Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Freak my freak!

This baby is making me sleepy! This morning I slept about 30-45 minutes later than I normally do! I am known to hit the snooze a time or two since having kids but 45 minutes? That puts me in a full blown rush to get myself and three other people out the door on time! I am NOT complaining! Just stating facts.

I woke up and realized what I had done and made a b-line for the potty. Our potty is in a water closet(I prefer potty room but whatevs!). As I sat there, I looked down in front of me and staring me straight IN THE FACE was a…


Shut the front door!!!!!!!!!!

It was on the trim right in front of me. It was about an inch to two inches long. Big enough to EAT ME ALIVE!!!!

I jumped up and ran to get my cell phone to call Officer Hubby-who was at work.

Hubby: “Hello.”

Me: “Holy crap!(‘cept that’s not really what I said. oops.) There’s a scorpion in our bathroom!!!”

Hubby: “hmm. That’s weird.” Just as calm as a napping cat.

Me: “what do I do? How do I kill it?”

Hubby: “With a shoe.” Like I was dumb.

Me: “What???”

Hubby: “Actually catch it in a cup because I want to see it!!”

Me: “for real? You want me to catch it??????”

What the what??? Why can’t this happen WHEN HE IS AT HOME??? Lucky for him there was a cup in the bathroom. Meanwhile it ran up under a t-shirt that was in the floor. So I had to pick the shirt up and try to get the thing off. It didn’t want to move. Then it jumped off the shirt at me like spiderman.

Just kidding! It fell in the cup! :)20120925_060616And then I flushed that sucker like nobody’s business!

The pest control man will be sent to our house TO-DAY! Yes sir.


Justin and Marcie said...

Hahahaha!!! This post cracked me up!! We built a house in a brand new neighborhood and we had scorpions BAD. It's like all the little critters didn't realize their homes were no longer there!!

Lindsay Pav said...

When we were housesitting on the lake we had SO many scorpions..I was so scared to walk around at night!

April said...

And now I am TERRIFIED to walk anywhere in the house, around the house, put my shoes on, etc. HAHAHAHA!

Cady said...

Oh my gosh that would have FREAKED ME OUT! I don't think I would have even been able to get it in the cup!

April said...

I really don't think I could have had it not been on the shirt and fell into the cup! I was scared to even smash it with a shoe!