Monday, June 25, 2018

Adults Only Trip to Disney!

Friends, if you have never had an adults only trip to Disney you are missing out! Oh my, we had the BEST time! Josh and I left Wednesday evening and stayed close to the airport because we had a super early flight Thursday morning. My sister, her hubs and our Dad came late Friday night. We did it this way so that Josh and I could have a few days to ourselves!

Our dates were June 7-10 and it was an EXCELLENT time to go! We thought it would be super crowded and super was neither!!

When we arrived on Thursday we went to our resort which was Port Orleans-French Quarter. Which was fantastic, by the way! Y'all, Disney's attention to detail with EVERYTHING is unmatched. Period. Anyway, we caught the bus from there to Disney Springs because our room wasn't ready yet. (We knew that would be the case) We spent some time there but honestly I was bored and hot and didn't feel well AT ALL. We had been up since 2am after only three hours of sleep and I was feeling it. haha! We had a dinner reservation at O'Hana at 3:45 so we went back to our resort-our room was ready-and chilled out for a bit! We decided to head to the Polynesian Resort super early so that we could check it out before dinner. It is beautiful and had me dreaming of Hawaii! As it turned out we had the first reservation of the night at the restaurant! Score! We sat beside the window and had a great view of the castle across the water!

This was our first time at O'hana and y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT.WAS.SO.GOOD. I highly recommend!!

That's something else about this trip, the food was the best! Last time we went to Disney I was disappointed in the food but this time made up for it!

After dinner we went back to our resort and we were asleep by 7pm. We were SO tired! And we knew the next day would be super busy so we got some good sleep!

I'm an early bird so we were up and at em around 6 am the next day! (For some reason people don't realize that getting to the parks when they open is the BEST thing to do! Seriously, you can get to rides you don't have fast passes for with no/little wait, the crowds are SUPER low and it's not so hot!) We split an order of beignets for breakfast and headed to Hollywood Studios! We had fast passes for everything we wanted to do there and ended up only using 2 of them but still riding the third because there was no wait! We rode the Rock n Roller Coaster, the Tower of Terror and Star Wars-The Adventures Continue! I'm not into Star Wars AT ALL but the ride is fun! The other two are always fun too! Somewhere in between all that we split a Mickey pretzal! My sister has to be very strict on not eating gluten so I HAD to get one before she arrived! haha!

Once we had done all we wanted to at Hollywood Studios we headed back to our resort for a few to rest! We wanted to grab some fast passes for Magic Kingdom because we had dinner reservations at Be Our Guest! The only thing available was the Pirates of the Caribbean ride so we took it. We headed to Magic Kingdom. We took a Lyft this time instead of waiting on the bus. It was only like $10 so worth it! Once we were there it was pretty hot so we headed to wait what we thought was a 60 minute wait time for Splash Mountain! We ended up only waiting 30 minutes which went by super fast! I got SOAKED on the ride! haha! We then got in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which also supposedly had a 60 min wait...we only waited 30 minutes. We were the last to ride before the ride was shut down due to the weather!  A few minutes later came a thunderstorm! DO NOT LET RAIN RUIN YOUR DISNEY TRIP! Rain is your FRIEND-Everyone leaves! #winning We put our ponchos on and kept on trucking! We went to the Hall of Presidents! I really enjoyed it! It wasn't open last time we were there because they were adding Donald Trump. We then went across the park to Space Mountain, where there was an 80 minute wait. This wait time was pretty accurate and left us with FIVE minutes to walk all the way back across the park to catch our Pirates fast pass! I could care less about riding it but the hubs was ALL IN. He DRUG me all the way as fast as we could go and we made it with one minute to spare! It was totally just the thrill of getting there on time for him! haha! After that it was time for our dinner at Be Our Guest. I have to say, this was my least favorite meal we had. It was just ok. Their menu changes next month so hopefully it will be better! And, yes, I tried the gray stuff...I guess it was delicious! hahahahaha! After that we called it a night until my sis and bro in law arrived around 1am!

The next day we headed to Epcot bright and early! We fully intended on riding everything we wanted before the World Showcase opened at 11am where we planned to drink around the world! Yep, I said it. We were kid-less, remember? We headed straight for Test Track! This was my first time and I LOVED it! We had a fast pass for Soarin'-this is one of my all time favs. I love it times a million. We rode it twice because why not?! We headed to Mexico right at 11! First stop, margaritas and the Grand Fiesta Tour! We then made our way around the world one country at a time and took how ever long we wanted to at each! We stuffed ourselves into a phone booth, met Mary Poppins(who was upset she didn't get the memo about our shirts lol), wished we were back in the real China, got my sister, Reece and Mia each a Pearl in Japan, had some mighty fine wine(and cheese!) in Italy, got a henna tattoo that means "family" in Morocco...I can't even remember what else we did but we had a BLAST. We ended up in Canada for our dinner was SO, SO INCREDIBLE! I had the filet and twice baked mashed was heavenly! We were pretty tired after that, I can't remember what we did but I'm pretty sure we headed back to our room! Full and tired!


