Thursday, February 9, 2012

Telling Griffin & Happy Birthday(s)!

Today is my sister, Kelsie’s, 21st Birthday!!!!! For real. 2-1. Game over, I’m old. Happy Birthday Kels-Kels! We LOVE you!

Today is also my sweet little nephew’s birthday!! I just love that little bug. He’s a mess! He luffs his TayTay! I can’t believe he is TWO! Allison and I took cupcakes to school for him today and he was SO excited! He kept saying, “Happy Birthday!!” like a million times! :)IMG_0285

A few days ago I blogged about Griffin’s teacher passing away. I really wanted to tell him this week because he is spending the night with one of his friends from his old school tomorrow night and I’m sure that little boy knows since he still goes to that school. I didn’t want him to go to his house and not know and it come up and him find out at his friends house. So I planned to tell him before Friday.

Well when I got home on Tuesday he came running up to me and said he had bad news. I thought he got in trouble at school or something. When I asked him what it was he said, “Mrs. Dover died.” And then he cried. He was upset but not near as bad as I thought he would be. I told him that Josh and I knew but just hadn’t told him yet and asked how he found out.

Are you ready for this? His substitute teacher told him.

Now. I was a little mad at first. Who does that?

The sub was also a sub at the school he used to go to and so she put two and two together and then told Griffin. I don’t know. I just don’t understand why she thought that was a good idea. If she thought we didn’t know then she should have called me??? I’m not mad because I am sure she didn’t intentionally mean to hurt him. And she obviously didn’t realize how tenderhearted he is and how much he LOVED her. And if I would have told him sooner then he wouldn’t have found out from her either. So it’s my fault too.

Nonetheless, he knows now.

The next day I sent his teacher a note because I knew he would be upset. And sure enough at 10:30 yesterday morning the counselor called me. He had been with her that morning and written a letter to Ms. Dover and put it in a balloon and let it go outside. That helped for a few minutes and then he was back to crying so hard he couldn’t do his work. So they asked that I just come get him and let him stay with me for the day. Which of course was fine with me!

When I picked him up his little eyes were SO swollen. :(

We had lunch and then we got a cupcake! 20120208_130941 Then we went to Toys r Us :) After about an hour or so he cheered up and by last night he was back to normal and fighting with his brother! :)

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