Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm alive. I really am. Just been to busy to get on here and blog and put Christmas pics up!


I was sick as a dog yesterday. Sick, sick, sick. Barf. Like, I couldn't even work. I think I have an ulcer in my stomach. None the less, I puked all day yesterday. So, now I am double behind at work, which I am sure is not good for the tummy....

I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Reece!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl! We can't believe you are already two! These two years have definitely flown by so fast. You are such a little princess, a very girly girl! Having two big brothers did not make you a tom boy by any means! Don't get me wrong, you can hold your own if someone messes with kicked a little boys tail at school last week because he kept messing with your hair bow!

I feel for you when you are older and trying to date...a cop for a daddy AND two big brothers....Mom's gonna have to help you out alot!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big FAT pain in the tail!

Grab your popcorn.

Ugh! This morning hubs called me and as soon as I answered the phone I could tell he was in a tizzy. He told me that Visa card services had just called our house and said that there looked like there were fraudulent charges on my debit card and for me to call them. Freakin' peachy. So I called-it was an automated call- and there was a charge at Home Depot in Missouri for $400! I said that I didn't authorize it and there was a hold placed on my card and I was told to call my credit union. And that's just the beginning of my saga for the day....

Good thing I looked cute today!

Anyway. I contacted my step-dad who works for the credit union and he told me who to contact. I contacted that lady and by this time(like 10 minutes later) there were two more charges at the same Home Depot-one for $200 and one for $201. They were pending to clear my checking account! $800!! There's definitely not an extra $800 in there! Gah! I had to go to the credit union to fill out paperwork to dispute the charges. Oh, the credit union also told me that the person that stole the number made their own card!!! How the heck do you do that?!?! Have I mentioned how busy I am right now? I don't have time for this crap. While I was at the credit union they told me that I had to go to the police department and have a report made. I thought that would be easy because the PD is across the street from my office.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I forgot that the rookies normally have to man the desk. Poor guy. He was so nervous. And once he found out hubs was a cop, he got even more nervous it seemed.

At least he was cute because I had to look at him for a long time! He couldn't figure out if he could even make a report since the fraud actually happened in another state, out of his jurisdiction. So we called hubs and between the two of them they figured that an investigator should be called and they could tell us what to do. So, Officer called an investigator and the investigator said that they could take the report and he would take it from there!

All that took like 45 minutes.

Then Officer had to write the report. That took a while too.

So, there you have it. My luck. I hope they find the creep and he rots in jail.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So, did I mention....

.....that when Molly escaped from our backyard last week she was in heat?? Uh huh. Expect a puppy post, I know there will be one. Craptastic.

.....that this cutie patootie swallowed a plastic snake night before last? It was about the size of a fishing lure. Ugh. Don't worry, it was in the litter box yesterday. GROSS!
.....that Griff cut a big red heart out of construction paper and wrote on it "I love mom and dad forever" on it?!?!?!

.....that we saw The Blind Side last night and it was Fantastic?!?!!? Oh my! So good! My favorite Sandra Bullock movie since 28 Days!

And last but by NO means least....

.....that our boy Mark Ingram won Alabama's first Heisman Trophy?!?!?! He deserves it so much and I am so happy and excited for him! Roll Tide! He is fabulous!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Reece's Party Pics!

Reece had a fantastic birthday party! She was in the best mood, had fun opening all of her presents and ate the ladybug off of her birthday cake!
Opening presents....
Oh Elmo, Looks like there's always gonna be one of you in our house!
Here's the cute cake!

As soon as I lit the candles she blew them out! So we had to start over!
"Wait! Why the heck are ya'll singing? I think I'm gonna cry!"
We SO didn't coordinate for the party! In fact, we didn't even realize this until later that night! ha!

Peyton and Bubble Bad(Uncle Brad!)
My fantastic sis-in-law Katie and my sweet niece Elaina
Griffin was not letting anyone take his pic, this is the only one I have!
Donna and Addison
Sweet, sweet baby Keltie
Three amigos!(+ 1, technically!)


Friday, December 11, 2009


Reece's birthday party is tomorrow! Her birthday's not until the 20th but I think we can celebrate her day and it be ALL about her easier by having the party earlier! I'm sure we will have a little mini party for her, just us, on the actual day next weekend! If you haven't figured it out yet, we're big on birthday's at our house! We pretty much go all out for our munchkins! I just picked up her cake from Celebrations and I think it's the cutest cake I have ever seen! I'm keeping it a secret until after the party so you'll have to wait on pics! While I was there I HAD to get a strawberry cupcake which meant I HAD to bring one back for Allison. I know she is supposed to be laying off the sweets but, it DOES have real strawberries in it so it's healthy, right? I'm an enabler, what can I say??


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm sure that some of you noticed my tweet last week about our dogs missing. Here's the story!

