Thursday, February 14, 2013

ADHD times two

I’ve REALLY been debating about whether or not to post anything about this. But, it’s a blog about our life so it should be here, right? So, before you even read any further, if you have negative comments keep them to yo-self! K, thanks.

Peyton was diagnosed with ADHD last week.

If you have read here for long you know that Griffin has it also. Maybe you should know that we do not have any type of carbonated or caffeinated drink or candy in our house at any time. Sure, the boys have both every now and then but it’s not often. That’s not what causes ADHD anyway, I just know that some people aren’t educated about it so that’s immediately what they think. It is hereditary and boys are more likely to have it.

While Griffin wasn’t diagnosed until the end of his Kindergarten year we’ve pretty much known since he was very small that he had ADHD. I just knew. Peyton on the other hand, no. Never crossed my mind. In fact, his kindergarten teacher suggested it and I could have strangled her. I thought she was being stupid because she knew Griffin has it so she wanted to push pills on my Peyton too. “To calm him down.” Let me tell you. Boys are BOYS, Peyton is not nearly as much of a hyper child as Griffin. We got through kindergarten and his teacher retired, I really just thought she was over teaching and didn’t want to deal or something. Peyton’s first grade year was awesome! He had the sweetest teacher and she knew exactly how to handle him. I really don’t remember him being in any trouble that year, his teacher knew how bad the year before was and made us feel much better. His second grade year was last year, new school, new teacher. Kinda. She taught my sister when she was in school! She was a pretty good teacher too, but Peyton did get in trouble in her room, not following directions, etc.

Fast forward to third grade, this year. Peyton has the same teacher Griffin had last year. We LOVE her and know she wouldn’t steer us in the wrong direction ever. At our conference last fall she suggested that maybe we should have him tested for ADHD and gave reasons why, which really made sense. At the time we were still trying to figure out those “almost passing out” episodes and I really didn’t want to put him through two things at once, hence why we just tested him last week! We started on a medication this weekend and haven’t noticed a difference yet. It may take a little while to get into his system. Luckily, he doesn’t have ADHD “as bad” as Griffin and also doesn’t have the other things Griffin has so he can just take his medication to help him focus better at school, which is really his main problem. That makes me happy because it is SO HARD to have to give your child a pill I just feel guilty, but they need it right now.

And, if you are family and reading this and just now finding out…I’m sorry! I honestly just haven’t felt like telling everyone yet. It makes me sad so we’re just focusing on getting ready for the little peanut! :)GP


Mary said...

Delurking.... Good for you! This is your blog and this is nothing to be ashamed of. Actually I applaud you. To many parents don't want to test their kids and I feel they are doing their kids an injustice. Hopefully the medication will kick in and he'll be able to concentrate more in school!

April said...

Thank you! I completely agree with you!