Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roll Tide!

I don’t know about where you live but ‘round these parts football is in the air! Living in a college town is pretty fun! ESPECIALLY when your football team is superdeeduper!

4 days ‘til kickoff, tailgate food, cute crimson and houndstooth clothes, a sore throat from screaming and our ride to our 14th National Championship begins! YAY!

In other news, no football is not the ONLY thing going on right now, Reece did even better at gymnastics this week!

AND, Officer Hubby got fantastic news yesterday about his new job! I CAN NOT wait to share with you! It’s likely he’s going to have to make a HUGE decision and choose between two jobs..both in law enforcement, both very different! Oh my word, I’m so excited for him! But, the decision making will be a tad stressful, I’m sure. We’ll get through it! Better to be in this position than to not have a job at all!


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Cherry Berry said...

Roll Tide!! I got so excited the other day thinking about football season. That was a first for me! I have ALWAYS dreaded it. Maybe because for the past 4 or 5 years I was having to drive around in football traffic delivering steak to a bunch of drunks! Haha! And maybe because I have never understood a thing about the game. I made Adam explain it to me last year though. But I am looking forward to it now.
Can't wait to hear the news about Josh's job! You got me all curious! Haha! Y'all try not to stress too much over it. I'm sure either decision will be great. Good luck with deciding!