Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hodge Podge

I’m sure you’re wondering where we’ve been! And the answer is here, there and everywhere! ha!

We’ve been cheering on our team…DSC_1070

Last week when we played Arkansas I was sitting in a chair by a window. Well, the first two plays of the game were BAD, reeeeeaaally bad and I was having a fit! Josh looked at me and said, “Babe, you need to move that chair, you’re about to go through the window!” haha! Florida comes to town this weekend! I’m excited AND nervous AGAIN! We probably won’t go anywhere Friday night or Saturday…traffic is going to be nuts!

Making yummy, cute cakes…


Getting ready for our schedules to be turned upside down when hubby starts his NEW JOB MONDAY!

Getting ready for Griffin’s birthday party! Y’all know birthdays are a big deal at our house and well, I feel like I skimped all three kids for their last birthdays. Birthday party season has started at our house(October-Griff, December-Reece, January-Peyton) and I started working on the October party in August! Yep, I did. The party is next weekend and I’ve pulled out all the stops! It’s a costume party and it’s going to be SO fun! I already have in my head kind of what I’m going to do for Reece’s party and as soon as I’m done with Griff’s party, I’ll be in full planning mode for Peyton!

I’m on it!

AND and and AND!!! I’ve officially jumped ON the bandwagon with Hubby and started running! Since I was pregnant with Griffin I have really let myself go…and I know I’m not fat, but I am NOT in shape like I used to be. So I’m eating healthier…that does not mean that I am not eating fried pickles, because I will always HAVE to eat those! haha! I’m definitely cutting way back on everything. With all my grandparents having heart problems, I really need to be sure I do everything I can to prevent having problems myself! Right now I’m only running a mile, but I plan on building a lot on that so I can keep up with Officer Hubby!

xoxo and Rolllll Tide,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It’s official!

Hubby took the job at City #2! That’s the one that’s closer to home :) We are super excited!

He starts in about two weeks. Actually he starts the same day my jury duty starts…boo. I really don’t want to do the jury duty thing. I know it’s my civic duty blah blah blah. And if it was any other time then I would be excited. BUT, it’s the first of the month..which is my SUPER busy time at work. I mean I don’t even look up half the time when it’s that time of the month..BUSY! Griffin’s birthday party is that Saturday also so I’m sure there will be last minute things going on with that that I won’t be able to handle in a court room! Here’s to hoping I don’t get picked…

Oh and we almost bought a 3100 square foot house last week! How did I forget to mention that one? We could fit two of the house we’re in now in it easily!!! We’ve been thinking about building for a few months, we just haven’t found the right spot, plus we were waiting to see what happened with Josh’s job…then all of a sudden this house fell into our laps, so to speak. Of course it didn’t really fall into our laps! The house is in foreclosure like so many others right now, BUT it needs some work. When a house is foreclosed on it’s supposed to be winterized…well, apparently this one wasn’t and pipes burst last winter, along with the hot water heater that’s in the upstairs attic. ALL of the flooring is ruined…the carpet is mildewed and the hardwoods are all buckled. Plus, it’s about 10 years old and just needs some updating…which I would happily oblige! :) That’s my thing! There’s four bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, a HUGE kitchen, A HUGE LAUNDRY ROOM!!!, a massive den with a two story ceiling, two dining rooms…why anyone would need two is beyond me so that would be made into a fifth bedroom for another baby!!!!!!!!(thinking that will happen in about a year!) With all of that said, the bank that owns the house would need to significantly come down on the price of the house for us to be able to do all the work needed and last week they just weren’t ready to come down. So, we’ll wait it out and if it’s meant to be it will!

We really weren’t prepared yet anyway, we’ll need ALOT more furniture to fill that puppy up! Meanwhile, we’ll feel better when Officer Hubby is more settled in his new job before we decide where we’re gonna move next!

Life is so fabulous!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chief of Police!

That just has a nice little ring to it, doesn’t it?!?!

So, here’s the deal Lucille! You fellow police wives KNOW what a long process it is to become a police officer…it’s horrendous. It takes almost as long to switch to another police department as well, only thing you don’t have to do is go through the academy again. That’s how it is around here anyway.

Josh has been working for the city he works for now for two years(we’re gonna call it City #1), before that he worked at TPD for like four years I think. City #1 is great, but it’s about a 45 minute drive from our house and since hubby was used to being really busy at TPD, he’s a little bored at City #1 because there’s just not much going on. So, Hubby decided to apply to a city that’s 10 minutes from our house(we’re gonna call it City #2) several months ago…I don’t even remember how long it’s been!