Last Thursday Ben was outside barking like crazy. Josh went to see what his deal was and Ben got his attention and pretty much showed him where Molly dug under our fence! She took Sadie and Greenie with her! Now, Molly has done this before, but she didn't go far that time! This time they were nowhere to be found! AHH! We drove around all over the place trying to find them. On Tuesday my friend Donna called and told me she saw an ad in the newspaper that said two labs were found in a neighborhood about a mile or so from ours! So, I called the lady and she had Molly and Sadie! She said that Greenie was with them at first but was very scared and ran off. She hasn't been seen since then. :( Josh took Ben over there today to look for her some more but they didn't see her! At least we got the other two back! Maybe Miss Priss will show up soon!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I swear I must have some sort of supersonic powers! I don't know how I function doing everything I am doing right now!



I am doing all my normal everything being a mommy and at work. Plus the holidays are here and Reece's birthday is here and my sister is pregnant and work is really busy this time of year for me plus we just bought a sign company!! woot. So I have been head first all up in that all week. We have no idea what we are doing. So, we have to figure it out. Fun. By the way, yes we still rent houses too, sooooo thankfully the sister cares nothing about the sign company so she can pick up the slack until the baby comes. Until then, I'll be here. When he gets will see probably nothing from the C fam for a while! Because when I do have a spare minute, it will be occupied by Noah! :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Roll Tide, Baby! Roll Tide!

A friend emailed me this and I thought I would share it with my fellow Bama fans! I'm anxious about the big game tomorrow! And I really hope that I haven't smack talked too much! :)

'Twas the week before Bama football, just ask my spouse

My neighbors bear witness, to the Bama flag on my house;

My jersey is hung by my bed with care,

In hopes that Coach Nick will live up to the Bear;

My children are weary, they know what lies ahead,

If Dad buys their school clothes, they'll have 5 shirts of red;

And mamma in her houndstooth, and I in my Bama cap,

Our Auburn friends should be leary, their team ain't worth crap;

Out of the cabinet comes a football shaped platter,

You know after kickoff dad's diet don't matter.

Away to the cooler I'll fly like a flash,

I'll pee a little in my pants and develop a rash.

I won't miss a play against any foe

The clock is a tickin' seeing crimson on Julio.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a wild elephant formation, Honey, get me a beer,

With a 5 star running back, so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment there should be an extra point kick.

These announcers are biased they don't know our names,

I wish that John Forney still called our games.

"Go, Trammell!, throw Namath!, Run Musso and 3 points by Van Tiffen!"

Now I'm stuck with an idiot saying Mark Ingram is Blitzen!

With a grill on my porch! My wife at the mall!

I anticipate the next painting by Daniel Moore in my Hall!

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,

I learned that Ole Miss has caught Coach Saban's eye.

The pundits all say that's a game we will lose,

But we've played them 53 times and we've won 42.

And then, in a twinkling, Kiffen will stop runnin' his mouth

When he steps into T-town and gets a warm welcome to the South.

With a beer in my hand, and a smile on my face,

I'll race to the message boards to put Vols in their place.

Talented LSU will be tough, no doubt about that,

But talent can't overcome the man called "The Hat";

The Iron bowl is next, Coach Saban vs Gene

Not worried bout that, hello 5 and 19

Urban and Tebow this is where it all lies

Talk to our players, Hell, look in their eyes

All the experts will tell you the Gators will rule the day

But this Bama Fan bought Rose Bowl tickets last May


written by an unknown Bama fan

I have lots of other thoughts to ponder on here later if I have time! Maybe tonight!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Daddy!

Today is Josh's birthday! He's getting old! ha! We always kid each other about being old(like since we were17!). He's four months older than me, so he'll always be the oldest! Tonight we have a date. Yay! We haven't had a date in a while......and we're excited! I think we're going to eat and then try to get the kids Christmas done. I'm so over fighting for toys and shopping. I'm still excited for Christmas...just sick of rude people!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my most favorite person on the planet! I love you so very much! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Mostly pictures today! We had a wonderful's just not long enough. We can never get around to see all of our family! We started out at Mimi's for lunch.....

Hubs, Reece, me, Allison and Noah
Master P putting it back!
Reece, Mom and Griffin
Granddaddy and Mom

We were trying to set the table and they were stealing the meat!

After lunch, it was time for some serious Domino playing! Griff, Allison and Brad were playing...the three most competitive people I know! Griffin KICKED THEIR BUTTS!HA!
You stick your tongue out to concentrate hard....
Or your belly, you know, whatever floats your boat! ha!
Then we had a photo shoot at home!
He's my favorite!

Attempt at a family pic...

Then for supper we headed to Papa and Gigi's...where no one wanted their picture taken except for Lily......
She is so darn cute. And she knows how to say Roll Tide Roll! No joke!
We hope your Thanksgiving was as fabulous as ours!