Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hodge Podge

I’m sure you’re wondering where we’ve been! And the answer is here, there and everywhere! ha!

We’ve been cheering on our team…DSC_1070

Last week when we played Arkansas I was sitting in a chair by a window. Well, the first two plays of the game were BAD, reeeeeaaally bad and I was having a fit! Josh looked at me and said, “Babe, you need to move that chair, you’re about to go through the window!” haha! Florida comes to town this weekend! I’m excited AND nervous AGAIN! We probably won’t go anywhere Friday night or Saturday…traffic is going to be nuts!

Making yummy, cute cakes…


Getting ready for our schedules to be turned upside down when hubby starts his NEW JOB MONDAY!

Getting ready for Griffin’s birthday party! Y’all know birthdays are a big deal at our house and well, I feel like I skimped all three kids for their last birthdays. Birthday party season has started at our house(October-Griff, December-Reece, January-Peyton) and I started working on the October party in August! Yep, I did. The party is next weekend and I’ve pulled out all the stops! It’s a costume party and it’s going to be SO fun! I already have in my head kind of what I’m going to do for Reece’s party and as soon as I’m done with Griff’s party, I’ll be in full planning mode for Peyton!

I’m on it!

AND and and AND!!! I’ve officially jumped ON the bandwagon with Hubby and started running! Since I was pregnant with Griffin I have really let myself go…and I know I’m not fat, but I am NOT in shape like I used to be. So I’m eating healthier…that does not mean that I am not eating fried pickles, because I will always HAVE to eat those! haha! I’m definitely cutting way back on everything. With all my grandparents having heart problems, I really need to be sure I do everything I can to prevent having problems myself! Right now I’m only running a mile, but I plan on building a lot on that so I can keep up with Officer Hubby!

xoxo and Rolllll Tide,


South Family said...

what a FUN cake!?!?! I want to know how to make it! Recipe Please :-)

April said...

OK! I'll have to make another one to explain how I did it!

kelly said...

Ok, my daughter Kya is sitting here reading blogs with me and she SO wants one of those "colorful" cakes. Where did that thing come from??? BTW, Love your Blog!!

April said...

Thanks Kelly! I made the cake..I'm going to try to make another one this weekend, Griffin's party is Saturday so if I'm not too exhausted I plan to make it and blog about it Sunday!