Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Date!

We are so excited about tonight! Baby Girl is spending the night with her Aunt Al and Uncle Bad and the boys are spending the night with Josh's parents. I have to admit, I am a little anxious...this is Baby Girl's first night away from me! But, I am very excited about having an overnight date with my hubby! We are going to a New Year's Eve party with our neighborhood pals. We have been doing really well with the date night thing....Thanks again to all of the grandparents and aunts and uncles for babysitting! The only week we skipped was last week and that was because of Christmas!

On another note, Mako is in the doggy hospital. :( He is a sick, sick puppy. A few days ago we noticed him getting skinny---usually this indicates that one of the other dogs is in heat...but, this is not the case this time! He is skin and bones...and when I say that, I mean it literally. He looks like he should be on one of those animal rescue shows. :( The only thing we could get him to eat was hot dogs and some sandwich meat! Josh took him to the vet yesterday and they wanted to keep him overnight. When he called to check on him this morning they told him that they were keeping him until MONDAY! Our house already seems naked without him! Josh and G-man are going to visit him today and hopfully he'll be back home and himself on Monday!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas this year was fabulous! It was spread out from Sunday-Thursday. I know for some people you would hate it this way but, we have so much family that it worked out perfectly for us! Christmas morning we didn't have to rush to be anywhere by lunch and the babies got to play with their toys from Santa as long as they wanted to! Santa brought all kinds of goodies but the hit is definitely the Wii that he brought Josh and April...I mean the boys! ha!

Sometimes they could pass for twins!


My sweet Momma!

Our cheezin' niece!

Me and the boys!

Me and My Favorite!

Baby Girl running from Papa!

Baby Girl and TB matched at school today! So cute!

Can we keep her?

You know you want one!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas....

....from The Fabulous Five!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!!

Happy Birthday little princess! Mommy and Daddy can not believe an entire year has gone by! You are such a little sweetie, especially when you pucker up! You keep us on our toes running around the house and digging in the kitchen cabinets! We love all the pink you have brought into our lives. You are such a blessing and we love you so much!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Girl's Story!

Baby Girl will have her own Happy Birthday post on Saturday so, for the sake of our blog, I give you her birth story! (Don't worry-no yucky details!)

On Thursday, December 20, 2007, my sweet Hubby and I walked into the hospital to be induced. We were told to be there at 6:00am so we arrived at 5:50am. :) We walked to the nurses station and there was no one there. We waited and a nurse rounded the corner running. We told her that we were there to be induced and she said,"We don't have any rooms!" We felt like Mary and Joseph-no joke! ha! Thankfully, they put us in a triage room until they had another room come available---there were about 25 babies there! I think I would have died if they would have sent me home! Around 7:ish Nurse Tammy arrived. We went over ALL that paperwork and then around 8:ish she started my pitocin. I was only about 1 cm dialated and had been that way for about 2 weeks! ughh! By noon I was 5 cm..still in no pain..and my real room was ready! So we moved! An hour or so later I told Nurse Tammy that I felt funny...I can't explain to you how or what I felt, but I knew something wasn't right. The nurse glanced over to the fetal heart monitor and I could see the look of panic on her face. She kicked everyone but Mom and Josh out of the room. Baby Girls heart rate was freakin joke! For those who don't know "normal"is around 150ish! We were so scared! In came several more nurses. I was thrown back in the bed practically on my head and they put an oxygen mask on me. They called my doc and he was in there fast. I can not even tell you how terrified I was! I finally made eye contact with Josh and we stared at each other, he calmed me down and I knew then that it would be ok! The doc said that this happens in about 1 out of 5 deliveries. We decided to go ahead and get the epidural instead of waiting until I really needed it. It was supposed to help her heart rate stay up as well. The Anesthesiologist came in and boy was he an ASS! I couldn't really hear what he was telling me to do because he was talking so softly and the oxygen was blowing in my face and I guess he got frustrated. At one point he said to me, "OK this is the last time I am trying." I thought Josh was going to come across the bed and kill the man! After that was all over, it was smoothe sailing! I never felt any pain! Around 4:25 I started to feel that pressure! YAY 10 cm! Time to push! I started to cry! I could not believe that she was about to be here! We called my doc and he said to try not to push until he got to the parking lot. Do you know how hard that is?!?!?!? A few minutes later he called and before I could even start to push he was standing in front of me! He was literally running! I pushed through two contractions(6 pushes) and Josh and I were amazed because he could see her! I pushed through the next contraction and she was here-4:46pm! Beautiful Beautiful...and a HEAD FULL of hair! She weighed in at 7 pounds and was 19 inches long--our smallest baby so far!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Play

Last Friday was Master P's school Christmas Program. It was so cute! He was a little shepherd--and the cutest one we've ever seen!

