Monday, September 13, 2010

Cop Wife

Sometimes it’s hard to be a cop wife. I remember when Josh first told me that he was thinking about becoming a police officer…it made me so nervous! And for months after he started working at TPD I couldn’t hardly sleep.

His life is on the line every single time he leaves our house to go to work.

That sucks.

But I have finally come to the point where I don’t worry so much. I know it’s out of my hands and all I can do is pray for him to be safe!

Still, every now and then I let my emotions get the best of me and freak out. Case in point, Saturday morning. Actually let’s back all the way up to the day I posted on here about getting a new critter! Almost as soon as I posted asking for advice on what to get I b-lined it to the nearest pet store and spent $70+ on a hamster and all the jazz to go with it. I didn’t even give y’all time to talk me out of it! But anyway, the kids loved her and she was super cute! WAY better than having a cat! But when I woke up on Saturday morning she was dead. as. a. doornail. Yes I am serious. The kids were up but weren’t awake enough to even pay any attention and it looked like the rat was asleep. So. I texted the hubs who generally would have been on his way home at that time. Wellll, he didn’t say anything back so I called him…no answer. Hmm..I figured he was just on a late call and would call me back. I texted Allison to tell her the news. Meanwhile it had been 10 minutes or so since I tried to call Josh so I tried again. No answer. Made me a little but anxious. I tried to ignore the crazy in me that wanted to freak out and went about my morning making the kids breakfast. I called him every 5-10 minutes for 45 minutes and then my heart started racing. I didn’t want the kids to know I was worried so I still tried to ignore that gut wrenching feeling…and the tears that REALLY wanted to flow. Then my cell phone rang…it was Allison and as soon as I answered I started bawling! I couldn’t control it anymore so I went and hid in my bathroom and talked to her and she tried to talk some sort of sense into me! Didn’t work BUT my phone beeped and it was JOSH! YAY! I have NEVER been so relieved!

He could immediately tell that I was crying…

Josh: “What’s wrong babe?”

Me: “I’m just really worried about you!!!!”

Josh: “Oh I am SO sorry!!!! I’ve been on a CRAZY call and didn’t know you had been trying to call!! I am so sorry!”

All I could do was cry and laugh. He felt SO bad.

I know this post is getting lengthy, but you will be laughing even harder than you are now when you read what he was dealing with! It WAS crazier than me!

Officer Hubby was arresting an illegal mexican for sodomy and rape of a girl that had mental problems.(Bentley for Governor!!) He got a call from another officer that needed assistance at a local gas station. There was a man there, clean cut man, that had walked around behind the counter at the gas station..where the cashiers are. He unzipped his pants and whipped out his wiener. (how else do I say that on here?!?!?) When Josh got there he was singing to Josh, “My ding-a-ling is bigger than your ding-a-ling.” When the other officer was putting handcuffs on him he backed up and tried to grab the officer’s package! Can we say coo coo for cocoa puffs? Hubs starting investigating things and apparently the man went missing from Huntsville(North Alabama) 10 hours prior. He was not drunk or high. He was having a mental breakdown that made him THAT coo-coo. It’s really sad.

I don’t post too much about hubby’s job….but I did get permission for this one! :)



Heather said...

Bless your heart!! Just found your blog and you have a beautiful family! Following along and can't wait to read more!

April said...

Aww thanks Heather!