Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Cat’s gone. Thank goodness. I know y’all knew I was done after that post the other day but then something else happened. Big Mama was over at our house Monday afternoon watching the boys after school while Josh was at court. Well, Big Mama is a HUGE pet lover. The cat always sits in her lap and she pets her the entire time she is at our house. So, Monday was no different…until the cat decided to bite her!!! YES! It wasn’t bad and barely broke the skin but still! She bit my almost 82 year old grandmother!!! And she’s been nipping at the kids too, for no reason. So, we’re just not cat people or whatever.

I was REALLY worried about Griffin being upset. Y’all may think I’m nuts but I really think the cat helped him with his ADHD. Last night we sat all three kids down and told them that she was going to live with someone else. Griffin did cry, but he understood. And he was pretty ticked at the cat for biting his Big Mama! He asked for a hamster AND a rabbit. Josh said we don’t live in a zoo! I beg to differ some days! ha!

Chinchillas have been on my brain for about a week. They are really cute…but ALOT of work! And they are expensive! I have never been more back and forth with something so much in my life. I think we’re going to put this one off for a while.

Any of you have hamsters or guinea pigs or suggest what we should get? I had hamsters growing up so I know we can handle them! hmmm….suggestions please!


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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

We had a lot of pets growing up. DO NOT get a hamser. Theyre gross and stinky. We had one guinea pig and I remember him being cute. Ferrets are my fave, but are expensive and smelly too. I all rodent-ed out and will not be getting Trevor any in his childhood years..

I cant wait to hear about Joshs job!!