A few months into the hiring process Hubby and I were having a date night to PF Changs. On the way to the restaurant he said to me, “If City #2 offers me a job I am going to go to the Mayor of City #1 and tell them I will stay if I can have the Chief position when the current one retires.” I told him he was nuts. Not that I mind him being chief, I just thought that would never happen.

The hiring process continued on and he never said anything else about the chief position. Then it really started to look like City #2 was going to offer him a job. Meanwhile, City #1’s Chief(Josh’s Boss) came to him and told him that he knew Josh was thinking about leaving and that he just wanted him to know that he had talked to the mayor about Josh being City #1’s next chief when he retires in about 3 years……and the mayor agreed that Josh should be the next chief….. So, Josh never even had to mention that he was interested!

Awww snap! Just call me the Chief’s Chief! hahaha!

This week City #2 has offered Josh a job. So, it’s decision making time for sure. You may think that he would automatically take the Chief position. That’s not the case. At all. City #1 has to agree to several stipulations before Josh takes that position(he will be Assistant Chief until the current Chief retires). I really don’t know if they are going to be able to do everything that Josh needs them to do in order to keep him there.

And, I really would rather him be at City #2 for my selfish reason that I just want him closer to home. I really think he would be happier at City #2 because Josh is a “go get ‘em” type of police officer…he loves a good foot pursuit. They make him so excited….and me so nervous!

On the other hand he would make a GREAT Chief. And even if he goes to City #2 now, I don’t think that will rule him out as the new chief when City #1’s chief retires…

The decision is totally in his hands….I’ll keep y’all posted!

xoxo and I feel so much better for getting all that out,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cop Wife

Sometimes it’s hard to be a cop wife. I remember when Josh first told me that he was thinking about becoming a police officer…it made me so nervous! And for months after he started working at TPD I couldn’t hardly sleep.

His life is on the line every single time he leaves our house to go to work.

That sucks.

But I have finally come to the point where I don’t worry so much. I know it’s out of my hands and all I can do is pray for him to be safe!

Still, every now and then I let my emotions get the best of me and freak out. Case in point, Saturday morning. Actually let’s back all the way up to the day I posted on here about getting a new critter! Almost as soon as I posted asking for advice on what to get I b-lined it to the nearest pet store and spent $70+ on a hamster and all the jazz to go with it. I didn’t even give y’all time to talk me out of it! But anyway, the kids loved her and she was super cute! WAY better than having a cat! But when I woke up on Saturday morning she was dead. as. a. doornail. Yes I am serious. The kids were up but weren’t awake enough to even pay any attention and it looked like the rat was asleep. So. I texted the hubs who generally would have been on his way home at that time. Wellll, he didn’t say anything back so I called him…no answer. Hmm..I figured he was just on a late call and would call me back. I texted Allison to tell her the news. Meanwhile it had been 10 minutes or so since I tried to call Josh so I tried again. No answer. Made me a little but anxious. I tried to ignore the crazy in me that wanted to freak out and went about my morning making the kids breakfast. I called him every 5-10 minutes for 45 minutes and then my heart started racing. I didn’t want the kids to know I was worried so I still tried to ignore that gut wrenching feeling…and the tears that REALLY wanted to flow. Then my cell phone rang…it was Allison and as soon as I answered I started bawling! I couldn’t control it anymore so I went and hid in my bathroom and talked to her and she tried to talk some sort of sense into me! Didn’t work BUT my phone beeped and it was JOSH! YAY! I have NEVER been so relieved!

He could immediately tell that I was crying…

Josh: “What’s wrong babe?”

Me: “I’m just really worried about you!!!!”

Josh: “Oh I am SO sorry!!!! I’ve been on a CRAZY call and didn’t know you had been trying to call!! I am so sorry!”

All I could do was cry and laugh. He felt SO bad.

I know this post is getting lengthy, but you will be laughing even harder than you are now when you read what he was dealing with! It WAS crazier than me!

Officer Hubby was arresting an illegal mexican for sodomy and rape of a girl that had mental problems.(Bentley for Governor!!) He got a call from another officer that needed assistance at a local gas station. There was a man there, clean cut man, that had walked around behind the counter at the gas station..where the cashiers are. He unzipped his pants and whipped out his wiener. (how else do I say that on here?!?!?) When Josh got there he was singing to Josh, “My ding-a-ling is bigger than your ding-a-ling.” When the other officer was putting handcuffs on him he backed up and tried to grab the officer’s package! Can we say coo coo for cocoa puffs? Hubs starting investigating things and apparently the man went missing from Huntsville(North Alabama) 10 hours prior. He was not drunk or high. He was having a mental breakdown that made him THAT coo-coo. It’s really sad.

