Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roll Tide!

I don’t know about where you live but ‘round these parts football is in the air! Living in a college town is pretty fun! ESPECIALLY when your football team is superdeeduper!

4 days ‘til kickoff, tailgate food, cute crimson and houndstooth clothes, a sore throat from screaming and our ride to our 14th National Championship begins! YAY!

In other news, no football is not the ONLY thing going on right now, Reece did even better at gymnastics this week!

AND, Officer Hubby got fantastic news yesterday about his new job! I CAN NOT wait to share with you! It’s likely he’s going to have to make a HUGE decision and choose between two jobs..both in law enforcement, both very different! Oh my word, I’m so excited for him! But, the decision making will be a tad stressful, I’m sure. We’ll get through it! Better to be in this position than to not have a job at all!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chef of the Week

Reece is Chef of the Week in her class this week! Y’all know how I love to bake and of course, my little helper always helps! Her teacher sent home some cookie cutters for her to make “shape cookies”. So, last night after bath time we got to work! We had fun, wet head and all!

DSC_1061DSC_1063 xoxo,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gymnastics, take 3!

Much better! As long as I was right there with Reece she did great! I had to do the balance beam with her and then she did everything else on her own! AND-the bars are still her favorite!

Onto other things, someone is spreading a rumor that I’m pregnant. I mean, at least they’re not spreading something bad like telling people I have some raunchy std…but nonetheless, if you hear that I’m pregnant, it’s not true. At least not to my knowledge at this time and no we are not trying either.

And speaking of spreading rumors, I just don’t understand why people want to just start stuff about other people. Are they really that bored and is their life that dull? The person who started that rumor about me doesn’t even know me and I’ve never even spoken to her. And then there’s the people who don’t have facts straight on things and just tell whatever and get things all twisted. That’s annoying!

Anywho, don’t expect a baby from us anytime soon.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Stupid Cat

WHY WHY WHY WHY did y’all let me get a cat?!?!?!?! I KNEW better…I so knew better. Because Griffin loves her so much I could get past her climbing on the kitchen counters 575 times a day, I could get past her annoying meow, I could get past having to sleep with my door shut so she wouldn’t pounce me in the middle of the night, but I will NEVER get past her peeing on laundry I had piled in the hallway waiting to be washed. Not gonna happen. I don’t know what her deal is. Just being pissy I guess. NO pun intended!

She also peed the next day on Reece’s nap mat. We have a VERY small laundry room so I pile clothes down the hall until they are washed.

I told Griff that was it, she was gone. He cried, Peyton cried. I can’t stand to see them sad. Now what? I thought about putting her outside, but she can’t be out back because of Molly and I don’t want her wondering around the neighborhood….I don’t want to just give her away and let her be someone else’s problem…or maybe I do. Anyone want a cat?


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yea, about that. It’s not going so well. She loves it and talks about it ALL THE TIME until we get there…then she freaks her freak. Seriously. The first day we pulled up in the parking lot she was screaming(happily) in the back seat, “BINASTICS! BINASTICS!!!” Then this week when we pulled up Josh was getting her out of her car seat and she said,”I excited!”

She’s fine until it’s time for her to go with her teachers. It’s because you sit in this playroom and the teachers come and get her from me….she hates strangers. She’s fine if she’s with me around strangers but with them taking her from me she can’t stand it…I don’t blame her. Last week she cried for about 10 minutes or so and then once she realized I was still there she was fine and did everything! This week she cried the entire time! They have windows so parents can watch. It came to the point this week where I couldn’t figure out if I should just leave her crying or if I should just go get her or if I could just stay with her. There were no parents who were out on the floor with their kids and I was unsure of the rules on that one. I did try to go to the front desk and seek advice…but there was no one there…so I just left her. And I wanted to cry myself because I knew she was so upset. :( boo. After class her teacher told me to just stay with her next week! :) I think she will be happy when that happens!

Her first ever gymnastics picture…..yep crying.


My other two favorite girls were perfect little angels! (sorry for the glare, this was taken behind a window)


First she jumped on the trampoline….DSC_0983 Then, she picked out a wedgie….hahahaha!DSC_0979 Next she did the balance beam…DSC_0988 And finally my favorite, the bars! That was her favorite for the night too, go figure!DSC_0993

Here’s to next week!!!!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Bad Blogger

And again, I can’t keep up. I have no excuses today except for the fact that I am pooped. So freakin’ tired. I guess with everything going on last week with school starting and getting the boys back in a routine it just wiped me out!

Oh and Josh sold his car last week and got a new one and all the hype with that made me nervous and stressed….which made me more tired. Hubs didn’t get just any old car…he got a real life The Fast and the Furious car! It came from Japan…you drive it from the right side…kinda neat. I’ll get him to post pics! Someone called him Paul Walker on his facebook and I almost peed in my pants I was laughing so hard! ha!

Anywho, I’m tired. Reece did great at gymnastics last week…that deserves a post all by itself…I will tease you and say that everything was peachy ‘til I hit her in the head accidentally with my camera. :( She has class again tonight and I hope to get some good pictures!

The boys are doing GREAT in school! So happy with the teachers they got!


Monday, August 9, 2010


Josh’s 10 year reunion was a blast! Josh went to a local private school(TA, for those around here!) and there were only like 34 or so that graduated with him. The reunion started Friday night at a local bar for a meet and greet but we didn’t attend that night. Saturday morning was a family/tour the school event. It was fun to see everyone with their little ones! It was way too hot! DSC_0949 DSC_0952 And then on Saturday night we met at the Cypress Inn Crow’s Nest for adult talk/fun! We hung out and talked for about 2 hours before we realized we should EAT! There seriously was that much to talk about! :) We ate and socialized a whole lot more and then we had to leave because hubby had to go to work. :(

I love him!DSC_0961DSC_0957DSC_0958

Farris and Jason, one of the cutest couples I know! We hadn’t seen them since our wedding! That’s just insane and we’re going to change that!DSC_0962DSC_0955

This is Catherine, she graduated with Josh and is in Nashville waiting on a record deal, I can’t believe she doesn’t already have one!DSC_0964

DSC_0954 The whole group!DSC_0965

Such a fun time!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy August!

We’ve got a super busy month! Reece started her new room at school today! I’m not worried at all. We’ve known her “new” teacher for what seems like forever. She had both Griffin and Peyton and now she has Miss Priss, the most girly girl on the planet. Almost everyday when I’m dropping her off or picking her up one of the teachers will stop me and tell me how they can’t believe she’s so girly since she has two big brothers. Only thing I can say is she’s just like me! Lucky girl! hahaha!

Tonight Josh has court and also tonight is The Bachelorette Finale! Word.

Tomorrow night we have a homeowner’s association meeting. Our subdivision is not even fully developed yet…grr. May get ugly.

Josh’s 10 Year Reunion is this weekend! Friday and Saturday! It should be lots of fun!

Sunday is Open House for the boys. We should find out this week who their teachers are..I’m nervous about that! I don’t know why…well I kinda do. I need Griffin to have a teacher like he had last year…who actually understood all about his ADHD self! And I need Peyton to have a teacher who gets him too!

Monday Reece starts “jinastics” with her Cousin E and her friend Addison! I can’t wait! My sister(in-law but not really!) and I are counting down the days! They are just too cute in their little leotards! And the same lady owns the gym that owned it when I took there when I was little so things have come full circle with that! :)

And Tuesday school starts! I think the boys are ready…I’m ready too. But, a second grader and a first grader??? Where did my babies go?? :(

That’s as far as I’ve gone on the calendar and that’s only a week! sheesh! Busy little family but I love EVERY minute of it!