And I just couldn't resist this one!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Precious Daughter!

We met with Kim Lawson this past Saturday to take Baby Girl's 1 year portraits. I just checked out Kim's blog and she has posted a couple of the shots! I am sitting here crying like a baby right now because I can't believe it's been a whole year!! What a little angel!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Date Night!!!

You read that right! :) Josh and I have decided that we need to start having a date night. Time to ourselves so that we can reconnect with each other and remind ourselves how we got this sweet family in the first place! We are shooting for once a week, but at least every other week. So, Wednesday night Josh's parents came over and watched the kids. We just went to eat at Wings and then did some Christmas shopping but it was BLISSFUL! There was no, "sit down and eat" or "stop hitting your brother" or sharing half of my food with a baby. We actually got to sit there and stare at each other and talk about grown up stuff! Oh, and we also listened to the music loud in the car---you know, like a couple of teenagers! ha!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


See my sister's blog.....this house was terrible! How do people live in this? And, just so you know, the spiders that are on the's how we discovered them. Allison was taking pictures and I was just walking around. I went to walk into one of the bedrooms when WHAMMO something caught me across the face and RIGHT in my mouth! A spiderweb....we then looked up and saw what you see in the pic!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Puppies Puppies EVERYWHERE!

It's high time to update on our sweet puppies!!! Lola ended up with six puppies...that's right, we lost SIX! Sad. Sad. She just could not take care of twelve...she slowly pushed them away one by one until she only had six left. Of course we didn't just stand by and let her starve them...we tried and tried to save every single one of them. We bought puppy milk and puppy bottles and tried to feed them but, it just didn't work! Josh took them last week and had their tails docked and their dew claws removed. They are getting FAT! They opened their eyes this past weekend and they are starting to try and walk. We have decided to keep one of the little males. I know, I know...we don't need another dog, this will make five. But Josh really wants a black/tan male, so there you go! And I can't say no! No way! I am in love with all six of them, I wish we could keep them all. Make that all SEVEN of them...which brings me to THE REST OF THE STORY!!!! Last Thursday I ran home during the day to get something. When I got there Josh looked at me and said, "Guess what." and kind of tilted his head toward the backyard. I am sure my eyes got as big as saucers..."ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!?!" I said. He laughed and said, "Nope." That's right folks! Molly, our lab, was having puppies! No kidding. We just laughed...I mean, what good would it do to cry?!?! ha! She had three and two of them died. So she has one sweet baby and she is PRECIOUS! Mako gets around! sheesh!

And our little surprise....

Monday, December 8, 2008

Another "This Time Last Year" Post!

Yesterday we finally decided to put the Christmas Tree up! We usually have it up by now but we just haven't really been in the spirit this year! As I was fluffing the limbs, with Baby Girl on my hip, I started thinking of what happened last year when I was doing the exact same thing......

I was 9 months pregnant with Baby Girl-literally. Josh and I were putting up the tree and the boys were rummaging through all of the boxes when G-man found some change in the bottom of a box. He took off to the back of the house. G-Man likes to save money, so I just thought he was taking it to his piggy bank(actually his is a baseball bank, but whatever). A few minutes later he runs in the living room holding his throat CHOKING on the money. Before we could get across the room to him it had gone on down. "What next?", we thought to Mom of course! Mom called Poison Control who said, "Get him to the ER STAT!" Crap. 9 months preggo, ER, peeing EVERY 5 minutes...ughhh. We headed over to Mom and Doug's and dropped Master P off with Doug and Mom went with is to the hospital. Wait. Wait. Wait. Finally, we got called back. Dr. Pepper(no I am NOT kidding) came in and told us that he would X-ray G-man. Depending on where the change was would make our next decision. If it was in a spot where he thought it wouldn't "pass through" we would immidiately have to take him to Children's Hospital and he would have surgery the next morning.(By this time it's like 1am) A few minutes later he was taken to X-ray...Daddy went b/c I couldn't :(. The change added up to be 30 cents...a quarter and a nickel! It was in a place where Dr. Pepper thought it would pass so we got to go home. We had to take him for about 4 or 5 more X-rays almost every other day until it finally passed! We still sometimes call him 30 cent.

A few days after that there was a "false alarm". I was 37 weeks and that was no "false alarm". I don't care what they say! ha!
Taken just before we got sent home!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I can't take it anymore

I've tried to contain myself and my excitment for the Tide as much as humanly possible this season. #1 because quite frankly I am afraid to get too excited for fear of jinxing things and #2 because I remember how it feels to lose. But, the shut-out last week agaist our biggest rival--Auburn--has me too excited! So, here my friends is my favorite picture from the game!! Roll Tide!