I don’t post too much about hubby’s job….but I did get permission for this one! :)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Potty Trained :)

I can’t believe I forgot to post about Reece being potty trained!! Has been for a little over a month! This is definitely something that I feel like I can give advice about since I’ve done it THREE times :) I/We had to learn the hard way so if I can type this little post and help someone else then YAY, maybe you won’t be as stressed as I was the first time around!

First things first, if your child’s not ready, it ain’t gonna happen! Plain and simple. No matter what you do! Start them out at a young age by letting them come to the bathroom with you, that way they have some sense of what’s going on!

Then, once your child is showing signs that he or she is ready, jump in head first and don’t look back. Stick them in REAL underwear…get some cute ones that they’ll love…ditch the pull-ups or better yet don’t ever use the pull-ups! Nighttime is an exception. Get them to the potty pretty often for a few days, even if they say they don’t need to go. I put Reece on the potty every 30 minutes until she peed and that worked well for her. EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT! Going “#2” on the potty usually takes a little bit longer, but if you pay close attention and catch them before they go in their underwear and get them to the potty, you can usually get that under control fast!

You have to be SURE that whoever your child stays with during the day is on the same page that you are…if they are putting the child in diapers or you are putting them in diapers at home it could be a huge disaster and prolong the potty training. Not fun.

If your child has ADHD…it could also take longer because they have other things on the brain and don’t have time to potty. Ahem, Griffin.

The less stressed you are about it, the easier it will be. TRUST ME!

That’s all I have for now. I will say that now that Reece is diaper free and pretty self sufficient, it makes me wonder if I realllly want to start all over. Not that we won’t, I’m just sayin’.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Bama Babies :)

Our precious little Bama Babies!


Over the weekend my parents, aunts and uncles started doing some cleaning out of my grandparents’ house. This picture of me was found…

me Uh huh that says 1/2 pound of M & M’s!!! GEEZE! No wonder I am SO addicted to Peanut M & M’s!!! Really, a 1/2 pound all to myself?? I even look like I was on a chocolate high! I was only about a year old too! haha!

I’m hoping our Labor Day weekend is WAY better than it was last year! Tonight we are going to watch my (not-so)little brother play football and we’re super excited about that! Tomorrow is game day..ROLL TIDE! That’s as far as I’ve come with the weekend planning! haha!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Liar Liar!

Take 2…different kid!

Josh picks up the boys from school everyday. He was picking them up yesterday and Griffin’s teacher said to him, “I’m sorry to hear about what happened yesterday.” Josh said, “What happened?” She said, “about your house…” Josh said, “What about our house?” She said, “Griffin told me that your house burned down yesterday!” Josh said,”WHAT?!?! Um NO! It did not burn down!” Then the teacher told Josh that Griff’s story was so convincing that she’d sent him to the counselor to talk about it AND they had been trying to figure out ways to help us!!!! O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!


That child can come up with some crap! He doesn’t lie much but when he does…it’s MAJOR! Like the time I had him at the doctor’s office and he told everyone in there that my driver’s license was suspended! Here’s that one in case you missed it!

Needless to say, he was in BIG trouble last night! And don’t feel bad if you think this little story is funny….I’ve been laughing since I heard it too, just not when Griff can here me! haha!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Cat’s gone. Thank goodness. I know y’all knew I was done after that post the other day but then something else happened. Big Mama was over at our house Monday afternoon watching the boys after school while Josh was at court. Well, Big Mama is a HUGE pet lover. The cat always sits in her lap and she pets her the entire time she is at our house. So, Monday was no different…until the cat decided to bite her!!! YES! It wasn’t bad and barely broke the skin but still! She bit my almost 82 year old grandmother!!! And she’s been nipping at the kids too, for no reason. So, we’re just not cat people or whatever.

I was REALLY worried about Griffin being upset. Y’all may think I’m nuts but I really think the cat helped him with his ADHD. Last night we sat all three kids down and told them that she was going to live with someone else. Griffin did cry, but he understood. And he was pretty ticked at the cat for biting his Big Mama! He asked for a hamster AND a rabbit. Josh said we don’t live in a zoo! I beg to differ some days! ha!

Chinchillas have been on my brain for about a week. They are really cute…but ALOT of work! And they are expensive! I have never been more back and forth with something so much in my life. I think we’re going to put this one off for a while.

Any of you have hamsters or guinea pigs or suggest what we should get? I had hamsters growing up so I know we can handle them! hmmm….suggestions please!