Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peyton Update

If you are out of the loop read here and here first!

We went to the asthma doctor last week and he decided to do a test on Peyton this week. Why we couldn’t just do it while we were there is beyond me. I took him to do the test on Monday. He didn’t pass or fail it. Great.20130107_084239At least he’s cute!

There is another test that we can do that will tell us FOR SURE if he has asthma. Keep in mind this is only exercise induced. The doctor gave us the option to do the other test or to take an inhaler and use it if he has another episode. Since we did have his heart thoroughly checked out and know it’s fine, we decided along with the doctor to go with the inhaler.

So we wait to see if he needs it. It’s going to be frustrating to know if he really needs it or he just wants to use it. I see the writing on the wall.

Hopefully he just won’t need it!!!

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