Monday, February 18, 2013

New Chicks!

Josh and I have been talking about getting some new baby chicks for a few weeks. My only hesitation was that I was hoping to squeeze in one more beach trip with the kids before the baby comes. I have finally decided that that is not going to happen.

My hormones are raging again. I’m nesting like a mad woman, like washing the wall behind the dryer nesting. Fun times. I got mad at the vacuum cleaner on Saturday and threw it in the trash. Josh and I had a date Saturday night and I was like, “oh by the way, when I got mad at the vacuum earlier today I chunked it.” HAHA!

Yesterday we decided that we better go and buy a new one. You know, since I’m nesting and all. Heaven forbid I NEED the vacuum and not have one! We also decided to run by Tractor Supply to get some chicken feed. As soon as we walked in the door Josh could hear the little chirps! ;) All I could hear were Griffin, Peyton and Reece as I waddled from behind everyone else! As soon as Hubby told me he heard the chicks there was not even any discussion about whether or not we would be leaving with a few!

The very first thing that caught my eye were these CUTE LITTLE DUCKS!!! Oh my word. The kids BEGGED, I mean BEGGED LIKE THEY NEVER HAVE BEFORE to get ducks. I really think we should and will stick to chickens! Maybe.20130217_151848 Apparently you don’t have to have a pond or large body of water to have ducks. But the chickens serve a purpose…what purpose do ducks serve besides the cuteness?!

So we ended up with these six! I cropped out the poop, you’re welcome!20130217_153955  And here they are all settled into their new home!20130217_164732

The chickens really have been a fun adventure for us as a family! The most fun thing for me is watching them fight over grasshoppers! ;)

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