Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Catch up!

It's blood day again so I'm gonna catch up around here! I'm throwing it all in one post! haha!

Sooooo, I went skydiving again. :) We jumped with a different place this time. Only because we had previously booked with them(before I jumped at the beach) and already had paid deposits. Our jump with them was previously delayed because of weather. It was fun and I LOVED it again BUT I'll be jumping with the beach folks next time. We went about 4000 feet higher to jump and it was COLD as we were free falling. If you know me then you know how much I HATE to be cold. It was cold enough that I had trouble catching a breath and I didn't like that AT ALL! Nope. It was still the thrill of a lifetime! And I had more fun parachuting this time because I knew how to handle it!

It was my bro in laws first skydive and guess what?! He's hooked too! haha!

I chose not to wear the jumpsuit...I promise I was just as safe as they were! haha! Lots of people have asked me about that. My harness was exactly the same, I just didn't have on a suit!

 This is on the wall inside...it's very true! lol
 This man loves me! He let's me do CRAZY, insane things like jump out of airplanes!

 Just because they're cute...
Back in the fall we sold all of our goats except for two! I was overwhelmed with life and we had so many they weren't bringing me joy! You have to rotate your males out anyway so we dwindled our herd to two girls! A few weeks ago some of our baby goats showed up on my time-hop...cue the baby goat fever!! Gosh, they are so cute. I sweet talked the hubs into another male goat...and now we have a new little fella! His name was Rocky when we got him...the kids want to keep that but I want to name him Oliver and call him Ollie! :) He and Brooks are BEST buddies so he will probably win that one! hah!

Griffin recently had his spring band concert!

Brooks had a field trip to the zoo last week! I love me some him! My sister and Cason went with us because why not?!

Brooks is loving baseball! He's getting better and better. I guess being the baby on the team is paying off! He hit a triple the other day...what? He hit it all the way to the fence...would have been a home run had he known to keep running! hahaha!

 Mia got her first hair cut yesterday! I was going to just have it trimmed but then decided a bob would be super cute!!

 Reece recently had her color run at school!
 A few random pics that fell out of place and I don't have it in me to move them! haha! Y'all I'm on the struggle bus trying to get to the end of the school year. Between baseball, football spring practice, gymnastics, blood days, awards days, mother's day school festivities, concerts....all the year end things going on Josh and I are SO TIRED!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spring Formal and Prom!

Yea, I don't know why they have BOTH of those either! Maybe because Prom is just for Juniors and Seniors and Formal was open to the whole school?

Back at the beginning of March Griffin's school had their Spring Formal. He went with a friend and said to me, "We are JUST friends. I don't have time for girlfriend drama." That's a DIRECT quote. He had a fun time!

THEN, just a few weeks later I noticed a senior girl was hanging around a good bit. He said they were just friends. And they were but they sure hung out a lot! It was fine with us because she's a sweet girl and she goes to our church so we weren't forcing him to go to church! haha! One night he mentioned something to me about prom and not being able to go. I asked him why he couldn't and he said because he is a freshman. I told him that he could go with a junior or senior as their date. Within five minutes NO JOKE those two were going to prom together. #facepalm

They went to prom which was WAY different than when we went. As in, they took pictures, changed clothes, went to the movies, went to chick-fil-a, changed back into prom clothes and then went to prom! What? And I picked him up from prom so there was no after partying. haha!

Since then those two have become an item. So, we have our first teenage girlfriend. Yikes! It's been kinda hard on him because we have a no-dating until you are 16 rule! He's not allowed to go anywhere with her as in with her driving. They meet at the movies some, they see each other at school, she comes to Brooks' baseball games and they see each other at church! Just so y'all know I haven't lost my mind! haha!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Field Tripping!

A few weeks ago I went with Reece's class to Chattanooga, TN! We had to be at the school at 5am. Now, I'm a morning person and that's normally what time I get up for the day but that was WAY too early for a field trip! Since I get car sick so easily I always opt out of riding any type of bus, even a charter bus, so I dropped Reece off and headed to our first destination! It was about a 3 hour drive. I don't particularly like driving that far by myself but I just drank a ton of coffee and listened to a few podcasts. The time went by quickly!

Our first stop was the Incline Railway. I should mention that it was super cold and rainy! We had a fun ride to the top of Lookout Mountain and the kids enjoyed a snack up there! We then rode back down and headed to the Tennessee Aquarium!

There were approximately 79,000 people there that day. IT.WAS.INSANE. I had three little girls in my group, including Reece, and was SO STRESSED out that I may lose one of them! Even one of the little girls was stressed with it being so crowded. We quickly made our way through because it was so crowded we couldn't really see. We also ate lunch there.

After that, I signed Reece out and we headed back to Tuscaloosa where we belong!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Happy Birthday Brooks!

On Sunday Brooks turned FIVE! It's hard to believe that our little baby boy is already 5 and starting Kindergarten in the Fall!

We celebrated him all day, complete with a party at Upsurge! He had the best day!

