn't have to drink it all at once!

We are still pushing through in terms of her health. It's a lot, really, but I feel like we are getting into a routine with it as much as we can. Last time she went for blood she and I went to Birmingham the day before to get labs drawn and since we had to be back super early the next morning we got a hotel and spent the night! She was excited to have me to herself but we were both a little bored with it so quiet! hahahaha!

Mia and Brooks had a little cuddle time before bed one night and his little arm around her MELTED us!
Our first Mother's Day! :) Watching Paw Paw skydive! Mommy's going to skydive VERY soon! Eeeks!

It seems like 6 months warranted a comparison picture! On the left, gotcha day and on the right 6 months later! :) We sure do love our girl!