Friday, December 4, 2009

Roll Tide, Baby! Roll Tide!

A friend emailed me this and I thought I would share it with my fellow Bama fans! I'm anxious about the big game tomorrow! And I really hope that I haven't smack talked too much! :)

'Twas the week before Bama football, just ask my spouse

My neighbors bear witness, to the Bama flag on my house;

My jersey is hung by my bed with care,

In hopes that Coach Nick will live up to the Bear;

My children are weary, they know what lies ahead,

If Dad buys their school clothes, they'll have 5 shirts of red;

And mamma in her houndstooth, and I in my Bama cap,

Our Auburn friends should be leary, their team ain't worth crap;

Out of the cabinet comes a football shaped platter,

You know after kickoff dad's diet don't matter.

Away to the cooler I'll fly like a flash,

I'll pee a little in my pants and develop a rash.

I won't miss a play against any foe

The clock is a tickin' seeing crimson on Julio.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a wild elephant formation, Honey, get me a beer,

With a 5 star running back, so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment there should be an extra point kick.

These announcers are biased they don't know our names,

I wish that John Forney still called our games.

"Go, Trammell!, throw Namath!, Run Musso and 3 points by Van Tiffen!"

Now I'm stuck with an idiot saying Mark Ingram is Blitzen!

With a grill on my porch! My wife at the mall!

I anticipate the next painting by Daniel Moore in my Hall!

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,

I learned that Ole Miss has caught Coach Saban's eye.

The pundits all say that's a game we will lose,

But we've played them 53 times and we've won 42.

And then, in a twinkling, Kiffen will stop runnin' his mouth

When he steps into T-town and gets a warm welcome to the South.

With a beer in my hand, and a smile on my face,

I'll race to the message boards to put Vols in their place.

Talented LSU will be tough, no doubt about that,

But talent can't overcome the man called "The Hat";

The Iron bowl is next, Coach Saban vs Gene

Not worried bout that, hello 5 and 19

Urban and Tebow this is where it all lies

Talk to our players, Hell, look in their eyes

All the experts will tell you the Gators will rule the day

But this Bama Fan bought Rose Bowl tickets last May


written by an unknown Bama fan

I have lots of other thoughts to ponder on here later if I have time! Maybe tonight!


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