Monday, February 27, 2012

The (S)Coop!

We had a busy weekend! You want the scoop on the coop?



The Grand Opening at the gym went really well! We had a great turnout!

OH and I did Zumba for the first time and can I just say that it will KICK YOUR TAIL?!?!!? Wowza.

Josh and his Dad worked on the chicken coop all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday. First, they got all the posts set and then went from there. We’ve They’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s going to be fabulous!


 20120225_150211All of the inside has to be dug out so that we can put wire down under the dirt…to keep predators out!20120225_164901 20120225_164716  20120226_155535This is for the people who know us in real you can see where it is in proportion to the house!20120226_155815They definitely were not short any help..Niko LOVES Josh!20120225_15175320120225_164509 20120225_164457    20120225_15022820120225_164406

This will be the back of the coop..easy access to eggs!20120226_155605   As it stands right now! They got the floor done in the is supposed to rain this week so that’s why they put the tarp on!20120226_155512 Meanwhile, I’ve found a local man who has silkies! So I’m busy trying to become his BFF because he doesn’t like to share them! :) I also found a local person who has laying hens for sale, so I’m on that too!

It’s all coming together! Now, who’s gonna babysit when we take beach trips?! haha!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fabulous Farm

We’re getting closer and closer to having chickens, my friends! I’m pretty excited! Josh has started on the coop and his Dad is coming over on Saturday to help. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was complete by the end of the day Saturday! It will be close! I won’t be home most of the day because we have the Grand Opening at the gym(come see me!), but hopefully Hubby will take lots of pictures! I want to post almost step by step on here for other people looking to do the same thing! We’ve had a hard time finding plans online!

We have done ALOT of research over the last six months or so(longer really) about chickens. I listen to anyone’s advice that has chickens but I hang on EVERY word that Big Mama tells me about chickens! She is 83 so she knows EVERYTHING! For instance, you don’t have to have a rooster as long as you don’t want baby chicks..BUT if you do have a rooster the eggs will be better. hmm. You just have to be sure to collect the eggs fast and get them in the refrigerator! If you do want babies, it takes 21 days to hatch an egg…you can collect eggs for a few days and then put them in the incubator on the same day and like clockwork 21 days later they will hatch…so if you wanted your kids to be home to see..make sure to hatch on a Saturday! So fun! Or you could just let nature take it’s course…which means the chicken will lay for several days in a row and then just start sitting on them, once she starts to got it…21 days!!!

At first we planned to just start with chicks and raise them. But now we’re thinking of buying a few laying hens to start, along with the chicks.. I don’t know. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there! All I know is Hubs eats ALOT of eggs.

I also want at least one silkie! Here’s what they look like in case you don’t know…


We also have plans for a goat.(or two! One will likely be unhappy and we don’t need an unhappy goat! haha) Goats are fun, I was around them growing up because my grandparents raised them.

AND THEY’LL EAT ANYTHING. And when I say anything, I mean anything! We want them to clear out underbrush on our property.

They are also great pets!

I’m also trying to talk hubs into a bunny for Easter! (pretty please with a cherry on top?!) Y’all see where I’m going with this whole farm post?!?!

And I wouldn’t mind a cute little pot bellied pig!

That right there is right up my alley!!! So cute! And pigs aren’t nasty despite what you may think! They actually are clean and like to be clean, but keep covered in mud for sun protection! We’d keep ours inside anyway!

And here’s what hubs will say about that…pig

Happy Thursday Friends!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Childhood Obesity

Griffin and Peyton spent the night with friends for the first time on Friday night! They had so much fun! They really have been missing these friends since we moved! Jordan and Zack are brothers the same age as Griffin and Peyton. They managed to always be in each other’s classes until we moved! (It’s crazy that that happened that way because there are more than 10 classes per grade at that school!) Anyway, I think it was good especially for Griffin being so upset about his teacher. And, by the way, he has been a turd for the last week…since he found out.

IMG_0661IMG_2134Since the boys were away Josh and I decided to have a date night with Reece! We never get to do that and it was SO much fun! We did exactly what she wanted to do…eat at Taco Casa then go by the gas station for a snack and a drink. Not kidding!

When we arrived at Taco Casa(for those of you not from here, it’s a fast food mexican restaurant. And I feel sorry for you if you’ve never eaten there!) I noticed there was a lady(mom), an older lady(grandma) and a child in there eating together. The child was about 8ish and VERY overweight. We ordered our food and sat down to eat. A few minutes later the child went and ordered herself THREE MORE burritos. On top of what she had already eaten. THREE. Y’all. Come on now! I can eat two when I am starving, with nothing else! I said something to Josh and we kept on about our beezwax. They left and about 5 minutes later we left. And that same little girl was puking in the parking lot. Really, you let your child eat so much she is now puking. Great.

I wonder how that mother justified letting her child eat that much? Surely she sees she is overweight? I felt so sorry for the little girl. It’s most definitely not her fault. She needs to be taught. Did you know that there are 25 million kids in America that are overweight or obese? 25 MILLION!!! That’s 1 in 3. And it’s time to stop it. I’m not saying not to let your kid eat candy, but I AM saying that they shouldn’t eat it everyday. And if you see your child is gaining a little too much weight, then start watching more of what they eat. AND GET THEM OUTSIDE! Because you know that if you don’t get their weight under control as a child, it’s going to be SO much harder on them as adults to control it!

Ok, off my soap box :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

GFG: Your Personal Gym!

