Friday, October 31, 2008

Moola Moola Monster Bash!

We took the babies to the Credit Union Moola Moola Monster Bash last night and boy did we have fun! There were tons of games and fun was extra fun for us because they didn't give out much candy!!!!!!!!

I was so proud of Hubby and his Halloween outfit!

She LOVED the glow stick...we had to wait until she went to bed and PRY it out of her hand!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We're good like that!

Lookie Lookie what WE got a hold of!!!! Yes, that says Sky Box! Hee hee hee! I am sure that there will be some fun stories after this one! (Especially since my sister is going to be on the prowl trying to find Sara Evans!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Roll Tide, Again!

Now that was better! And there is nothing like hearing Rammer Jammer at Neyland Stadium! Roll Tide! This week is homecoming. Master P and Baby Girl's school always participate in homecoming festivities. Today is tacky day and they were SO CUTE! I took pics, but left the camera at home...I will try and post them tomorrow!


So there is an awkward comment on the "Wal-mart" post. I felt the need to respond.

Dear Corey,

Thank you for your concern. However, I am in no need of a lawyer or legal representation of any kind. My blog is to simply keep family and friends updated about the children and it's a little outlet for me to bitch every once and a while. If you don't like me whining go somewhere else. I do not have the time or energy these days for people like you. I know that I don't "have" to show them my receipt. In fact, I wasn't really bothered by that part...I was bitching about the ignorance of the woman for the most part and trying to give my family a laugh. And it worked. So go away.


The Girl Who, Again, Doesn't Need A Lawyer

Thursday, October 23, 2008


So last night I made the trip to Wal-Mart and you know I couldn't leave without someone ticking me off. I haven't gone there for groceries in a while because quite frankly it's closer to just go to Food World. I also don't like going to Wal-Mart after dark...but, as long as the Mexicans aren't biting, I'm ok. For those of you who don't know, I am pretty terrified of Mexicans. They freak my freak. It's because on my first trip to Mexico, back when I was 16, one tried to "take me home with him". Not kidding. And they always follow me around of them once told me it is because of my blue eyes, they think they are sacred or something. Weirdos. One time I had to actually call Josh and he had to stay on the phone with me while I left because one had followed me the whole time I was there and I was SCARED! Anywho, we got way off track there. So, I managed to get all the groceries and other random stuff and I made my way to the check out. Check out girl was super nice and friendly. My Viva paper towels(and I know they are WAY too expensive, but I am addicted to them so it's a little sacrifice) and Josh's DIET Green Tea(only diet, don't buy regular) were not in grocery bags. They have the "greeters" at the door to stop people from stealing. Apparently the greeter lady thought that I was trying to steal the paper towels and tea so she stopped me at the door. Not that I had just bought $300 worth of groceries that were in bags and she saw me checking out...but whatever. I handed her my receipt. Then this is what she said, "Ok, I see the tea, now I just need to find the Cottonale Toilet Paper." WHAT?!?!? I didn't buy any freakin toilet paper lady! I looked at her like the idiot she was and said,"ummm, I didn't buy any toilet paper. Are you talking about the paper towels?" She said, "Oh, yea...where are they on the receipt?" Keep in mind that the receipt is 4 feet long. I'm like, "Lady, I don't know." She finally found it and I was on my merry way. Gotta love Wal-Mart!

Disclaimer: I don't dislike all Mexicans. Some are REALLY nice, like Wally Aguilar who does ALL of our roofing. He's cool. But, the scary ones give the nice ones a bad name and Wally will be the first one to tell you that! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

G-man and His Ponderings

G-man has once again cracked us up! Here is a conversation I just had on the phone with him and Josh:

Josh: “Hey, Listen to how G-man says Barak Obama, it’s cute.”
G-man: “Baraki Bama- I don’t want him to be our president.”
Me: “G-man you are so funny! Why don’t you want him to be the next president?”
G-man: “Because he is brown.”
Me: “G-man, we don’t dislike people just b/c they are brown!”
G-man: “ Well I want John McCain to be the next President b/c he gives me apples!”

Sheesh! He is WAY to young to be worrying about politics!

The Curse of the Second Half

Sheesh!! What the heck is going on with my team?!?! I'm about tired of having to say, "A win is a win!" We dominate the first half and then when we come back from half time, we S-U-C-K. Poor Mount Cody hurt his "little" knee. That makes me sad for him and for our team. He is our rock, I mean mountain! At least he will be back for the LSU smack down. That's right Jodi, I said smack down as in on LSU! We play at Tennessee this week and we have done pretty well on the road games so hopefully there will be no saying, "A win is a win" come Saturday! ROLL TIDE!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Cupcakes!

On Saturday the kiddos and I decided to make pumpkin cupcakes. We(and when I say "we" I mean "I") died the cake mix orange and then died the icing orange as well. The boys had fun making faces on them and Baby Girl had fun supervising!

Yesterday I went with G-Man and his Kindergarten class to the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton. Fun Fun! We rode ponies, went to the petting zoo, had lots of fun on the inflatables(their slide puts the Fun Factory slide to shame!) and we went on a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch! I really wanted to slide down the slide but none of the other parents were so I decided that I better not...I don't really know them that well and hey, don't want to make a crappy impression!

And the cupcakes....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Five Guys

Two posts in one day! Whew! If you live in T-Town and you haven't eaten at Five Guys, you're missing out! OMG OMG OMG! So freakin good! I could eat it every. single. day. No joke. And I will never eat McDonald's again.(don't worry, I will still take the kids for Happy Meals!) Now, they only have hamburgers and hot dogs. They also have fries(sorry Brooke!)....they put your fries in the bag and then they throw more in there on top! You should put some of the Malt Vinegar on top of your ketchup too!!! YUMMY! If you need fast food, it's the place to go! Here's the menu!

Back to Football!

So, after a crappy win and an off day last Saturday, the Tide should be ready to roll this weekend! Or at least I hope so! Let's show everyone why we are the number one team and not #2! Roll Tide!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To my sweet baby boy, G-man

Happy 6th Birthday to you!!! I can not believe it has been six years since you came into our lives! I honestly don't know what we did before we had you. You have taught me so much about life and you gave me my most favorite title, Mommy. (Although you have started calling us Mom and Dad, which we hate!) Daddy and I are so proud to be your parents. You are so much fun. There is not a day that goes by that you don't have us laughing. Your infectious smile and baby blue sparkly eyes are to die for! The ladies will definitely be after you one day! You're a sneaky little thing.(which may not mix well with the whole "ladies" thing, we'll have to talk about that one!) Oh, and let's not forget that you are a little dare-devil. Master P and Baby Girl think you are an excellent big brother. You and Master P get into fights like all brothers do, but you always make up. Baby Girl thinks you are the funniest thing she has ever seen.

Happy Birthday Sweet G-man!
Love, Mommy and Daddy

(cue the tears)

And the birthday party pics.....

Me and the Birthday Boy

Big Mama hates pics
Maw Maw Betty and a heart on my tummy????
The Newlyweds
G-man and his friend Michael
Two tired mommas!

Me, Mom and Al

Granna and Baby Girl-have I told you she is obsessed with jewelry?
Master P
Aunt Janna

Aunt Al and Master P
Baby Girl, Mom and Aunt Al