Friday, September 9, 2016

Mia Faith

Ok, friends! Let me start off by saying that I know some of this is very vague. I hate it when people do that but for the sake of our girl and this adoption I have to be that way right now. The LAST thing I want to do is make her birth country upset with me! Bare with us! We love you all and are SO thankful for your support and more importantly your prayers as we wade through this together! I'm so excited that people want to know more!

What a whirlwind of a few weeks it has been! INSANE.

Let's back up to Friday, 8/19/16. I felt anxious ALL day long. I couldn't shake it no matter what I did. Looking back, I think it had something to do with the next weeks events.

On Monday (8/22/16) we received a "spotlight" email from our adoption agency. We get these pretty often and they feature children who need families. They are usually older children(we are trying to keep our birth order) and I sometimes open them and sometimes do not. When I saw the one from Monday, at first I almost didn't open it. Then something told me I should. I read about a little girl who will be turning two very soon. I clicked to download two pictures of her. As soon as I saw her face my heart exploded. I called Josh to see if he had seen the email yet and he told me that if I wanted to see more info on her to request it. I emailed our agency and asked for more!

We received her file on Tuesday(8/23/16). We read over it after a very long and tiring day...the boys first football game was that night and we were all dog tired. But, we were excited to be looking at HER. We were confused and scared. Her needs are a little more complicated than we thought. BUT, what stuck with me was she was 9 months old when she was abandoned. That's pretty old. She had a note with her that had some very important information on it that I will cherish forever! I can't stop thinking about her birth mom. She desperately tried for 9 months to take care of her but just couldn't.

Anyway. Wednesday we were still thinking and praying and trying to figure it out. It was so hard! We were also told that there was another family looking at her file. At this point, I just started praying for clarity. I needed the Lord to show us what to do. We decided to send her file to the International Adoption Clinic to have it reviewed by one of the doctors. That night, I messaged another adoptive mom(that is local) on facebook to see if she knew of any other adoptive mom's that had adopted a child with the same needs as her. Of course she did! She put the two of us in touch. The next day, Thursday, I was able to talk with her and she was exactly what I needed! I felt so much better after talking with her. Not only does she have a child with this need, she is a nurse practitioner so she knows what she's talking about! I called Josh as soon as I got off the phone with her and he felt better too. That afternoon I received an email from the doctor at the IAC. It was supposed to be 72 hours before we heard from her and it had only been a few hours. She stated in the email that she wanted to talk with us the next morning and that she would LOVE if we had a video that we could send her of the little girl. Just so she could see in action how she was doing and such. Well, we didn't have that. I knew our agency had requested it but you never know if they will send one or not. I sent an email back to the doctor and told her this. Not even 5 minutes later I checked my email and in it updated medical file AND A VIDEO of our girl! This is when I KNEW the Lord was working it out FOR SURE! :) Josh and I weren't even supposed to be at home when we received the email, normally at that time we are still at work. But the Lord even made sure we would be watching it together. And boy when we started watching...CLARITY! :) All the tears were cried because we knew this was what we have been praying and waiting for! This is when we decided to name her Mia, she just looks like a Mia! More on her middle name later! :)

The next morning we talked with the doctor. She was SO sweet! She explained everything she could. She went over everything that we already knew. We told her that another family was involved and she said she KNEW how hard that was because she's been there too. She told us she would be praying for us! As soon as we got off the phone with her we immediately emailed our agency and told them that we wanted to move forward with her. Later that day we learned that the other family had not made a decision yet. We each had two weeks to make a decision, so we knew they had until September 6th. We waited and waited. Our agency sent us a questionnaire to fill out in case the other family also wanted to move forward. An "advocate for your family" type of thing. If the other family said they wanted to move forward there would be a big meeting to decide who got her.

September 6th rolled around and we anxiously waited on a phone call. We had been in contact with our agency a lot up until this point just checking in. I went to Target at lunch for some retail therapy. I happened upon a cute little toboggan in the dollar was a panda! I knew she needed it so I tossed it in the cart! When I went to check out the cashier grabbed it and said, "Ohhhh this is SO CUTE!" Of course I told her why I was buying it. She said, "Oh I want to adopt a little girl from China too!!! I even have a name picked out...Mia!" My jaw dropped as I said, "that's my daughter's name!!"(this was the first time I called her my daughter!) We both had chill bumps and I promised to bring her by to visit! :) About 30 minutes later I started feeling SO anxious again. It was not fun but I told my sister something was going on because I just couldn't shake it. About 30 minutes into feeling that way my cell phone rang, I saw it was our agency and I anxiously(literally) answered. It was the director. She was calling to tell us that the other family did not want to move forward and that she is most definitely OURS! She also told me that she almost called us before sending the spotlight email to see if we would be interested. Either way, the Lord was making sure she came our way!

