Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Brooks!

Brooks is TWO years old today! Seriously, time flies! He has left the “baby” stage and turned into a full blown 2 year old! And all that goes with it. He is a mess!

He LOVES gummies, cars(he said, “vroom, vroom” in his sleep the other night!), tractors, bubbles, balls, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, running away from us as fast as possible at the ballpark and lots of other little boy things! :)

Here he is this morning…IMG_20150422_072306 And last night at the ballpark climbing the fence!IMG_20150421_185421

Happy Happy Birthday B! We love you SO much!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Here comes the Bride!

My baby sister got hitched on Saturday!!! Eeekkss! It was a beautiful wedding and everything went according to plan, which was fabulous since there was an almost TWO year old in the wedding party! ;)

I wanted to share a few pictures, I’m sure there will be more once the photographer finishes! Reece was the flower girl, Brooks was the ring bearer, I was the matron of honor and Griffin and Peyton were escorts!


IMG_20150417_160636  RIGHT before walking down the isle!IMG_20150418_201417   A few from the photographer! 11174238_10153534125835166_6036829666467957809_o 11151041_10153534126250166_6605127448502646616_n Y’ALL!!!! I don’t have words. He was the sweetest little man. He walked down the isle holding my hand with a mouth full of gummy bears. I could eat his face!11156381_10153534126380166_7954884670294013956_n 11159950_10153534124030166_6683147457768741640_n 11169679_10153534123995166_5930660345861606508_o Little Bro officiated! He did fantastic!IMG_20150418_195755The ending of a long day! Another one in the books for me and Hubby! Yes, I changed shoes! :)20150418_191009_resized

Friday, April 3, 2015

Meet Trixie!

We finally found Foxy a new friend! I trolled Craigslist like a crazy lady until I found one!

She’s almost solid black and has some beautiful baby blue eyes!!

I was a tiny bit worried at first. I saw her picture and started texting the man that had her. He told me about her and that he owns her parents and that she just had a baby that he sold a week ago. I fell in love with her and we set up a time to meet. Well, for Hubs to meet. AND THEN he proceeded to tell me that she’s not very friendly, she won’t come up to you AT ALL and is very skittish.

Well, crap.

Josh went to get her anyway. While he was there the man told him that she also likes to escape. Double crap. He brought her home anyway. He said that their pen was rickety and ours is not so he didn’t think she would be able to get out.

At first Foxy chased her around like a crazy kangaroo. She would jump up on her hind legs and kick the front ones. Poor new goat. Then after a day or so they were used to each other and now they are friends!

Just two days after we got her she was already eating out of my hand! I think she’s going to be just fine, she just needed a little attention! :)IMG_20150401_192355_resizedNow our goal is to find a male so WE CAN MAKE BABY GOATS!!!!!!

PS-I turned 33 Wednesday! OLD LADY STATUS! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Tubes(again!) for B!

Last May, Brooks got tubes in his ears. About 6 months or so ago one of the tubes started making it’s way out and he started having problems again. If you’ve never had a child with ear infections well, they are horrible. And now that he can talk he would say, “eah hut.” Talk about hurting my heart! Pitiful! Over the last 5 weeks he was on 3 different antibiotics to treat ear infections, none of which cleared them up. Back to the ENT we went and got tubes the very next day!

Here we are before they took him back. It was not as easy this time as it was the first time. Mainly because he is a year older! When we were in the holding area the nurses desk was directly in front of his bed and it had a box of doughnuts on it. He recognized the Krispy Kreme box quickly and kept saying, “Nonut PEEZE.”


He’s used to eating way earlier and was so hungry! I felt so bad.


He was more ill when waking up this time around, which we expected. After we were discharged, I got him something to eat and we headed home where he took a THREE hour nap! He woke up feeling fabulous and we went to eat at Taco Casa before Peyton’s ballgame!


So glad he’s feeling better!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break!

I am WAY behind and have LOTS to catch up on but for now, SPRING BREAK!

Last week was our Spring Break and it was perfect timing! We NEEDED some time at the beach! The sister and I made plans to all go together and I’m so glad we did. The house is FULL with us all there at the same time but it’s FULL of LOVE! ;) and lots of cousin laughter!

This is B on the ride down! HA! IMG_20150318_132300 Love my Lover!IMG_20150318_164401 These 4 make me so happy! And crazy!IMG_20150319_105335 Um, can we say TWINS? IMG_20150319_155144 Beachin’ cousins!IMG_20150320_112939 AND THEN!!!! Paw Paw kept all 6 kids and we had DATE NIGHT! Yeehaw!IMG_20150320_165715 It was the best week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A few weeks ago our sweet Roxy passed away. When the vet called to tell me she didn’t make it all I could do was cry. To the point that the lady on the phone was like, “I am SO SO SO sorry. Just call us back. ”  20141024_171700_resized

It was bad.

She escaped from the goat yard the day before-she and Foxy have NEVER escaped-and one of our dogs attacked her. A stray that we had taken in. He had also killed several chickens. He is no longer an issue. That’s all I know about that.

Our entire household was sad. We haven’t found another goat yet but we are on the lookout for sure! Goats do not like to be alone so we need to find Foxy a friend SOON! 20141004_133615_resized

However, we DID get new baby chicks!IMG_20150209_162911

And a few days later….baby DUCKS!!!!! EEEKKKK!IMG_20150214_164302The ducks make us SMILE! They waddle around with all their little ducky cuteness! 

Welcome to the farm! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Christmas Card Pictures!

Oh my! I just realized that I never posted the pictures from our Christmas Card photo shoot!

For shame, for shame!

Peyton is all about looking snazzy for the girls… so the tie was right up his ally. DSC_0021Griffin thinks he is a grown up!DSC_0016 Bow tie..I DIE.DSC_0034 Sassy! If I could sum her up in one word, that’d be it!DSC_0185 This is one of my favorite’s ever in the history of EVER!DSC_0093 DSC_0052  DSC_0123 DSC_0128  He likes me…just a tad…DSC_0199DSC_0203 And because NONE of our family photo shoots are complete without a kissing shot…DSC_0111

Yes, that’s mistletoe! ;)