Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Birthday and Happy Birthday!

Two words. Blog. Slacker.

Last Saturday was my sister, Kelsie’s, birthday! IMG_8929

Happy Birthday Kel Kel! We love you! And, of course, we wished her birthday happiness on her real birthday! And talked to her 975 times since then! That was just for the blog’s sake! hee hee!

Saturday was also our favorite nephew’s(Noah) birthday! The boys had SO much fun at his party. Reece just sat and played with a friend’s baby the entire time! She LOVES babies. We gave Noah his favorite present, a bubble lawnmower. I know it’s his favorite because he sneaks it into bed with him at night and sleeps with it! HAHAHAHA!

I love that kid! And if I didn’t see his entrance into this world I would swear he’s really mine! He sang a song about cupcakes on Friday when Allison and I took cupcakes to his school, he loves gummy swerms-ONLY the sour kind just like me(that’s gummy worms, only the Trolli brand!) and he lurves Skittles, just like Tay Tay! He has a song about those too! IMG_4004

Happy Birthday Noah! We love you!

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