Y'all this whole process has been such a blessing! It has been hard(STILL IS) but it's turning out so beautiful! I feel like I am sitting around with my jaw on the floor just in awe of the Lord's work in this, from the very beginning until now! I just look back at things and smile because only He could have done this!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Our First Broken Bone(s)

Well friends, we have experienced our first broken bone with our kids. And, of course, we can't do anything simple so it's actually THREE broken bones.

Last Thursday, when the boys arrived home from football practice Griffin was limping. My heart sank. He said another child fell on it at practice but that the trainers thought it was just sprained. My mommy heart thought otherwise but the hubs and I decided to give it a day or so. The next day my poor baby went to school and hobbled around all day. I decided if he wasn't WAY better the next day we were having it x-rayed. Saturday rolled around and it wasn't better so Josh took him to the doctor. I stayed at home with the other kiddos because we are working on switching Brooks and Reece's rooms! After about an hour and a half I text the hubs to check in and he sent this back...

It would be safe to say I had a complete come-apart. Like, it was bad. The other three kids came to my rescue and were super sweet and calmed me down. I know it's not my fault but if I would have listened to my mommy instinct he wouldn't have walked around for two days like that. SO MAD AT MYSELF!

But, he thinks it's cool...

On Tuesday he had surgery. They placed a few pins in his foot that will stay in for about a month and then they will come out. Ouch. Let me tell you how tough this kid is. Before the surgery, he had NO pain medication...he was in NO PAIN. Blows my mind. And, even since surgery, he doesn't complain hardly at all. He is such a trooper and we are so proud of him!

This was us post-surgery..just hanging out and having a Netflix day! Love my Griff!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time for Football!

Man. I'm feeling old today. Griffin and Peyton have their first football game tonight!  I'm nervous and excited and freaking my freak. I'm terrified, really. They have been practicing since May, so hopefully they are prepared. Yes, all summer. In the 975 degree heat.

Our school is not very old, so the football programs are very young. I could care less if we win any games(of course I want them to win, for their sake) I just don't want them to get hurt. I hope they learn to love the sport and take all their frustrations out on the field! ha!

Please excuse their hair and sweaty-ness! This was right after they got home from practice last night and I was all like, "OH MY GAHHHHHH, look at y'all in your jersey's!!!!" Followed by lots of eye rolling and, "DO NOT PUT THIS ON INSTAGRAM!" haha! These two make me laugh everyday! :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Immigration Approval!

It's been a rough week! It's been stressful and busy.

Brooks, along with me and Josh, had to deal with something this week that I still can't even talk about on here, which has made me even more stressed. HE IS FINE. He is one brave little boy and we are so proud of him! But let me tell you about the momma tiger in me. Don't mess with HER!

After dealing with the situation I was SO excited when Josh sent me a text saying that we got our immigration approval in the mail that day! PRAISE THE LORD! This is the LAST thing we needed for our dossier to be sent to China! :) It was supposed to take 3 months to get! I'm anxiously waiting on an email/phone call from our agency to tell me when our dossier will be sent!

And, no, she still doesn't have a NAME!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Back to School!

The kiddos went back to school today! Griffin is in 8th grade, Peyton is in 7th grade and Reece is in 3rd grade! She's all, "When I'm in 5th grade, Brooks will be in Kindergarten!" STOP IT!

Most moms are all  But, I'm all  I used to be in that other mom club. But every year I love summer more and more. It's those couple of months that we get to hog our kids all to ourselves and not have to share them with school. We do what we want and we don't have to be responsible!  Plus, this is Griff's last year of middle school. Boo to THAT! My kids are the bomb diggity and I miss them already!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

USCIS Fingerprints

Josh and I had our fingerprint appointment with USCIS this morning! We had to be in Birmingham at 8:00AM! Yes, that's alot. Up, dressed, kids disbursed and out of Tuscaloosa by 6:30! But, we made it with 10 minutes to spare!

USCIS stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. In a nutshell, families who are adopting internationally have to fill out an application and send it to USCIS to be approved to adopt internationally. There's a lot that goes into it but the fingerprints were to conduct FBI background checks. We should be assigned an officer soon that will eventually send us our approval letter!


As you can imagine, we are very anxious for this to go smooth and FAST!

Other than today, we are just basically sitting around waiting on other people. That's not much fun, for it to be completely out of our hands.


We received an email from our agency yesterday and in that email it mentioned that we need to have her named by the time we accept a match! Which could happen at any, yea, a name would be good.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Moving on up!

Our sweet Brooks baby moved up to a new class at school today!! It makes me so sad that he will turn four in this class!

He is such a big boy! He doesn't need our help much anymore with anything, "I super skrong, I do it!" is what we hear all the time!

I'm pretty sure he's super man!

I have a recent little story to share about him. On this past Friday, his teacher called me. She said that they were out on the playground and he had stuffed his ears with this rubber stuff that the playground is made out of! UGH. They weren't sure if they got it all out and since that would potentially cause big problems if they didn' to the doctor we went. His doctor walked in the room with a HUGE smile on her face. This was not a surprise to her! HAHA! Such a little boy thing to do! His ears were fine.