Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm sure that some of you noticed my tweet last week about our dogs missing. Here's the story!

Last Thursday Ben was outside barking like crazy. Josh went to see what his deal was and Ben got his attention and pretty much showed him where Molly dug under our fence! She took Sadie and Greenie with her! Now, Molly has done this before, but she didn't go far that time! This time they were nowhere to be found! AHH! We drove around all over the place trying to find them. On Tuesday my friend Donna called and told me she saw an ad in the newspaper that said two labs were found in a neighborhood about a mile or so from ours! So, I called the lady and she had Molly and Sadie! She said that Greenie was with them at first but was very scared and ran off. She hasn't been seen since then. :( Josh took Ben over there today to look for her some more but they didn't see her! At least we got the other two back! Maybe Miss Priss will show up soon!


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