Thursday, January 24, 2013

Babymooning ;)

Josh and I had a fun little quick trip to the beach! We needed one last weekend alone before the baby arrives. Beach! The weather was beautiful! And bright, hence the squinty eyes! ;)

We did a LOT of shopping, mostly for the baby! We bought stuff we “don’t need”. hee hee! We did find out that one of our favorite restaurants closed down. BOOOOOO. No more cuban nachos. :(

The kids enjoyed time away too! Griffin did lots of things that I would cringe if I saw him do, but total boy things that he should be doing!

  Image0199  Image0200

Peyton had fun staying up WAY past bedtime and eating Gogurt while playing Guitar Hero!photo 4Reece had lots of fun at the gym meet! IMG_8929We all had fun! I love to get away and have the hubs to myself but neither one of us can go more than a few days without our babies! :)

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