I know y’all may be tired of hearing about the gym…but you have to understand that I have been living this place for the last 6 months! You have NO idea the little things that will pop up when you start a new business!

But it’s SO worth it.

First of all, we built this place dead in the middle of where that nasty tornado tore through our town. And it’s a great example of our city moving forward! Oh and GFG stands for God, Family, Gym. That should be your priorities, in that order.

Now THIS is a massage chair!

And one of everyone’s favorite spots…the rock wall!

For those of you too intimidated to stop by by yourself, we are having a grand opening on February 25th!!! 11-2. Come on by! We’ll give you the grand tour!

And I should note that I didn’t take these pictures, the guy that designed our website did! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Telling Griffin & Happy Birthday(s)!

Today is my sister, Kelsie’s, 21st Birthday!!!!! For real. 2-1. Game over, I’m old. Happy Birthday Kels-Kels! We LOVE you!

Today is also my sweet little nephew’s birthday!! I just love that little bug. He’s a mess! He luffs his TayTay! I can’t believe he is TWO! Allison and I took cupcakes to school for him today and he was SO excited! He kept saying, “Happy Birthday!!” like a million times! :)IMG_0285

A few days ago I blogged about Griffin’s teacher passing away. I really wanted to tell him this week because he is spending the night with one of his friends from his old school tomorrow night and I’m sure that little boy knows since he still goes to that school. I didn’t want him to go to his house and not know and it come up and him find out at his friends house. So I planned to tell him before Friday.

Well when I got home on Tuesday he came running up to me and said he had bad news. I thought he got in trouble at school or something. When I asked him what it was he said, “Mrs. Dover died.” And then he cried. He was upset but not near as bad as I thought he would be. I told him that Josh and I knew but just hadn’t told him yet and asked how he found out.

Are you ready for this? His substitute teacher told him.

Now. I was a little mad at first. Who does that?

The sub was also a sub at the school he used to go to and so she put two and two together and then told Griffin. I don’t know. I just don’t understand why she thought that was a good idea. If she thought we didn’t know then she should have called me??? I’m not mad because I am sure she didn’t intentionally mean to hurt him. And she obviously didn’t realize how tenderhearted he is and how much he LOVED her. And if I would have told him sooner then he wouldn’t have found out from her either. So it’s my fault too.

Nonetheless, he knows now.

The next day I sent his teacher a note because I knew he would be upset. And sure enough at 10:30 yesterday morning the counselor called me. He had been with her that morning and written a letter to Ms. Dover and put it in a balloon and let it go outside. That helped for a few minutes and then he was back to crying so hard he couldn’t do his work. So they asked that I just come get him and let him stay with me for the day. Which of course was fine with me!

When I picked him up his little eyes were SO swollen. :(

We had lunch and then we got a cupcake! 20120208_130941 Then we went to Toys r Us :) After about an hour or so he cheered up and by last night he was back to normal and fighting with his brother! :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Adam and Steve

We had a great weekend! Didn’t really do much. Watched “at” the Super Bowl. None of our favorites were playing so no reason to really be interested.(cough cough Mark Ingram, Tim Tebow) The commercials were disappointing and the half time show???! Oh wow. No, thanks.

Anyway, on to Adam and Steve! On the weekends Reece and I usually lay in bed until Josh gets home from work.  Saturday was no different. Once he was home the three of us laid there talking and she started talking about God and Jesus. “God made this…God made that…Jesus has blisters on his hands and feet…then God needed help so he made Adam.” Then she started talking about Stephen. And how Stephen helped God. Josh has a brother named Stephen so I kind of started thinking maybe she was talking about him… So I said, “Stephen?” and she said, “Yes. Adam was a boy and Steve was a girl!”

Bhahaha! Sweet little innocent baby!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mrs. Dover

We got some bad news on our way home from New Orleans. Griffin’s teacher from last year, Christie Dover passed away earlier that morning. My heart broke.

A couple of years ago she battled breast cancer for I believe the second time. The year she came back to teach was the year that Griff had her. He LOVED her. And he learned SO much from her. So did I, really. I will never forget the day that yearbooks got passed out. I was picking up the boys from school that day and when I do that I like to peek in on them and just chat with their teachers if I can. She told me that Griff had a little breakdown because he didn’t get a yearbook..with a smile on her face.(We alternate each year with G and P and only buy one yearbook per was Peyton’s turn last year.) I told her that we only buy one and that I was sorry he acted that way. And she very promptly told me not to be sorry, that she had three kids and did the yearbook thing the same way. That I was doing the RIGHT thing. It felt so good to hear that from someone who had older kids than I do.

Anyway, the end of the year rolled around, it was around April. Josh called me when he picked up the boys from school one afternoon and told me that Ms. Dover told him that that day was her last day because she had Leukemia. She got the Leukemia from the breast cancer treatment. And that she started treatments like that next day. She told the kids all about it and when Griff got home we talked about it. He was sad but he was VERY confident she would “beat it”.

I was friends with her on Facebook so I kept a close watch on her :) And Griffin asks about her all the time. And sometimes he will tell me, “Tell Ms. Dover Hi on Facebook for me!!” He has the sweetest little tender heart.

She got better after all the treatments over the summer and then in November things started going downhill a little. I don’t know anymore details other than she’s gone now. :(

We still haven’t told Griffin. I can’t bring myself to just tell him. I’m going to wait until he asks me about her again and then just tell him. I just hope and pray that I have the right words. I know it’s going to be soon because he asks about her every couple of weeks and it’s been about that long :(