Monday, December 8, 2008

Another "This Time Last Year" Post!

Yesterday we finally decided to put the Christmas Tree up! We usually have it up by now but we just haven't really been in the spirit this year! As I was fluffing the limbs, with Baby Girl on my hip, I started thinking of what happened last year when I was doing the exact same thing......

I was 9 months pregnant with Baby Girl-literally. Josh and I were putting up the tree and the boys were rummaging through all of the boxes when G-man found some change in the bottom of a box. He took off to the back of the house. G-Man likes to save money, so I just thought he was taking it to his piggy bank(actually his is a baseball bank, but whatever). A few minutes later he runs in the living room holding his throat CHOKING on the money. Before we could get across the room to him it had gone on down. "What next?", we thought to Mom of course! Mom called Poison Control who said, "Get him to the ER STAT!" Crap. 9 months preggo, ER, peeing EVERY 5 minutes...ughhh. We headed over to Mom and Doug's and dropped Master P off with Doug and Mom went with is to the hospital. Wait. Wait. Wait. Finally, we got called back. Dr. Pepper(no I am NOT kidding) came in and told us that he would X-ray G-man. Depending on where the change was would make our next decision. If it was in a spot where he thought it wouldn't "pass through" we would immidiately have to take him to Children's Hospital and he would have surgery the next morning.(By this time it's like 1am) A few minutes later he was taken to X-ray...Daddy went b/c I couldn't :(. The change added up to be 30 cents...a quarter and a nickel! It was in a place where Dr. Pepper thought it would pass so we got to go home. We had to take him for about 4 or 5 more X-rays almost every other day until it finally passed! We still sometimes call him 30 cent.

A few days after that there was a "false alarm". I was 37 weeks and that was no "false alarm". I don't care what they say! ha!
Taken just before we got sent home!

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