Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So, did I mention....

.....that when Molly escaped from our backyard last week she was in heat?? Uh huh. Expect a puppy post, I know there will be one. Craptastic.

.....that this cutie patootie swallowed a plastic snake night before last? It was about the size of a fishing lure. Ugh. Don't worry, it was in the litter box yesterday. GROSS!
.....that Griff cut a big red heart out of construction paper and wrote on it "I love mom and dad forever" on it?!?!?!

.....that we saw The Blind Side last night and it was Fantastic?!?!!? Oh my! So good! My favorite Sandra Bullock movie since 28 Days!

And last but by NO means least....

.....that our boy Mark Ingram won Alabama's first Heisman Trophy?!?!?! He deserves it so much and I am so happy and excited for him! Roll Tide! He is fabulous!

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