Friday, November 10, 2017

Meet Rosie, Cheer Competition and Halloween!

These were going to be three separate posts! HA!

Well, Meet Rosie!

She's Reece's new pup! She was a super early birthday gift. Reece has been asking for a puppy for a very, very long time and I kept saying no. I didn't want anymore inside dogs, even after the ones we have are gone. Or so I thought. Then it hit me that Reece is SUCH a good kid and helps SO SO much with the littles. Most of the time we don't even ask her to help, she just does. Josh and I will both tell you, we would be lost without Reece and her help! :) So, new puppy for her! haha!

The other dogs are not so excited about the new addition. Chippie is our 16 year old Chihuahua and she doesn't mind the puppy. In fact, I think she likes her because she wags her tail when she's around. Daisy on the other hand, she's just butt hurt. She'll pear around the couch and just look at me all hurt. Yikes. She'll get over it, right???

Last weekend was one we have been working hard for! Reece's cheer competition! These girls have worked SO hard on their routine. They pulled it off and came in 2nd place! So very proud of all of them! And, glad to have some free time now!

And to end the most random post of all, Halloween! We went to my sister's house to trick or treat with cousins! We had a hayride around the neighborhood and then went to Big Mama's! :)

Oh! And somewhere in the mix of all that we carved pumpkins! This was Mia's first time and she's DEF my child because she wasn't about to touch that mess!!


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Football and Cheer

I mentioned in the last post that football and cheer are keeping us super busy! Josh and I have been run ragged since school started trying to keep up with five kids. Truth.  Between football, cheerleading, Griffin breaking his hand(physical therapy three times a week) and Mia having to get blood often I'm not even sure how we've kept up! We've definitely had our share of stadium nachos for dinner and sometimes lunch and I don't want anymore for a LONG time! haha!

This football season has been different for us. Peyton is in 8th grade and so he was on the middle school football team. He was LOVING being the big dog on the team so to speak since he was one of the older guys. Well, after practicing all summer, they didn't have enough boys to keep the team. Peyton was bumped to the JV team which also dresses out with Varsity on Friday nights. He was upset at first to say the least because imagine being in middle school and being thrown into something with a bunch of WAY older kids! Yikes. However, it's been a really great experience for him and he's gotten to play under those Friday night lights several times!

Reece is LOVING cheer so much that she signed up for the competition team! We've been practicing like CRAZY for November 5th! Fam and friends, don't miss this!!!

Here are a few pics of our season, not too many of Peyton because it's too embarrassing to take a pic for mom!

Homecoming Festivities!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Over the weekend we were finally able to go to the pumpkin patch! We usually like to go earlier in the month of October to beat the crowds and be able to enjoy our pumpkins longer but this year it was a struggle! Between lots of things, mainly football and cheer, we have been super busy!

Last year when we went to the patch we had just been matched with Mia and all of us kept saying how "this time next year" she would be with us. So, to be able to take her this year was exciting! She wasn't sure about it at first, she still doesn't love crowds, but she warmed up quickly and had lots of fun!

We have been going to Griffin Farms since it opened several years ago and we love it there! They try to add to it and better it each year and they are doing a wonderful job! LOVE IT!

 Paw Paw was actually in town so he joined us!

 Reece had a loose tooth for several weeks before we went. Well, she was eating French fries while we were there and her tooth came out! Only in this family do you lose a tooth at the pumpkin patch!

 It was a fun day!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy Birthday Griffin!

On Saturday our Griffin turned 15! I can't believe time has flown by so fast. Sheesh. We celebrated on Saturday with lots and lots of friends and family. We had a big bonfire and hung out, watched the game, made hot dogs and smores and ate cake! It was a fun night!

And then today this happened...

Anyone want to tell me how I have a kid old enough to drive??? 

 Only one picture to share from the party because teenagers don't have time for grown ups! haha!
Happy Birthday Griff! I'm so excited to have my own personal chauffeur!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mia's Birthday Party!

We hosted Mia's birthday party the night before her birthday! Mia loves to sing, dance, swim and EAT so we had a Trolls themed swimming party! We ate pizza, swam, ate cake, opened presents and I cried like a baby when we sang, "Happy Birthday"! We had an extra candle on the cake to remember her birth mom and when I lit it I knew it was over for me, I couldn't help but cry! LOTS of family and friends came so it made my heart happy to see how many people love our girl!

We made it a point to celebrate Mia all weekend. However, on her actual birthday it proved to be one of the hardest days we have had with her. It was a rough day. BUT, we still went to eat Mexican because that's her favorite and she had a cheese dip all to herself. Amen. The next day we did even more celebrating and went to Disney on Ice! So fun! I think overall the birthday girl had an awesome weekend!

These pictures are in random order because Mia is currently in my lap getting blood so not much room to maneuver here! haha!