Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Farm Babies!

On Sunday, January 10th, our Foxy girl gave birth to two of the most precious little baby goats you ever did see! We were leaving for church and had been on baby watch for a couple of weeks! As we were going down our driveway the hubby saw them first! Reece and I bailed out and ran down to meet the new babies, who were super freshly born!

I love baby goats! Almost as much as baby humans! :)

Their names are Sweet Pea and Peanut Butter Cup and they are both boys!

It was a super cold day so right after church I snuggled them up in my jacket while the Hubby got a heat lamp set up for them!


They are both pretty tame, just like their momma, but the little black one is SUPER sweet! He just wants to be held anytime we are down there...and he kisses you on the cheek! 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Peyton!

Happy 12th Birthday Peyton!!

How he is already 12? Sheesh, time flies! Peyton is one awesome dude! He loves playing the trombone in the band, playing his x box, wrestling with Griffin, aggravating Reece and teaching Brooks fun stuff like fist bumping!

He is having his 3rd annual paintball party on Saturday! Seriously, the kid loves paintball! Hopefully we won't FREEZE!

Tonight, he wants to eat Japanese so that's just what we'll do! 

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Christmas Card

So, yea, I'm way behind on here AGAIN. Life is just busy. And, while I want to keep this blog updated for us to be able to look back on, I also have to, ya know, take care of the hubs and children and be a Property Queen! :) So, I'm doing the best I can!

We had a photo shoot back in November-I'll share pictures soon! I picked our Christmas Card picture from those!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Reece!

Yesterday was Reece's 8th birthday!! I seriously can not believe she is EIGHT! We had her party last weekend. She wanted it at the ice skating rink that she had her party at last year...so that's just what we did!

He had on skates, he's already WAY taller than me! haha!

 She wanted her theme to be the movie Inside Out, so if you haven't seen it you will be totally lost when you look at the cake! ;)

B LOVED ice skating!

Happy Birthday baby girl!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Josh!

My Lover Lover is 34 today!! We’re getting old…but, he’s always going to be the oldest! HAHA!IMG_20150822_120855 Tonight we’re celebrating with dinner and, most importantly, Strawberry Cheesecake Shortcake! HOLLA!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Camp McDowell

Griffin and I spent three days last week at the Camp McDowell Farm School!! The farm school is new to Camp McDowell, it’s only been there about a year. We arrived on Monday around lunch and got settled into our cabins…girls in one, boys in the other! There were only 7 girls on the trip so it really wasn’t bad at all! After settling in we ate lunch and then got right to work! The first thing we did was plant some red cabbage in a raised bed. After planting we took a tour around the farm to visit the animals! That night we went on a night hike. In the woods. With NO flashlight…nothing! We hiked and fell down a steep hill and ended up in a cave! It was super cool…we were behind a waterfall…and there were GLOW WORMS in the cave! SO FUN! The next day we had farm chore duty! As in, milking the goats, feeding the goats, feeding the hogs, chickens and everything else! It was fun but it was work! That afternoon we spread several tons of gravel to make a new drive area close to the barn. And by we I mean everyone but ME! haha! The next day we had a farm to table class where we picked things from the garden and cooked. It was fun but I was BEYOND ready to come home!!

I’m very thankful for one on one time with my Griffin!!IMG_20151116_073742

20151116_135359_resized 20151116_135432_resized 20151116_151044_resized 20151116_153050_resized This is Sandy! SHE LOVES ME!20151117_092546_resized  See?20151117_093126_resized 20151117_093619_resized20151117_134747_resized 20151117_141146_resized 20151117_135426_resized Oh yea, and we made our own butter and popped popcorn on the campfire and when the two came together….HOLY!20151117_184233_resized

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Griffin’s Party and Halloween!

Way back on October 30th we celebrated Griffin’s 13th birthday by throwing a party at our house! We had a big bon fire, ate smores, hot dogs and cake and ice cream! The kids all had the best time just hanging out with each other and acting crazy!

DSC_0196 IMG_20151031_070756He had lots of fun!

The very next day was Halloween and it was a rainy one! Boo! We hung out and ate with my sister and her fam and then decided to trick or treat at the mall….well we were late apparently because the stores were out of candy! Thankfully Big Mama had stocked the kids all up so we were good to go!  DSC_0200 I heart them!