Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Childhood Obesity

Griffin and Peyton spent the night with friends for the first time on Friday night! They had so much fun! They really have been missing these friends since we moved! Jordan and Zack are brothers the same age as Griffin and Peyton. They managed to always be in each other’s classes until we moved! (It’s crazy that that happened that way because there are more than 10 classes per grade at that school!) Anyway, I think it was good especially for Griffin being so upset about his teacher. And, by the way, he has been a turd for the last week…since he found out.

IMG_0661IMG_2134Since the boys were away Josh and I decided to have a date night with Reece! We never get to do that and it was SO much fun! We did exactly what she wanted to do…eat at Taco Casa then go by the gas station for a snack and a drink. Not kidding!

When we arrived at Taco Casa(for those of you not from here, it’s a fast food mexican restaurant. And I feel sorry for you if you’ve never eaten there!) I noticed there was a lady(mom), an older lady(grandma) and a child in there eating together. The child was about 8ish and VERY overweight. We ordered our food and sat down to eat. A few minutes later the child went and ordered herself THREE MORE burritos. On top of what she had already eaten. THREE. Y’all. Come on now! I can eat two when I am starving, with nothing else! I said something to Josh and we kept on about our beezwax. They left and about 5 minutes later we left. And that same little girl was puking in the parking lot. Really, you let your child eat so much she is now puking. Great.

I wonder how that mother justified letting her child eat that much? Surely she sees she is overweight? I felt so sorry for the little girl. It’s most definitely not her fault. She needs to be taught. Did you know that there are 25 million kids in America that are overweight or obese? 25 MILLION!!! That’s 1 in 3. And it’s time to stop it. I’m not saying not to let your kid eat candy, but I AM saying that they shouldn’t eat it everyday. And if you see your child is gaining a little too much weight, then start watching more of what they eat. AND GET THEM OUTSIDE! Because you know that if you don’t get their weight under control as a child, it’s going to be SO much harder on them as adults to control it!

Ok, off my soap box :)

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