Thursday, September 20, 2012

Melissa Jones

For those of you that don’t live around here OR you’ve just been under a rock all week, let me fill you in a little!

Melissa Jones is a mother of six who was on her way to the birth of her first grandchild when some idiot 16 year old boys(two of them) thought it would be fun to throw a brick from an overpass on the interstate hitting Melissa’s van. The brick went through the windshield and hit her directly in the jaw and chest. One of her sons(14) was able to get their van to the side of the interstate. Thankfully, a trucker that had been hit with some debris pulled over to help. She was drowning in her own blood and if he hadn’t stopped to help, she would have died right there in front of three of her children. Her twin daughters were in a separate car and pulled up shortly after the accident.

Anyway, Melissa is self-employed and does a lot of cleaning for us. She works her butt off, let me tell you, for her children. Her youngest son has cerebral palsy and is always on his momma’s hip(not when she’s cleaning, just when she’s visiting!) and loves to flirt with us girls in the office!

Melissa has been in ICU since this happened on Sunday night. She has had several surgeries and has more to come with a very long recovery ahead of her. She has no health insurance.

I just know how this town came together after the tornado and how everyone was there for each other. Let’s keep that up and help Melissa! My step-dad has set up an account at Alabama One Credit Union. If you can donate please send checks to the credit union at 1215 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404, Attn: Doug Killough. Please put Melissa Jones in the memo line.

Thanks so much!

And PS-If you come by the office or gym before she’s back on her feet grab a mop, I’m sure we won’t be able to keep things as clean as she does! ;)

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