Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What not to say to the pregnant lady…

First of all, Hubby got the baby’s room painted TWICE this weekend! YAY! The paint that we originally bought ended up looking light blue on the walls soooooo he painted again. Now it’s gray! Yes, I know he’s awesome!

I was just thinking about things that people say to me that drive me bonkers! Yes, there’s a list!

*”Oh you’re not finding out the gender? WHY?”(in their rude voice) I really want to answer, “Just to make you ask why.” Ugh. And, by the way, this was something I wanted to do since Reece was a baby so we’re not just doing this because everyone else seems to be doing it now.

*”Are you SURE there aren’t two in there?” This one REALLY gets me. And bless Big Mama, y’all know she’s one of my favorite people, but she says this to every.pregnant.person she knows!

*”YOU’RE HUGE!” Oh thanks for noticing. “And your BOOBS!” Yes, that too, would you like to have them?

*”Are you sure you don’t have your “dates” off?” For the love of all things holy. This is not 1982. There are ultrasounds to verify dates and I know when I had sex. Thankyouverymuch. Annoys me to NO end!

*”Y’all want FOUR KIDS??!!” I mean, what am I supposed to say to that. Actually we only want four biologically.

These are just things that I hear from people almost daily! There are plenty of other things too! Watch your words people, the closer I get to April 26th, the meaner I will be! ;)


The Morris' said...

I had a post just like this. It was called "Pregnancy Faux Pas". I was SO tired of people telling me their horror birth stories. Why do people do that? One time, when I was about 33ish weeks, I went to a gas station and the woman behind the counter asked when I was due and she said "girl I don't think you're gonna make it till then!". People are friggin rude. I think you look fabulous :)

April said...

Ugh!! I have no idea why people think it's ok to say these things...and most of them are women!
And, thank you!

Justin and Marcie said...

What's really bad is when you go for your 6 week checkup and the nurse says "so when are you due again". Seriously?!?! Or even better, I went to target and the cashier asked how far along I was and I said I had just had Carter a few weeks ago. She responded with "oh...well I guess it takes a while to lose the weight." For the love I didn't even gain that much weight!! 35 pounds. And I lost it all when he turned 3 months. People are ridiculous and our pregnant hormones get the best of us!!

Elenie Counts said...

I think people temporarily lose their minds when they talk to pregnant girls. Ugh! :)

You are a precious pregnant Girl by the way and I love your blog. New follower!

April said...

People are so dumb! I can't believe the nurse said that of all people! A man was just in my office and he said, "haven't you figured out what causes that yet?" I wanted to slap him! HAHA!

April said...

Thank you Elenie! And welcome to our crazy world! ;)