Friday, September 14, 2012

Telling the Kids!!

We waited until after our first doctor appointment to tell the kids about the baby! I know some of you would have waited longer but that’s just not us! Our boys are older and would have caught on anyway!

I wanted to do something fun to tell them so what better way than with a cookie cake?!

They had NO clue!

They were surprised! The reason that Griffin said that he gets an x-box is because I told him that if and when we have another baby he would get the X-box and Peyton would get the Wii because they are in the game room which now becomes the nursery! :)



Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Cookie cakes are the best for just about anything!! I LOVE the accents..I could listen to them talk all day. :) Congrats again!

April said...

Haha! Thank you!

Justin and Marcie said...

I'm a new follower, saw your blog listed on a mutual friends blog. Congrats on the new addition! I must say, having a late April birthday is pretty fabulous...mine is April 28th. Do you hope it's a boy or girl?? Maybe it will be a girl and your house will be even!! Congrats again! So exciting!

April said...

Thank you! I think April babies are the best! My birthday is the 1st! :) If I had to pick I would pick girl just so Reece can have a sister! And to even things up!