 SO. The funny story of the day was that I accidentally bought "trick" candles. You know, the ones that keep relighting themselves. #momfail #oops

 His cake was complete with black olives on the "pizza" because black olive pizza is that baby's JAM! #minetoo

 After the party he wanted to go to a local Japanese restaurant. At first he wanted his favorite Mexican restaurant and then changed his mind because the Japanese restaurant gives you REAL chopsticks on your birthday! :) Off to eat Japanese we went. When we got there and were being seated he started yanking on my shirt saying, "MOMMY LOOK!!" Around the corner was his favorite waitress from the Mexican place!(they are each other's favorite, if I'm being honest, she even knows him by name) She had changed jobs. (Yes, we eat there too much, lol) It MADE his day that he got to see her! And, it made hers too!

After dinner we went home to play with all of his new toys! :)

Monday, April 9, 2018

My First Skydive!

There's a little something you probably don't know about me. I'm a thrill seeker. An adrenaline junkie. And I like to do things that others don't do! Haha! If there's a roller coaster around put me on it. Any kind of theme park...I'm in! And I'm ALL IN. I love it!

I've wanted to skydive for many, many years. Since I can remember. I always said I would wait until our children are grown just in case. But, you know what, over the last year or so I changed my mind.

My birthday was April 1st and I found a place that you can skydive at the beach(Skydive the Gulf) so I booked it for the day before! It was booked for 10am and we got there at about 9:30. My Dad was jumping with me and Josh and the kids came to watch! The tandem jumpers were sitting outside waiting for us to arrive! I quickly signed a waiver(lol) and watched a training video. After that I was harnessed up and walking to the plane! It was about a 13 minute ride up to the altitude we were jumping. I just sat there and enjoyed the view! I really enjoyed seeing how pretty the water was. I was never nervous or scared at all. The staff was incredible and I felt completely safe! When the pilot was ready for us to jump he reached across me and unlocked the door! The guy I was jumping with, Luke, reached up and opened the door! The wind hit me in the face and I thought, "Holy crap!"hahahaha! The next thing I had to do was put my feet outside the plane on this little step. That was the hardest part of the entire experience just because HELLO! haha! Once I did that Luke did the rest. The next thing I knew we were plummeting 120+mph towards the earth! We fell about 30 seconds until it was time to open the parachute! After that we just glided around in the air. He taught me how to manuver the parachute to go different directions and showed me if you pull it really fast you can fly around fast! Fun, fun, fun! Once we made our way down to the ground we landed safely on our feet! There was a girl there to meet us, she was videoing. She asked me how I felt and I responded, "like I need to do it 5 more times!"

Soooooo, I think I have found a new hobby! I'm jumping again at the end of the month with my brother in law and Dad again. We are jumping in Cullman. Then I'll be jumping again not too long after that with Skydive the Gulf again...because you can jump at sunset and land ON THE BEACH. Hello. Please and thank you.

Here's a few of the pics...

Friday, March 30, 2018

Rest in Peace, Miss Chippie

On March 8th I had to make one of the hardest decisions. Miss Chippie had to cross the rainbow bridge and hop back into PawPaw's lap. It was the hardest decision for me. I can't explain how hard.

Miss Chippie was originally my Paw Paw's dog. She sat in his lap for endless hours keeping him company and watching the Braves play. He named her after Chipper Jones. We snuck her into the hospital the night before his major open heart surgery that ultimately ended his life on earth. Those two LOVED each other. After Paw Paw passed Chippie and Maw Maw grew closer and kept each other company. A few years later, Maw Maw passed away and that's when Chip came to live at the crazy house known as my house! haha! She went from quiet, old people to lively, loud people! She didn't care, we were hers! We took her all over the place when we traveled(except for China!). Her favorite place was the beach!

In the last few months her health started to decline. We aren't sure exactly how old she was but she was at least 17 years old. She definitely full filled her purpose on earth. It finally got to the point where I talked my husband into taking her to the vet and talked my sister into calling and making the appointment. I couldn't do either even though I was ok with it.

Rest in Peace, Miss Chippie. You are missed.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Spring Break 2k18!

Look at me being the cool mom with 2k18! HAHA! #imsofunny

We spent most of Spring Break at the beach! It was still cool outside so we found other things to do! As much as we travel there, we always find new things. We love to explore and find fun things as a family so we had the best time!

My sis and her fam were with us the first few days so we had lots of fun with them! We ate lots of yummy food because if you know us then that's our fav thing to do! And we spent some time playing at the arcade and riding go carts. Go cart competitions are fun when you have 11 competitive family members! :)

We also made our way to a town close by to find Dinosaurs one day! This was lots of fun! They are literally in the middle of nowhere, just off the road. There was an old dirt road off the main road so we just walked to find each one! It was a trek, but it was a beautiful day and felt so wonderful outside! Brooks is really into dinosaurs, like can blow you out of the water naming certain types, so he had the best time!
I didn't get pictures with all of them but there are four total!

We also took the ferry over to Dauphin Island one day. This was something we had been wanting to do for a while now! It's been put off because it's usually really busy...and because I get really car sick. I just KNEW being in the car on the boat would do me in! I had to focus on not letting myself feel sick! HA! I knew if I got out of the car I would be fine but it was WAY too cold on the way over to the island to do that. On the way back we did and it was fabulous!

On the island we went to the estuarium. Not sure why it's just not called an aquarium. It was FUN! We also went to the bird sanctuary there. It was basically a hike through the woods because #kidsareloud. haha! We let Brooks lead the way and walked a few miles. It was another beautiful day and we had the best time!

One of the boys walked ahead of the line leader...

That sums up our Spring Break! :) Look at me cranking these posts out!