Monday, February 6, 2012

Adam and Steve

We had a great weekend! Didn’t really do much. Watched “at” the Super Bowl. None of our favorites were playing so no reason to really be interested.(cough cough Mark Ingram, Tim Tebow) The commercials were disappointing and the half time show???! Oh wow. No, thanks.

Anyway, on to Adam and Steve! On the weekends Reece and I usually lay in bed until Josh gets home from work.  Saturday was no different. Once he was home the three of us laid there talking and she started talking about God and Jesus. “God made this…God made that…Jesus has blisters on his hands and feet…then God needed help so he made Adam.” Then she started talking about Stephen. And how Stephen helped God. Josh has a brother named Stephen so I kind of started thinking maybe she was talking about him… So I said, “Stephen?” and she said, “Yes. Adam was a boy and Steve was a girl!”

Bhahaha! Sweet little innocent baby!

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