Our last day was spent at Animal Kingdom! There were extra magic hours on this day so we arrived at the park about 8 am! We went straight to Pandora because we didn't have a fast pass for the Na'vi River Journey. We didn't have much of a wait, if any. If you are a huge Pandora fan, you will love this one! As for me, I haven't even seen the movie! haha! We had a fast pass for Flight of Passage later in the day. We noticed on our app that there was a FIVE minute wait for Expedition Everest-UM HELLO-fav of all time! We headed that way and rode twice back to back with NO wait! We also had a fast pass to ride it again later! I can't remember if I ended up riding 3 or 4 times! #soextra We rode the Rafiki Wildlife Express Train to kill a little time before our Safari fast pass and realized that we would end up at a petting zoo! HELLO DISNEY! I didn't know! The first thing I did was make a goat friend! :) They also had an area indoors where you could watch through glass and see veterinary exams! They were doing an ultrasound on a turtle, so that was fun to watch! After that was our Safari fast pass...this one is always fun and always different! I believe our lunch reservation at Yak and Yeti was next! Another YUMMY meal! DELISH! Then is was off to what I had been anticipating for six months...Flight of Passage! I was a little nervous that my people had talked it up too much and that I would be disappointed...but NO! I LOVED IT. Everyone LOVED it. Had we not had to leave for the airport soon after I would have stood in line for the 120 min wait and rode again...WORTH IT! We went and saw The Lion King show next! It was fun but Dad loved it the most! haha!

Let's mention our "Hei Girl Hei" shirts from this day! SO many compliments! haha! The cast members LOVED them! :) Josh won the shirt contest for Epcot! LOL

Then it was time to head to the airport. Boo Hoo. But we were ready to see our babies!

We ended up STUCK in the Atlanta airport until oh about 12:30 am. Not fun. We ended up home around 2:30am. Dog tired but full of fun memories!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Mia's Blood Clot

Last week on Mia's "blood day" when they were accessing her port she complained that it was still hurting after they were finished putting the needle in the port. Her port is completely under the skin and so she still has to be stuck but she doesn't normally complain too much. I'm sure it hurts like heck but she tries her best to be tough about it. It shouldn't really cause pain after it's accessed but she's also three and a tiiiiiiiny bit dramatic so it's kind of hard to judge. Soon after we were walking to the restroom and I noticed her holding her shoulder and arm funny. I could see pain in her eyes so I knew something wasn't right. We also could not get a blood pressure in that arm. I talked with her nurse and she called the doctor who ordered an ultrasound.

We went ahead and continued with the blood transfusion first and once we were done we went for the ultrasound. I wasn't particularly worried until the ultrasound person(WHAT is the correct mind is blank!)asked if we were leaving or staying.....of course I asked her what she could tell me...which was of course, nothing. But she said she wanted the radiologist to look at everything before we left. And she did and then they told us we were good to go. Well, ok. I should have gone back downstairs and asked her hematologist if everything was good but y'all I was so tired I didn't even think of that. It had been a LONG day of  little someone being hard to deal with. If ya know what I mean. haha! We had been there since 7:30am and it was about 4:00pm at this point.

So, we headed home.

 The next morning I had a doctor's appointment in Birmingham. Josh and I were leaving my office heading that way when my phone rang and it was Mia's doctor from Children's. When I answered she asked if they told me anything about the ultrasound and that Mia has a blood clot in her neck near the line for the port. WHAT? And then she said, "We need you to come today and get her prescriptions and for us to show you how to give shots."

I'm sorry, WHAT. NO.

We grabbed Mia from daycare and headed to my appointment and then straight to Children's Hospital to Mia's doctor. They filled us in on all the things and taught us how to give her the shot. She has to have them twice per day. Like I said, she's REAL tough but it sucks giving those to her! We also have to take her once a week to have her levels checked to be sure she's getting the correct dose. Which we are already having to go every three weeks so not that much more.

We need you all to be praying. We need this medication to work. We need the clot GONE. If it doesn't work the port has to come out. She NEEDS the port.

Meanwhile, we're giving her all the starbursts when she gets a shot!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Memorial Day

I don't know about y'all but Hubs and I were LIMPING to the end of the school year. It was a hectic last couple of weeks and we were tired! As soon as school was out on the last day, it was a half day, we headed SOUTH! We had a fun weekend with my sister and her kids! Beach time is always the best time!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Anniversary and Honors Day!

On May 18th we celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary! We were SUPER busy that week and actually only got to eat a quick lunch together in a flip house to celebrate! We are taking a trip next week ALONE and I can NOT wait! #byekids
 During the last week of school Reece had her honors day program at school! We have been blessed with really smart kids..they all make really good grades! Reece was also recently asked to be an ambassador for her school for next year! She is very excited about that because it wasn't an easy task. She had to fill out an application, answer a questionnaire, write an essay, get three teacher references AND be interviewed by a panel of four complete strangers! We are SO proud of her!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Brooks is a Preschool Grad!

A few weeks ago Brooks graduated from Preschool! Y'all, I can not believe he starts kindergarten in the fall. I'll probably cry my eyes out on the first day. :(

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Baseball Champs!

Our baseball season is over for the year! Brooks ended up really loving it! He learned SO much from the older kids on his team and made some sweet friends!

Somehow our kids always end up on really good teams, ones that don't lose much. I really think it's funny because come tournament time, I'm ready to lose out so we can be done and it doesn't happen! haha! Our team went 17-0 and won the league championship!

The thing about having a good team is that everyone else is jealous. Man, people don't know how to chill out when it comes to kids' sports! Why can't they just have fun??

Go Astros! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Blood day catch up!

It's blood day again so here I am catching up! It's currently 1pm, we've been here since 7:30am. We're about half way finished. It's been a ROUGH day. Mia is super moody and that makes things difficult. As all get out. She and I spent the night in Birmingham last night because she needed to get labs and we had to be back this morning for blood. Everything was great until she decided she wasn't going to eat her pizza for lunch and she only wanted chips. She pitched the mother of all fits. Twice.

Thankfully, I have some sweet adoption momma friends who are here with their kids and they are such an encouragement to me. It's so nice to have other mom's who know how it is!

Anyway, say a prayer for us.